1901 Census Ballybotemple, Kilteevoge, Co Donegal


Submitted by Cass & transcribed by Lindel


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Doherty Peter Head RC RW 62 Farmer Widower Donegal IE
Doherty Dominick Son RC RW 26 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
Doherty John Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
Doherty Edward Son RC RW 11 Farmer's son Single Donegal IE
Doherty Catherine Dau RC RW 21 Housekeeper Single Donegal IE
Harken Michael Boarder RC RW 52 Carpenter Single Donegal IE
2 Blackburn David Head Presbyterian RW 53 Farmer Married Donegal  
Blackburn Catherine Jane Wife Presbyterian RW 38 Housekeeper Married Donegal  
Blackburn Thomas Henry Son Presbyterian RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
Blackburn David John Son Presbyterian RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
Blackburn Moses James Son Presbyterian Only reads 4 Scholar Single Donegal  
Arnold Daniel Servant RC RW 30 Dom Farm Svt Single Donegal  
3 Arnold James Head CE RW 36 Farmer Single Donegal  
Arnold Elizabeth Sister CE RW 40 Housekeeper Single Donegal  
Moy James Servant RC Can't read 30 Labourer Single Donegal IE
Cunningham Robert Nephew CE RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal  
4 Doherty John Head RC RW 43 Farmer Married Donegal IE
Doherty Anne Wife RC RW 26 Housekeeper Married Donegal IE
Doherty Catherine Sister RC RW 40 Knitter Single Donegal IE
Michael Friel and Mary McNamee Household          
5 Friel Mary Head RC RW 44 Dressmaker Widow Donegal IE
Friel Maryann Dau RC RW 20 Dressmaker Single Donegal IE
Friel Mick Son RC RW 18 Farmer Single Donegal  
Friel Ellen Dau RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
Friel Kate Dau RC RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
Friel John Son RC Can't read 7   Single Donegal  
Friel Bridget Dau RC Can't read 6   Single Donegal  
Friel Agnes Dau RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  
Friel Peter Son RC Can't read 2   Single Donegal  


Michael Friel m Mary McNamee 20 Jan 1880. Witnesses Pat Martin and Mick McNamee. See scan of Marriage

Margaret b 6 Nov 1887, baptised 7 Nov. Godmother Ellen O'Friel

Ellen b 22 Nov 1889, baptised 23 Nov. Godparents Charles Harron and Mary McGlinchey

Catherine b 8 Mar 1891, baptised 8 Mar. Godparents Thomas and Anne Harron

John b 16 May 1893, baptised 17 May. Godparents James and Susan Harron

Bridget Teresa b 25 Mar 1895, baptised 27 Mar. Godparents Charles Herron and Mary McGlinchey

Agnes b 28 Jul 1896 baptised 30 Jul. Godparents Peter and Mary Harron

Peter James Joseph b 29 Jun 1898, baptised 2 Jul. Godparents Charles and Susan Harron. See scan of Baptism

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6 Harkin Francis Head RC RW 55 Farmer Married Donegal IE
Harkin Francis Son RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal IE


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