1901 Census Drumskellan, parish of Muff

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Language
Pg1 Kinkaid John Head Pres R&W 45 Farmer & Stone maker Married Donegal  
  Kinkaid Mary Wife Can't read 35 Housework Married  
  Kinkaid John son R&W 14 Scholar Not Mar  
  Kinkaid James son 12  
  Kinkaid William son 11  
  Kinkaid Quinton Son Read only 6  
  Kinkaid Robert Son Can't read 3    
  Kinkaid Thomas Bro R&W 43 Agricultural Labr  
  Hamilton James Bro in law Can't read 65 Widower  
  Note: Related to Quenton & Jane Kincaid, Ture, Muff? Ref 1851 census abstract
Pg2 Lyons Michael Head RC R&W 26 Farmer Not Mar Don  
  Lyons Joseph Bro 21  
Pg3 McColgan Bridget Head RC Read only 65 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  McColgan James Son Can't read 25 Farmers son Not Mar  
  McColgan Susan Daug R&W 23 Seamstress  
  McColgan Edward Son 22 Farmers son  
  McColgan Jane Daug 20 Seamstress  
Pg4 Doherty John Head RC R&W 59 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Doherty Annie wife 50 Seamstress  
  Doherty Mary Anne Daug 24 Not Mar  
  Doherty Sarah Daug 20  
  Doherty Susan son     16  
  Doherty Joseph son 15 Farmers son  
  Doherty Maggie Mary Daug 11 Scholar  
  Doherty Winifred Daug 8  
  Mullan Kate Grand dau Can't read 2   Glasgow  
Pg5 Burnside James Head Pres R&W 60 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Burnside Mary Martha wife 47 Housework  
  Burnside Mary Ferguson Daug 9 Scholar Not Mar  
  Burnside Robert James son 7  
Pg6 McKendrick James Head RC Read only 60 Farmer Married Donegal  
  McKendrick Mary Wife R&W 62 Housework  
  McGever Ellen servant 13 G Dom. Servant Not Mar I&E
Pg7 Laughlin Rebecca Head Pres R&W 59 Seamstress Widow Donegal  
  Laughlin Willian Son 25 Blacksmith Not Mar  
  Laughlin Rebecca Daug 21 Seamstress  
  Laughlin Mary Daug 19  
  Laughlin Annie Daug 17  
  Laughlin Rosabella Daug 15  
  Laughlin Rebecca Grand dau Can't read 7    
  Laughlin Belle Maggie 5    
  Laughlin John Grand son 3    
Pg8 Tinney Hugh Head RC R&W 70 Agricultural Labr Widower Donegal  
  Tinney Patrick Son 18 Not Mar  
  Tinney Susan Daug 16 Seamstress  
Pg9 Corscaden Albert Head Epis R&W 43 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Corscaden Sara Wife 26 Housekeeper  
  Corscaden Margaret Helen daug Can't read 3   Not Mar  
  Corscaden James Noel son 1    
  Corscaden Albert Bro R&W 11 Scholar  
  Howe Maggie Jane servant 19 Nurse Dom Servant Fermanagh  
  Kelley Martha 19 Gen ser. Domestic Donegal  
Pg10 Millar Annie Head Pres R&W 35 Seamstress Not Mar Donegal  
  Millar Catherine sister 28  
Pg11 McColgan Bernard Head RC Can't read 29 Agricultural Labr Married Donegal  
  McColgan Susan Wife R&W 29 Seamstress  
  McColgan Bridget Agnes Daug Can't read 1   Not Mar  
  McColgan John Francis son   10 days    
  Loague Catherine Visitor R&W 13 Scholar  
Pg12 McNally James Head RC R&W 35 Farmer Married Donegal  
  McNally Lizzie Wife 30 Housekeeper Derry  
  McNally Benard Son 11 Scholar Not Mar Donegal  
  McNally Patrick son 10  
  McNally David son 8  
  McNally Bella Daug 7  
  McNally Rosa Daug 5  
  McNally Daniel Son   3    
  McNally Francis Son   2    
  McCarron Owen servant R&W 18 Farm servant  
  Doherty Sarah servant 16 Dom. serv  
Pg13 Johnstone Lizzie Head Pres R&W 39 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Johnstone James son 14 Farmer son Not Mar  
  Johnstone William son 12 Scholar  
  Johnstone Annie E. daug 10  
  Johnstone John T. son 8  
  Johnstone Sarah J. daug Can't read 6  
  Johnstone Joseph son 4  
  Johnstone Mary daug 2    
  McColgan William servant RC 20 Farm Labourer  
  McBride Ellen R&W 14 Servant I&E
Pg14 Hamilton Samuel Head CofI Read only 47 Agricultural Labr Married Donegal Deaf
  Hamilton Samuel son R&W 15 Not Mar  
Pg15 Barnett William Thomas Head Pres R&W 28 Agricultural Labr    Married Donegal  
  Barnett Lizzie Wife Read only 36 seamstress  
  Barnett John James Son Can't read 7 scholar Not Mar  
  Barnett William Thomas Son 5  
  Barnett Sarah Jane Daug 3    
  Barnett Rachel Daug 2    
Pg16 Kee Jane Head Pres Read only 50 Shirtmaker Widow Donegal  
  Kee Maggie Daug R&W 24 Not Mar  
  Kee Lizzie Daug Read only 19  
  Kee Sarah Daug R&W 14 Scholar  
  Kee Thomas Son 9  
  Kee Hugh Son Can't read 7 Not at school  
Pg18 Doherty James Head RC Can't read 61 Army Pensioner/ Agricultural Labourer Married Donegal  
  Doherty Catherine wife 60 Fishing Net Knitter  
  William Huey and Margaret Mulhern Household          
Pg20 Huey William Head Pres R&W 67 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Huey Margaret wife 50    
  Huey William F son 28 Farmer Not Mar  
  Huey Charlotte M daug 22 Farmers daug  
  Huey Minnie M. daug 18  
  Huey Ida P. daug 15  
  Stewart Matthew Serv 18 Farm serv  
  Kee William Serv 15 Farm serv  
  Doherty James Serv RC Read only 23 Farm Serv  
  Kelly Bella Serv RC R&W 27 Dom. Serv  
  McMonagle Lilly Gdau Episc   4   Not Mar Donegal  


