1901 Census Ballyraine, Conwal, Co Donegal

The following census was submitted by Cass, transcribed by Lindel, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Ramsey Mary Head Pres RW 54 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Ramsey Elizabeth Sister Pres RW 84 Retired farmer Single Donegal  
  Ramsey Maggie Dau Pres RW 20 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Wason Lizzie Servant Pres RW 19 Domestic svt/Housemaid Single Donegal IE
  Duncan John Servant Pres RW 23 Farm svt Single Donegal  
  Duncan Tom Servant Pres RW 21 General svt Single Donegal  
2 Robinson Maggie Head Pres RW 51 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Robinson Sarah J Dau Pres RW 30 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Robinson Samuel Son Pres RW 28 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Robinson George Son Pres RW 20 Auctioneer Single Donegal  
  Robinson Elizabeth Dau Pres RW 15 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Robinson Margaret Dau Pres RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
  McConnell John Servant Pres RW 16 Farm svt Single Donegal  
3 Schoales Alexander Head Episc Only reads 45 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Schoales Isabella Wife Episc RW 35 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
  Schoales Rebecca Dau Episc Only reads 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Schoales Maggie Dau Episc Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
  Schoales Robert Son Episc Can't read 2   Single Donegal  
4 Denning Anne Jane Head Pres Only reads 60 Cottier Widow Donegal  
  Denning Margaret Jane Dau Pres RW 28 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
  Templeton Eliza Sister Baptist RW 58 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  Denning Henry Son Pres RW 21 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
  Denning James Son Pres RW 30 Agricultural labr Single Donegal  
5 Baird Sarah J Head CofI RW 78 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Baird James Son CofI RW 43 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Baird Susan Dau CofI RW 42 Farmer's dau Single Donegal  
  Baird John Son CofI RW 40 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Baird Thomas Son CofI RW 27 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
6 Mulholland George Head RC RW 46 Naval Pensioner Married Armagh  
  Mulholland Kathleen Wife RC RW 37   Married Donegal  
  Mulholland Mary J Dau RC RW 15 Machinist Single Kerry  
  Mulholland Kathleen Dau RC RW 13 Scholar Single Clare  
  Mulholland George E Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Mulholland John J Son RC RW 9 Scholar Single Clare  
  Mulholland Teresa Dau RC Only reads 5 Scholar Single Clare  
  Mulholland Thomas Son RC Can't read 3   Single Donegal  
  Mulholland Cecilia Dau RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
7 Toner Bernard Head RC RW 56 Carpenter & Wheelright Widower Donegal  
  Toner Ellen Dau RC RW 28 General svt Single Donegal  
  Toner John Son RC RW 24 Carpenter & Wheelright Single Donegal  
  Toner Sarah A Dau RC RW 21 Machinist Single Donegal  
  Toner Bernard Son RC RW 19 Farm labr Single Donegal  
  Toner James J Son RC RW 14 Scholar Single Donegal  

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