1903 Derry Almanac

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Aiken, J.F., Boot and Shoemakers and dealers, China and Glass dealers, Draper, Grocers, Leather and Hide merchants, and News agents, Mannorcunningham

Allen, G. & J.T., Saw Mills, &  Timber Dealers, (Steam), Letterkenny

Anderson, H., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Anderson, W., Horseshoers,  Letterkenny

Arnold, W.T., Insurance agents,  Dunfanaghy

Astle, J., Hotel keepers, Proprietor - Commercial and Posting, Letterkenny

Astle, John, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Atkins, S., Clerk of Petty Sessions,  Newtowncunningham

Atkinson, Mrs., Allsaints, School, Newtowncunningham

Baird, Miss, Dressmakers, Foyle View, Lifford

Baird, R.A., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Baker, Mrs., Drapers,  Dunfanaghy

Bannan, E.T., National School Inspector,  Letterkenny

Beatty, W., Cooper,  Letterkenny

Beirne, J., Clergymen, C.C., Roman Catholic, Mannorcunningham

Beresford Butler, George, Magistrates, R.M., Letterkenny

Birney, R., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Black, James, Leather and Hide dealers,  Dunfanaghy

Black, James, Magistrates,  Newtowncunningham

Blackwood, W.J., Banks, Insurance Agents, Manager - Ulster, Letterkenny

Boal, G., Coal merchants,  Letterkenny

Boal, R., Flax merchants, Curraghaleas, Letterkenny

Bogle, Miss, Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

Boner, James, Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Bovaird, James, Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Bowden, F., Excise Officer,  Letterkenny

Boyce, J., Horseshoers, Oldtown, Letterkenny

Boyd, J.C., M.B., T.C.D., County Infirmary, and Physician, Surgeon, Lifford

Boyd, W.H., D.L., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Boyle, Edward, Grocers,  Newtowncunningham

Boyle, Edward, Schools (National), Male, Dunfanaghy

Boyle, James, Union Workhouse, Clerk, Dunfanaghy

Boyle, Mrs M., Lodging-house keepers,  Dunfanaghy

Boyle, S.H., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Bradley, Con, Grocers, Public Houses, and Seedsmen,  Letterkenny

Bradley, Rev. Joseph, Clonleigh Roman Catholic Church, Murlog, Curate, Lifford

Brodie, Rev. John, Clergy, Clondehorkey West, Dunfanaghy

Bryson, James, Grocers,  Lifford

Bryson, Mrs., News Agent, and Post Office, Money Order and Savings Bank, Postmistress, Main street, Lifford

Buchanan Brothers,  Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

Burke, E., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Burke Murphy, John Henry, Magistrates,  Dunfanaghy

Burns, Joseph, China and Glass dealers, and Grocers,  Letterkenny

Burton, Mr., Belfast Bank (Limited), Accountant, Dunfanaghy

Callaghan, H., Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Callaghan, Henry, Butchers,  Letterkenny

Callaghan, Miss, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Campbell, Miss, Booksellers and Stationers, Chemists and Druggists, China and Glass dealers, Grocers, and Newsagents,  Letterkenny

Canning, Rev. D., Classical Seminary, Assistant, Letterkenny

Carey, Miss M., Schools - Female School "Nuns" (R.C.) Parochial Hall,  Letterkenny

Carre, Dr. Fenwick, F.R.C.S.I., M.B., Dispensary and Fever Hospital, Doctors, Magistrates, Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

Carroll, Francis, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Carroll, P., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Carroll, Philip, Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

Cheatley, Sam, Boot and Shoemakers and dealers, and News agents,  Mannorcunningham

Clarke, Andrew, Butchers, Drapers, Grocers, and Publicans,  Newtowncunningham

Clarke, Andrew & Co., Auctioneers, Boot and Shoe manufacturers, and Coal merchants,  Newtowncunningham

Colhoun, J., Grocers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Colhoun, W., Whitesmiths,  Letterkenny

Colhoun, William, Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Collins, Miss, Grocers,  Letterkenny