William Huey, son of Thomas, m Margaret Mulhern, dau of Thomas, 16 Dec 1869 in Muff

Children of WIlliam and Margaret -

- William b 26 Sep 1871

- Catherine Emily/Emma b 4 Jul 1873 m William Thomas McMonagle - see no 34 below

- Isaac Huey (Dr), born September 20, 1874; died in London, England; married Ethel Jardine Abt. 1880

  - Lilly McMonagle dau of Catherine and William

- Eliza Smith Huey - to America

- Charlotte Margaret b 22 Oct 1876 married Joseph Lynch 1 Aug 1901

- John Monette (Dr) b 18 Aug 1878 died 1916 in Killed; married Helen Kewley Abt. 1900

- Mary Nicol b 5 May 1880 d 1 Jan 1920 m Thomas McDermott - see 1911 census Craig

- Ida Platt b 17 Feb 1883 married William White

Researchers: Brian and Lynn - Email

Pg21 Thompson James Head Pres R&W 37 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Thompson Mary wife 21 Housework Married  
  Thompson George bro 35 Farmer Not Mar  
  Buttler James serv RC 21 Farm serv Not Mar  
Pg22 McCauley Patrick Head RC Can't read 38 Fisherman Married Donegal  
  McCauley Mary Wife R&W 28 Seamstress  
  McCauley Mary Daug   5   Not Mar  
  McCauley Michael Son   4   Not Mar  
  McCauley Sarah Agnes Daug   2   Not Mar  
  McCauley Aileen Daug   8m   Not Mar               
Pg23 Doherty Robert Head CofI RW 36 Pig Dealer Married Donegal  
  Doherty Eliza Smith wife 38 Publican  
  Lindsay William Thomas M Step son 11 Scholar Not Mar  
  Lindsay James E J Can't read 5  
  Doherty Annie Jane Dau 2    
  Doherty Mary Eliza Dau   1    
  Doherty Edward Boarder RC Can't read 60 Agricultural Labr Widower  
Pg24 Steward William Head Pres R&W 44 Sub Post Master Married Donegal  
  Steward Martha Wife 43 Seamstress  
  Steward Mathew son 10 Scholar Not Mar  
  Steward William son 8  
Pg25 Johnston Mary Head CofI RW 84 None: Living on income Widow Antrim  
  Nicholl Margaret sister Pres 74 Not Mar  
  Steel Jane Visitor 20 Farmers daughter Derry  
Pg26 McCarter George Head Pres RW 70 Farmer Married Donegal  
  McCarter Mary Wife 60 Housekeeper  
  McCarter John son 32 Farmer son Not Mar  
Pg27 McCauley Hugh Head RC Can't read 40 Agricultural Labr Not Mar Donegal  
  McCauley Mary Anne Son 30 Gen Ser Domestic  
  Barnett William Boarder Pres 60 Fisherman  
Pg28 Lynch Thomas Head Pres R&W 63 Agricultural Labr Married Donegal  
  Lynch Sarah wife 59 Seamstress  
  Lynch James son 32 Agricultural Labr Not Mar  
  Lynch Annie dau 30 Seamstress  
Pg29 Johnston James Head Pres RW 36 Blacksmith Married Donegal  
  Johnston Mary Anne Wife 35 Housekeep  
  Johnston Minnie dau 10 Scholar Not Mar  
  Johnston John Jas son 8  
  Johnston George C. son Can't read 5  
  Johnston Annie Bella dau 3    
  Johnston Samuel A son 1    
Pg30 Acheson Robert Head CofI RW 33 Fisherman Married Donegal  
  Acheson Matilda wife 30 Seamstress  
  Acheson John son 7 Scholar Not Mar  
  Acheson Thomas son Can't read 5  
  Acheson Maggie dau 3    
  Acheson Mary Anne dau 1    
Pg31 McColgan Mary Head RC Can't read 40 Seamstress Not Mar  
  McColgan Catherine sister 38  
  McColgan Sarah   33  
  McColgan James nephew 5 Scholar  
Pg33 Mitchell Joseph Head Pres RW 50 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Mitchell Maggie Wife 42    
  Mitchell May Daug 7 Scholar Not Mar  
  Mitchell John Mackey son Can't read 4    
  Mitchell Annie Emma Daug 3    
  Mitchell Maggie Rose Daug 1    
  O'Donnell Hannah Serv RC RW 18 Gen Dom Servant I&E
  William McMonagle and Elizabeth Johnston Household          
Pg34 McMonagle William Head CofI RW 80 Farmer Married Donegal  
  McMonagle Elizabeth wife 82    
  McMonagle William Thos. son 38 Farmers son Married  
  McMonagle Emma (Catherine E) dau in law 27 housework  
  McMonagle William T. grand son Read only 6 Scholar Not Mar Donegal  
  McMonagle Margaret J. grand daug Can't read 2    
  McMonagle Isacc H, grand son 1    
  McColgan Michael serv RC 23 Farm Servant  
  Gallagher Mary serv RW 19 Gen Dom Servant I&E
  Stewart Denis serv Pres 17 Farm Serv Not Mar  


