1901 Census Port, Clondahorky Parish, Co Donegal

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B1# Surname First Relationship Religion Age Status
1 McElhinney Ellen Head   60  
  McElhinney Robert  Son   25  
  McElhinney Bella  Daughter   21  
  McElhinney John  Son   18  
  Patterson Sarah  Niece   2  
  McCallogh Neil  Servant   17  
  William John McKinley and Jane Stewart Household      
2 McKinley Jane Head Church of Ireland 60  
  McKinley Thomas  Son Church of Ireland 30  
  McKinley Archibald  Son Church of Ireland 25  
  McKinley Fanny  Daughter Church of Ireland 19  
  McKinley Isabella Daughter Church of Ireland 16  
  Boyce Barney  Servant   15  


William John McKinley d 1 Apr 1900. He was married twice :

First wife - Mary Mahon, d 1857. Ch Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine

Second wife - Jane Stewart b 1839 Port na Blagh

Children of William and Jane :

William John


Margaret Ann



Thomas b 23 May 1865 m Margaret Robinson - see 1911 census Port


Martha b 15 Mar 1877 m Charles McElhinney - see notes 1901 census Kinnalargy, Mevagh




See McKinley/Sayers Family

3 Wilkinson Anthony Head   35  
  Wilkinson Margaret  Sister   50  
  Wilkinson Mary  Sister   30  
  Wilkinson Sarah  Sister   28  
4 Wilkinson John Head   68  
  Wilkinson Rebecca  Daughter   22  
  Wilkinson David H.  Son   20  
  Wilkinson William J.  Son   16  
5 McCoach John Head   60  
  Black John  Nephew   12  
  Black James Nephew   10  
6 McKinley Hugh Head   65  
  McKinley Martha  Sister   57  
  McKinley Elizabeth  Niece   32  
7 Whoriskey Mary Head   50  
  Whoriskey John  Son   27  
  Whoriskey Agnes  Daughter   18  
  Whoriskey Ellen  Daughter   16  
  Whoriskey Thomas  Son   14  
  Joseph Galbraith and Ellen Wasson Household
8 Galbraith Joseph Head   29  
  Galbraith Eleanor  Wife   28  
  Galbraith Martha Ann  Boarder   50  
  Galbraith James  Son   7  
  Galbraith Mary Ann  Daughter   4  
  Galbraith Lizzie Jane  Daughter   2  
  Galbraith Catherine  Daughter   1 mo  



Joseph b 2 Sep 1870 to Joseph Galbraith & Mary Ann Hanlon

Joseph Galbraith m Mary Ann Hanlon 8 Feb 1853, Dunfanaghy Presbyterian Church

Joseph Galbraith m Ellen Wasson 22 Nov 1892, Clondahorky East Church of Ireland

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9 McKinley Jane Head   77  
  McKinley Ann  Daughter   42  
10 McKinley Margaret Head Church of Ireland 64 Widow
  McKinley Thomas  Son Church of Ireland 38 Married
  McKinley Mary  Dau-in-law Church of Ireland 37 Married
  Robinson Joseph  Visitor   67  
11 Stewart Thomas Head   60  
  Stewart Jane  Daughter   35  
12 Galbraith Thomas Head   32  
  Galbraith Catherine  Wife   37  
  Galbraith Rebecca  Grandmother   70  
  Galbraith Mary A.  Daughter   11  
  Galbraith Joseph Son   8  
  Galbraith James  Son   3  
  Galbraith Margaret Jane  Daughter   4 mo  


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