Connaghan, H., Tailors,  Newtowncunningham

Connell, Bradley, Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

Connell, W.H., Drapers,  Newtowncunningham

Corry, James, Boot and Shoe shops, Grocers, Leathers sellers, Seedsmen, and Coal merchants,  Letterkenny

Corry, M., Butter & Egg dealers, Grocers, and Seedsmen,  Letterkenny

Coyle, H., Painters and Glaziers,  Letterkenny

Coyle, J., Horseshoers,  Letterkenny

Coyle & Co., P., News agents,  Mannorcunningham

Coyle & Co.,  Boot and Shoemakers and dealers, China and Glass dealers, Grocers, and Leather and Hide merchants,  Mannorcunningham

Craig, George, Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Craig, Mr. J.P., Classical Seminary, Irish Professor, Letterkenny

Crampsie, William, Painter,  Mannorcunningham

Crerand, A., Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Crumlish, A., Corn merchants, and Grocers,  Letterkenny

Cullen, John, Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Cullen, P., Boot and Shoemakers and dealers,  Mannorcunningham

Cullion, John, Bill-poster,  Letterkenny

Curran, Miss, No. 2 National School, Monitress, Newtowncunningham

Curran, Thomas, Magistrates, M.P., Dunfanaghy

Curran, W., Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Davis, J. , News agents,  Letterkenny

Davis, Mrs., Bakers, Boot and Shoe shops, Butter & Egg dealers, Grocers, Gutta Percha Shoe shops, and Seedsmen,  Letterkenny

Dawson, Patrick, Architects, Surveyors and Land Valuers, and Urban District Councillors, Assistant County Surveyor, Town Surveyor, Letterkenny

Devine, Rev. Hugh, Clergy, P.P., Dunfanaghy

Dewhurst, Captain, Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Diver, J., Painters and Glaziers,  Dunfanaghy

Diver, James, Delph and China dealer,  Dunfanaghy

Diver, Mrs James, Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Divin, J., Emigration agents,  Letterkenny

Dobbyn, G.H.W., Constabulary, C.I., Letterkenny

Dobson, R., Boot and Shoe shops,  Letterkenny

Dobson, R., Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Doherety, T., Horseshoers,  Letterkenny

Doherty, Cecilia, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Doherty, Dan, Masons,  Dunfanaghy

Doherty, J., Fish dealer,  Mannorcunningham

Doherty, J., Grocers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Doherty, M., Public House keepers,  Mannorcunningham

Doherty, Mary Anne, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Doherty, Patrick, Bakers, Grocers, Posting establishments, Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

Doherty, Patrick, jun., Public Houses, and Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

Doherty, T., Whitesmiths,  Letterkenny

Doherty & Boyle,  Plumbers and Gasfitters,  Letterkenny

Donaghey, J, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Donnell, J., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Donnell, James, Bakers,  Letterkenny

Donnell, Miss, Grocers,  Newtowncunningham

Doogan, Michael, Rate Collectors,  Dunfanaghy

Doyne, Major, Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Drain, James, Tailors,  Letterkenny

Duffy, Joseph, Insurance Agent,  Newtowncunningham

Duffy, Miss, Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

Duffy, Mrs. E, Dressmakers and Lodging-house keepers,  Dunfanaghy

Dugan, M., Union Workhouse, Master, Dunfanaghy

Duncan, J., Teachers, National School, Mannorcunningham

Early, John, County Infirmary, Porter, Lifford

Fay, Maria, Schools - Second National "Presentation Brothers", Assistant - , Letterkenny

Feeney, P.J., Banks, Manager - Hibernian, Letterkenny

Feeny, J., Teachers, National School, Mannorcunningham

Ferguson, Miss, Milliners and Dressmakers, Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Fitzgerald, M., C.E., Surveyors and Land Valuers,  Letterkenny

Flattery, Charles, Fishery office, and Inspectory of Fisheries, Clerk, Letterkenny

