1901 Census Bunbeg, Tullaghobegly, Co Donegal


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This information was compiled as part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA


1 Keown William head 42 C of I Shopkeeper
  Keown Maggie wife 28 C of I
  Keown Daniel son 2 C of I
  Boyle Sarah boarder 17 post Office Clerk
  Mooney Margaret servant 50 general servant
  Mooney Bridget servant 30 general servant
2 Robertson Hannah head 85 Presby Retired farmers widow
  O'Donnell Mary servant 23 general servant
3 Allen Thomas head 84 Farmer C of E Sligo
4 Durnion James head 80 Boot & Shoemaker Donegal
5 Treweeth James Geo head 49 C of E Chief of Coastguard Alderne
  Treeweth Laura Marth wife 40 C of E Whitstable
6 Hay Thomas Henry head 28 MB University of Glasgow Donegal
  Smith Catherine servant 29 housekeeper Donegal
7 Whenmouth William head 36 C of E Coastguard Wales
  Whenmouth Mary wife 35 C of E England
  Whenmouth William H son 9 C of E scholar England
8 Mulligan William head 45 Boatman coastguard Liverpool
  Mulligan Kate wife 38 Wexford
  Mulligan William son 15 scholar Wexford
  Mulligan Catherine daughter 12 scholar Langley Sussex
  Mulligan Alfred son 10 scholar Langley Sussex
  Mulligan Daniel son 8 scholar Langley Sussex
  Mulligan Margaret daughter 5 Kincasslagh Co Donegal
9 Curtis Richard head 27 coastguard C of E England
  Curtis Lilly wife 26 C of E England
  Curtis Garfield son 3 C of E England
  Curtis Gladys daughter 3 C of E England
  Dowling Annie nurse 29 Graduate Nurse Pres Galway
10 Boucher William head 30 coastguard C of E Gloucester
  Boucher Louise wife 27 C of E Middlesex
  Boucher Ida daughter 5 scholar C of E Warwickshire
  Boucher Alfred Henry son 5m C of E Donegal
11 Manning William head 31 Boatman C G Wales C of E
  Manning Elizabeth wife 28 C of E Wales
  Manning Frank son 3 C of E Wales
  Manning William son 8m C of E Wales

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