1901 Census Curragh, Leck

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
1 O'Donnell William Head Pres RW 52 Farmer Married Lderry
  O'Donnell Margaret Wife Pres RW 30   Married Donegal
  O'Donnell Agnes Dau Pres RW 20 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  O'Donnell William Son Pres RW 18 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  O'Donnell James Son Pres RW 16 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Elizabeth Dau Pres RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Joseph Son Pres RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Susan Dau Pres RW 8 Scholar Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Isabella Dau Pres RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Margaret Dau Pres   4   Single Donegal
  O'Donnell John K Son Pres   3   Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Matilda Dau Pres   1   Single Donegal
2 Herald Edward Head RC Only reads 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Herald Elizabeth Wife RC Only reads     Married Donegal
  Herald Patrick Son RC RW 33 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Herald Neil Son RC RW 28 Farmer's son Single Donegal
3 Lewis Hanah Head RC RW 60 Farmer Widow Donegal
  Lewis Daniel Son RC RW 35 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Lewis Phillip Son RC RW 32 Farmer's son Single Donegal
  Lewis Susan Dau RC RW 28 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
4 O'Donnell Hugh Head RC Can't read 78 Farmer Married Donegal
  O'Donnell Catherine Wife RC Only reads 75   Married Donegal
  O'Donnell Catherine Dau RC Can't read 40 Farmer's dau Single Donegal
  O'Donnell Hugh Gson RC RW 18 Farm labr Single Donegal
5 O'Donnell Catherine Head RC Can't read 72 Farmer Single Donegal


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