Flattery, Charles,  , Letterkenny

Fleming, John R., Flax merchants,  Letterkenny

Fleming, S.H., Horseshoers, Millwright,  Letterkenny

Flood, Miss B., Dressmakers,  Lifford

Freil, N., Boot and Shoemakers,  Dunfanaghy

Friel, W., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Fury, J., Tailoring and Outfitting Establishments, Tailors,  Dunfanaghy

Gailey, A.J., Milliners and Dressmakers, Tailors and Outfitters, and Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Gallagher, Edward, Magistrates, Strabane, Lifford

Gallagher, J., Painters and Glaziers,  Letterkenny

Gallagher, James, Coal merchants, and Publicans,  Newtowncunningham

Gallagher, John, Hotels (Temperance),  Letterkenny

Gallagher, John J., Bakers, Steam, Letterkenny

Gallagher, Mrs., Drapers,  Dunfanaghy

Gallagher, Mrs. J., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Gallagher, Rev. Michael, Classical Seminary, Assistant, Letterkenny

Gallagher, Thomas, Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Gallagher, Very Rev. H., Classical Seminary, Principal, Letterkenny

Gibbons, J., Saddlers,  Letterkenny

Glackin, Joseph, Butchers,  Newtowncunningham

Glenn, Robert, Masons,  Mannorcunningham

Gllagher, H., Insurance agents,  Letterkenny

Gloster, A.J., M.M., T.C.D., Prior Endowed Upper Schools for Boys, Headmaster, Lifford

Gloster, Mrs., Prior Endowed Upper Schools for Girls, Principal, Lifford

Gold, Miss, Day School (Hansard Endowed, Mistress, Lifford

Gracey, J., Insurance agents and Belfast Bank (Limited), Manager, Dunfanaghy

Grant, John, Teachers, Incroporated Society School, Mannorcunningham

Griffith, William, Magistrates, J.P., Dunfanaghy

Grove, J.M.C., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Hamilton, Miss E., Prior Endowed Upper Schools for Girls, Assistant, Lifford

Hamilton, Robert, Magistrates,  Newtowncunningham

Hanna, W.J., Magistrates,  Newtowncunningham

Hannigan, J., Tailors,  Letterkenny

Harkin, A., Painters and Glaziers,  Letterkenny

Harkin, C., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Harkin, Mrs. C., Shirt Factories, Manageress - Hogg & Mitchell, Letterkenny

Harkin, Patrick, Millers,  Dunfanaghy

Harkin, The Misses, Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

Harris, James, Grocers, Hardware dealers, Seedsmen, and Timber Dealers,  Letterkenny

Harron, J., Builders,  Letterkenny

Harte, William, Butcher, and Publicans,  Lifford

Hastings, J.R., Grocers, Hardware dealers, Butter dealers, Coal merchants, Druggists, Grain, Guano and Seed merchants, and Leather and Hide dealers,  Dunfanaghy

Hayes, T., Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

Hegarty, W., Public House keepers,  Mannorcunningham

Hegarty's Family,  Hotel keepers,  Letterkenny

Helferty, E., Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Henderson, Miss, Dressmakers,  Dunfanaghy

Henderson, S.T., Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Deputy, Dunfanaghy

Henderson, The Misses, Milliners and Dressmakers, Servants' Registry Office, and Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Henderson, W., Emigration Agents,  Dunfanaghy

Heron, J., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

Higgins, Peter, Carpenters,  Newtowncunningham

Hogg, M., Hotel-keepers, Temperance, Dunfanaghy

Houston, John, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Houston, William H., Tailors,  Letterkenny

Hunter, Rev. A.J., B.A., Clonleigh Parish Church, Lifford, and County Infirmary, Rector, Hon. Secretary, Lifford

Hutchison, A., Public House keepers,  Mannorcunningham

Ingram, Thomas A. , Petty Sessions, Clerk, Agent for Llyod's and Liverpool and Glasgow Underwriters' Association and Commissioner for taking affidavits,  Dunfanaghy

