1901 Census Treanbeg, Conwal


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Name Relation Religion Education Age Profession Status Born
1 William Michael head Presbyterian rw 39 Presbyterian Minister married Antrim
1 Florella Michael wife Presbyterian rw 39   married Tyrone
1 Elizabeth Michael daughter Presbyterian rw 7 scholar not married Donegal
1 William Michael son Presbyterian rw 6 scholar not married Donegal
1 James Patterson Michael son Presbyterian cr 4m   not married Donegal
1 Harriet Buchanan servant Episcoplian rw 15 general servant not married Donegal
2 Samuel Semple head Presbyterian rw 40 carpenter married Antrim
2 Cathern Semple wife Presbyterian rw 45   married Antrim
2 Robert Semple son Presbyterian rw 19 bricklayer not married Antrim
2 Samuel Semple son Presbyterian rw 12 scholar not married Antrim
3 James Tees head Presbyterian rw 35 farmers son married Donegal
3 Marion Tees wife Presbyterian rw 30 farmers wife married Donegal
3 Stephen H Tees son Presbyterian rw 8 farmers son not married Donegal
3 Helen Muriel Tees daughter Presbyterian rw 7 farmers daughter not married Donegal
4 John McGlynn head RC cr 25 agricultural labourer married Donegal
4 Ellen McGlynn wife RC rw 18 labourers wife married Donegal
5 Ramsay McKinney head Presbyterian rw 58 farmer married Donegal
5 Eliza McKinney wife Presbyterian rw 58   married Donegal
5 Eliza Jane McKinney daughter Presbyterian rw 40 farmers daughter not married Donegal
5 Maggie McKinney daughter Presbyterian rw 32 farmers daughter not married Donegal
5 Samuel McKinney son Presbyterian rw 28 farmers son not married Donegal
5 Samuel Mooney boarder Presbyterian rw 21 Nat Teacher not married Antrim
Andrew Kyle and Fanny Torrens (nee McNaught) Household        
6 Andrew Kyle head C of I cr 40 blacksmith married Donegal
6 Fanny Kyle wife Presbyterian rw 40   married Donegal
6 James Torrence stepson Presbyterian rw 16 farmers son not married Donegal
6 David Torrence stepson Presbyterian rw 11 farmers son not married Donegal
6 Eliza Torrence stepdaughter Presbyterian rw 10 scholar not married Donegal
6 Sarah Mary Torrence stepdaughter Presbyterian rw 7 scholar not married Donegal
6 Bessy Clarke Kyle daughter C of I cr 2 scholar not married Donegal
6 Andrew T Kyle son C of I cr 1 scholar not married Donegal
6 John Kyle father C of I cr 65 blacksmith widower Donegal


Fanny's children's surname spelt Torrence in the census but Torrens in the 1857 Griffith's Valuation and in church registers

Fanny McNaught m David Torrens 17 Apr 1883 at the Letterkenny 3 Presbyterian Church. After David died, Fanny m Andrew Kyle. The property they

are living on is Torrens land, with James Torrens being the occupier in the 1857 Griffith's Valuation. See 1857 Valuation Map

7 Eliza R Gregg head Presbyterian rw 70 farming widow Donegal
7 Bella Ramsey visitor Presbyterian rw 15 scholar not married Donegal
7 James Daley boarder RC cr 48 railway ganger not married Mayo
7 Hannah Tease granddaughter Presbyterian rw 21 farmers daughter not married Donegal
7 Gillespie Sayers visitor C of I cr 60 labourer not married Donegal

Townland Notes:


Brown Family

John Brown, son of Andrew Brown, married Jane Cheatly, 18 yrs, dau of Patterson Cheatly, 11 Mar 1856 in Conwal

Their children:

Margaret Birth 1 Jul 1865 - married Alexander Chambers b 21 Aug 1864, son of David Chambers and Mary Jane McConnaghy
Martha Birth 10 Sept 1873
Mary Birth 13 Sept 1869
Sarah Birth 23 Oct 1871
William Birth 19 May 1867

Family moved to Picton Ontario in 1877 or 8

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