1901 Census Drumhaggart, Parish of Burt, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Kenneth Allen)

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No Name Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Stsaus Bron
Pg1 Naugher, James Head Pres RW 62 Farmer Widow Derry
  Robert Son 30 Farmers son Not Mar Donegal
  James son 24
  Margaret dau 20 Farmers dau
  Beaty, William Serv Can't read 12 Farmer serv
  James orphan At school 7 Scholar
Pg2 Wiley, David Alex Head Pres RW 45 Farmer Married Donegal
  Annie Matilda Wife 40   Married
  John Long Son 9 Scholar NotMar
  Mary Eliza Dau 8
  Annie Dau 6
  Analin Sarah Adair Dau ---- 1m ----- Not Mar Derry
  Watson, Joseph serv RW 36 Farm Serv Not Mar Donegal
  McGee, Agnes serv 18 Farm Serv
Pg3 McLucas, Andrew Head Pres RW 48 Stonemason Not Mar Donegal
Pg4 Wylie, Joseph Head Pres RW 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  Fannie Wife 40 Farmers wife
  Rebecca Dau 20 Farmers dau Not Mar
  Lizzie Dau 17 Scholar
  John Son 15
  Robert E. Son 13
  Mary Dau 11
  Ephriam Son 9
  Jeannie Dau 7
  Fannie Dau Niether 5
Pg5 Hunter, George Head Pres RW 67 Farmer Married Donegal
  Jane Wife 63 -----
  Andrew Lodger Read 10 Scholar Not Mar
  Daniel McGinty and Anne Gallagher Household        
Pg6 McGinty, Daniel Head RC RW 38 Shopkeeper Widower
  Charles Son 14 Scholar Not Mar
  John Son 12
  Mary dau 10
  Daniel son Read 8
  Patrick son Can't read 6 ---------
  Anne dau 2 ---------
  Gallagher, Patrick Bro in Law RW 49 Labourer
  Gibbons, Ellen niece 24 ------------
  Gibbons, Mary 18 ----------
Pg7 Gallagher, John Head RC RW 29 Publican Not Mar Derry City
  Fanny sister Can't read 32 Housekeeping
  Robert Downey and Catherine Gallagher Household        
Pg8 Downey, Robert Head RC RW 60 Flax-Scuther Married Donegal
  Catherine wife Can't read 55 -------- Married
  John Son RW 29 Flax-scuther Not Mar
  Robert Son Can't read 27 Blacksmith Not Mar
  James Son RW 25 Flax-scuther Not Mar
  Thomas son 18 Stricker Flax
  Eliza dau 15
  Annie dau 11 Scholar
Pg9 Donaghy, George Head Pres RW 35 Farmer Married Tyrone
  Margaret wife 28 Housekeeper
  Evelin dau 6 scholar Not Mar Donegal
  Beattie, Mary orphan Read only 5
Pg10 Mahon, George Head Pres Read 40 Sctcher Not Mar
Pg12 Doherty, Hugh Head RC RW 36 Labourer Married Donegal
  Ellen Wife 25 Housekeeper
  Charles son ----- 5 --------- -------
  Hugh son ----- 3 ------- ------
  James son ---------- 11 ---------- -------
Pg13 Bell, Nathan Head Pres RW 78 Farmer Not Mar Donegal
  John Bro 75 Farm Help
  John Serv Can't read 20 Phoughman
Pg15 Bell, Robert Head Pres   55 Farmer Married Donegal
  Jane Wife   47 Farmers wife
  Ellen daug   21 Farmers dau Not Mar
  John Son   20 Farmers son
  Robert son   16
  Thomas A. son   14
  Sarah Eliza Daug   12 Scholar
  Nathan son   10
  Evan dau   7
Pg16 Dinsmore, William Head Pres RW 36 Farmer Widower Donegal
  James son 8 Scholar Not Mar
  Joseph son Read 5
  McNaugher, Joseph father in law RW 62 Retired farmer Widower
Pg17 McNaugher, Rachel Head Pres Read only 70 -------- widow Donegal
Pg18 Austin, Eleanor Head Pres RW 65 Retired farmer Widow Donegal
Pg19 Salisbury, Maria Head Prot. Epis Can't read 35 Housekeeping Not Mar Donegal
Pg20 Wiley, James Head Pres RW 60 Farmer Not Mar Donegal
  Ezekiel ?? Bro 55 Work on farm
  Alexander Bro 50
  Isebellie Sis 47 Housekeeping
  Rusel, Marget Serv RC 15 Dom Serv  


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