1901 Census Meenagrillagh, Inishkeel

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Boyle Patrick Head RC Can't read 50 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Boyle Alice Wife RC RW 48   Married Donegal IE
  Byrne Anne Sister-in-law RC Can't read 60 Seamstress Single Donegal IE
  Byrne Unity Sister-in-law RC Can't read 57 Seamstress Single Donegal IE
  McHugh John Servant RC Can't read 15 Farm labr Single Donegal IE
  Dan Boyle and Anne Cannon Household          
2 Boyle Daniel Head RC RW 60 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Boyle Anne Wife RC Only reads 50   Married Donegal IE
  Boyle Mary Anne Dau RC Can't read 29 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  Boyle Peter Son RC RW 16 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Boyle Kate Dau RC RW 14 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  Boyle Daniel Son RC RW 12 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Boyle Joseph Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  



Children of Dan and Anne :

Ellen, Dec 15. 1875, sponsors Pat Cannon and Rose Boyle, conducted by John Sweeny, pic II 115

John, Sep 29, 1878, sponsors Francis McGill and Anne Byrne, conducted by John Sweeney cc, pic 166, 167, II 195, II 196

Neal, May 21, 1882, sponsors Connel Boyle and Mary Cannon, conducted by Charles O'Donnell pp, pic 275, 276, III 023, III 024

Peter, Jul 3, 1884, sponsors Francis and Rose Cannon, conducted by Peter McDevitt cc, pic III 079, III 080

- m. 1914, in margin order film, not clear pic, III 080

Catherine, Apr 5, 1886, sponsors Patrick Boyle and Maria Byrne, conducted by John McNulty cc, pic III 117, III 118

Daniel, Mar 24, 1888, sponsors Patrick Cannon and Anne McCloone, conducted by Bdo Kelly, pic III 157, III 158

Joseph, Sep 28, 1890, sponsors John Cannon and Alicia Byrne, conducted by J McNulty cc, pic III 202, III 203

Notes submitted by Maureen


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