1901 Census Sleeghan, Tullaghobegly

This Census Extraction was submitted by Margaret Bonar as part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA

If you have any connection to any of the families and would like to have your email address linked to them, please feel free to email me - Lindel


1 McBride Kate head 50 farmer / widow  
  McBride Hugh s 28 farmers son  
  McBride Edward s 20 farmers son  
  McBride Bridget d 17 farmers daughter  
  McBride Mary d 15 scholar  
  McBride Annie d 13 scholar  
  McBride Con s 10 scholar  
  McBride Daniel son 7 scholar  
  McBride Owen s 5 scholar  
2 Gallagher Connell head 60 farmer / widower  
  Gallagher Tom son 29 farmers son  
  Gallagher Biddy d 25 farmers daughter  
  Gallagher Mary d 23 farmers daughter  
3 Gallagher Owen head 52 farmer Moira
  Gallagher Nancy w 45    
  Gallagher Dominick s 22 farmers son  
  Gallagher Jack s 15 farmers son  
  Gallagher Sarah d 26 farmers daughter  
  Gallagher Peter s 7 scholar  
  Gallagher Mary d 11 scholar  
  Gallagher Annie d 9 scholar  
  McCafferty Maggie granddaughter 3    
4 Green Betty head 80 retired farmer / widow  

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