William Thomas m Catherine Emma Huey, dau of William Huey and Margaret Mulhern, 7 Dec 1893  - see no 20 above, for Catherine's family

Researchers: Brian and Lynn - Email

Pg35 Ackerson Mary Eliza Head CofI RW 50 Farmer Not Mar Donegal  
Pg36 Stewart Eliza Head Pres RW 56 Seamstress Married Donegal  
  Stewart Robert son 26 Fisherman Not Mar  
  Stewart Moses son 18 Agricultural Labr  
  Stewart Rebecca dau 13 Seamstress  
Pg37 Barnett John Head Pres RW 66 Fisherman Married Donegal  
  Barnett Rachel wife Read only 60    
Pg39 Coyle John Head RC Can't read 35 Agricultural Labr Married Donegal  
  Coyle Sarah Wife RW 40 Shirtmaker  
  Coyle Mary Dau 12 Not Mar  
  Coyle John Son 10 Scholar  
  Coyle William Jas Son 9  
  Coyle Henry Son Read only 6  
  Coyle Sarah Daug Can't read 5  
  Coyle Fanny Anne Daug 2    
Pg40 Barnett Hannah Head Pres Can't read 60 Fishing Net Knitter Widow Donegal  
Pg41 Acherson George Head CofI RW 72 Farmer Married Donegal  
  Acherson Rebecca Wife 41    
  Acherson William Son 16 Farmers son Not Mar  
  Acherson George Son 14  
  Acherson Margella Daug 19 Farmers daug  
  Acherson Maria Daug 11 Scholar  
  Sharkey Hugh Serv RC 30 Farm Serv  
Pg42 Lyons Mary Anne Head   RW 55 Farmer Widow Donegal  
  Lyons John son   Read only 30 Farmers son Not Mar  
  Lyons James son   28  
  Lyons William son   24  
  Gallagher Bridget serv   Can't read 16 Gen Dom Servant I&E
Pg43 McCafferty Patrick Head RC Read only 35 Carpenter Married Glasgow  
  McCafferty Bridget Wife Can't read 35 Shirtmaker Donegal  
  O'Hanlon Kate Boarder RW 14 Scholar Not Mar City of Derry  
  Beatty James Read only 5  
Pg44 Stewart John Head Pres RW 50 Fisherman Married Donegal  
  Stewart Grace Wife RC Read only 47 Housework  
  Stewart Robert son Pres Can't read 21 Fisherman Not Mar  
  Stewart William son Pres 20  
  Stewart Samuel son RW 13 Scholar  
  Stewart Hugh son 15 Agricultural Labr  
  Stewart Joseph son 12 Scholar  
  Stewart Michael son 10  
  Stewart Moses son Read only 8  
  Stewart Nicholas son RC Can't read 4    
Pg45 Keys Thomas Head Pres Can't read 58 Fisherman Married Donegal  
  Keys Sarah Wife Read only 67 Seamstress  
  Keys George son RW 26 Carpenter Not Mar  
Pg47 Smyth James Head CofI RW 28 Farmer Not Mar Donegal  
  Smyth Elizabeth Mother 53   Widow  

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