Irvine, J., Grain, Guano and Seed merchants,  Dunfanaghy

Irvine, John, Bakers, Coal merchants and Gorcers,  Dunfanaghy

Irwin, W., M.D., Doctor,  Mannorcunningham

Kane, Miss, Shirt Factories, Manageress - McIntyre, Hogg & Co., Letterkenny

Kane, Rev. Wm., Clergy, Presbyterian, Dunfanaghy

Keatly, William, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Office, Strabane, Lifford

Kelly, C., Coal merchants, Corn merchants, Miller,  Letterkenny

Kelly, D., Saddlers,  Letterkenny

Kelly, H., Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Kelly, Hugh, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Kelly, R.J., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Kennedy, R., Builders,  Letterkenny

Kennedy, Rev. C., Classical Seminary, Assistant, Letterkenny

Kennedy, W.G., Clergymen, Episcopal, Mannorcunningham

Kilbride, Joseph, Magistrates, R.M., Dunfanaghy

King, Matthew, Butcher,  Dunfanaghy

King, R.A., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Knikpe, William, Tailors,  Letterkenny

Knox, Captain William, D.L., Magistrates, Clonleigh, Lifford

Knox, Robert A., Boot and Shoemakers,  Lifford

Lafferty, Charles, Butter dealers, Drapers and Grocers,  Dunfanaghy

Langan, B., Butchers,  Letterkenny

Langan, J. & C., Butchers,  Letterkenny

Larkin, John G., Petty Sessions, and Urban District Councillors, Clerk of Court, Clerk and Executive Sanitary Officer, Town Clerk, Letterkenny

Law, Hugh A., Magistrates, M.P., Dunfanaghy

Leckey, Alex, District Registrar of Marriages, Deputy Registrar, Letterkenny

Leggat, C., Grocers, Hotels, and Publicans,  Lifford

Lewis, William, Constabulary, No. 1 Barrack Head Constonstable, Letterkenny

Logue, J., Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

Long, C.W., Magistrates,  Newtowncunningham

Lowry, Miss, No. 1 National School, Monitress, Newtowncunningham

Lucas, George, Boot and Shoe shops,  Letterkenny

Macdeivitte, W.C., Prior Endowed Upper Schools, Secretary, Lifford

Macdonald, A. Le C., Constabulary, D.I. , Letterkenny

Macfarland Guy, Rev. James, Presbyterian Church, Ballindrait, Minister, Lifford

MacLaughlin, Mr., No. 1 National School, Principal, Newtowncunningham

MacLaughlin, Mrs., No. 1 National School, Work-mistress, Newtowncunningham

Magee, D, Boot and Shoemakers,  Lifford

Magee, John, County Infirmary, Secretary, Lifford

Magee Brothers,  Boot and Shoe shops, Milliners and Dressmakers, Tailors and Outfitters, and Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Magner, J., B.A., Classical Seminary, Assistant, Letterkenny

Mahon, Charles, Millers,  Dunfanaghy

Mahony, Eugene, Milliners and Dressmakers, Tailors and Outfitters, and Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Malseed, David, Collectors of rates and income tax,  Letterkenny

Mansfield, Lieutenant-Colonel, D.L., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Mara, Miss, Dressmakers,  Lifford

Marshall, S., Magistrates,  Newtowncunningham

Martin, Mrs., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Mason, Miss, Drapers, and Postmistress,  Newtowncunningham

McAteer, P., Boot and Shoemakers,  Dunfanaghy

McAteer, Patrick, Saddlers,  Letterkenny

McAuley, D., Emigration agents, Game dealer, and Grocers,  Letterkenny

McBride, T., Horse Shoers and General Smiths,  Dunfanaghy

McCaffrey, Daniel, Builder,  Lifford

McCarry, Annie, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McCarry, L., Booksellers and Stationers,  Letterkenny

McCarry, Mrs., Hotel keepers,  Letterkenny

McCay, William, Butter & Egg dealers, China and Glass dealers, Coal merchants, Grocers, Hardware dealers, Seedsmen, Timber Dealers, and Wine merchants,  Letterkenny

