1901 Census Crilly, Templecarn, Co Donegal

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This Census was mirrored with the kind permission of Margaret, from her website

According to records here in the United States, Margaret's great grandmother Ellen McCann was born in Crilly around 1849

She was unable to find her baptism in the parish register, which commenced slightly later. However, she decided to transcribe the 1901 census records in case they might be useful to her in the future

Families are listed in the order in which they appear in the census

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Form B# Surname First Relationship Age Occupation Status Born
1 McGrath John head 31 farmer married Donegal
  McGrath Rose wife 23(?) housewife married Donegal
2 McGrath Patrick head 41 farmer married Donegal
  McGrath Mary wife 29 housekeeper married Donegal
  McGrath William son 5 farmer's son not married Donegal
  McGrath Sicelia daughter 4 farmer's daughter not married Donegal
  McGrath Mary Ann daughter 3 farmer's daughter not married Donegal
  McGrath James son 1 farmer's son not married Donegal
3 McGrath James head 29 farmer married Donegal
  McGrath Ann wife 24 housekeeper married Fermanagh
4 Haughey Jno head 50 farmer married Donegal
  Haughey Mary wife 45 none listed married Donegal
  Haughey Maggie daughter 13 scholar not married Donegal
  Haughey Frank son 12 scholar not married Donegal
5 Johnston William head 56 farmer not married Donegal
  Riley John servant 61 farmer not married Fermanagh
6 McGroary Ellen head 56 farmer widow Donegal
  McGroary Kate daughter 30 embroiderer not married Donegal
  McGroary Felix son 28 farmer's son not married Donegal
  McGroary Charles son 26 farmer's son not married Donegal
  McGroary Thomas  son  20 farmer's son not married Donegal
7 McGolrick Margaret head 50 embroiderer widow Fermanagh
  McGolrick Michael son 27 servant not married Tyrone
  McGolrick Allie daughter 16 embroiderer not married Tyrone
  McGolrick Catherine daughter 13 embroiderer not married Tyrone
8 McGoldrick Owen head 47 farmer married Donegal
  McGoldrick Bridget wife 47 household work married Tyrone
  McGoldrick Patrick son 25 farmer single Tyrone
  McGoldrick Bridgett daughter 20 embroidery single Tyrone
  McGoldrick Francis son 19 farmer single Tyrone
  McGoldrick Mary Jane daughter 15 embroidery single Tyrone
  McGoldrick Owen son 15 farmer single Tyrone
  Monaghan John James nephew 7 none listed single Fermanagh
  Monaghan Patrick nephew 5 none listed single Fermanagh
9 Glackin Bernard  head 45 farmer not married Donegal
  Glackin Patrick brother 40 farmer not married Donegal
  Brady John James nephew 16 farmer not married Fermanagh
  Gallagher Ann Jane cousin 30 household work not married Fermanagh
10 Clarke Fannie  head 45 embroiderer widow Leitrim
  Clarke Lizzie daughter 15 embroiderer not married Fermanagh
  Clarke Wm J son 7 scholar not married Fermanagh
11 McCutcheon Jno head 80 farmer married Fermanagh
  McCutcheon Mary wife 70 none listed married Tyrone
  McCutcheon Sarah daughter 40 embroiderer not married Donegal
  McCutcheon Henry son 25 farmer's son not married Donegal
  McCutcheon Catherine daughter 30 farmer's daughter not married Donegal
  McCutcheon Mary E. granddaughter 14 scholar not married Donegal
  McCutcheon Sarah granddaughter 13 scholar not married Donegal
  McCutcheon Thos Jno grandson 11 scholar not married Donegal

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