McClafferty, Hugh, Auctioneers, Main street and Churchill, Letterkenny

McClintock, Thomas, Rate Collectors,  Dunfanaghy

McClure, R., Butter & Egg dealers, Corn merchants, Grocers, Magistrates, Seedsmen,  Letterkenny

McConnell, J., Carpenters,  Mannorcunningham

McConnell, Miss, Schools - Female School "Nuns" (R.C.) Parochial Hall,  Letterkenny

McConnell, Robert, Butter & Egg dealers, Corn merchants, Grocers, Hardware dealers, Seedsmen, Timber Dealers,  Letterkenny

McConnell, T., Coffee Houses, Photographer,  Letterkenny

McConnell, The Misses, Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

McConnell, W.H., Grocers,  Newtowncunningham

McConnell, William L., Commissioner for taking Affidavits for Superior Courts, Insurance agents, and Petty Sessions,  Letterkenny

McConnell & O'Callaghan,  Booksellers and Stationers, News agents, and Printers,  Letterkenny

McConville, Miss, No. 2 National School, Assistant, Newtowncunningham

McConville, T., Railway, Stationmaster, Newtowncunningham

McCool, Jeremiah, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McCool, P.T., Postmaster,  Letterkenny

McCormack, John, Carpenters,  Newtowncunningham

McCosker, John, Painter and Glazier,  Lifford

McCrabbe, Joseph, Posting Establishment and Conveyances,  Lifford

McCullagh, R., Watchmakers,  Letterkenny

McDaid, A., Grocers,  Letterkenny

McDaid, P.J., Builders,  Letterkenny

McDaid, R., Flax merchants, Ramelton, Letterkenny

McDermott, B., Tailors,  Letterkenny

McDermott, M., Tailors,  Newtowncunningham

McDermott, P., Bakers,  Letterkenny

McDevitt, Daniel, China and Glass dealers, Grocers, Public Houses, and Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

McDevitt, Mrs., Grocers, Hotel keepers, and Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McDowell, J., Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

McDowell, Mr. T., Schools - Female School "Nuns" (R.C.) Parochial Hall,  Letterkenny

McElhare, D., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McElhinney, James, Insurance agents,  Dunfanaghy

McElroy, D., Letter-carriers,  Dunfanaghy

McElwain, J., Tailor,  Mannorcunningham

McFadden, Bernard, Tailoring and Outfitting Establishments, Tailors,  Dunfanaghy

McFadden, Edward, M.P., Solr., Attorneys, Insurance agents, and Urban District Councillors, Chairman U.D.C., Letterkenny

McFadden, M., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

McFadden, Patrick, Auctioneers, and Magistrates, J.P., Letterkenny

McFadden, Tague, Masons,  Dunfanaghy

McFarlane, James, Magistrates, Melmount, Strabane, Lifford

McGee, D., Saddler,  Dunfanaghy

McGettigan, Rev. D., Clergymen, Roman Catholic, Newtowncunningham

McGinley, B., Tinsmith,  Dunfanaghy

McGinley, Charles, Horse Shoers and General Smiths,  Dunfanaghy

McGinley, Hugh, Lodging-house keepers,  Dunfanaghy

McGinley, John, Letter-carriers,  Dunfanaghy

McGinley, P., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

McGinly, Daniel, Clergy, C.C., Dunfanaghy

McGinty, Edward, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McGinty, M., Hotel keepers,  Letterkenny

McGlynn, P., Butchers,  Letterkenny

McGrath, Dr., Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages and Medical Officer & Consulting Sanitary Officer Union Workhouse,  Dunfanaghy

McGrath, J.J., Dispensary,  Dunfanaghy

McGrenaghan, P., Grocers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

McGurk, Miss, Dressmakers,  Lifford

McIlhatton, Rev. Mr., Clonleigh Roman Catholic Church, Murlog, Curate, Lifford

McIntyre, J., Publicans, Butter dealers, Grocers,  Dunfanaghy

McIntyre, John, Architects, and Surveyors and Land Valuers,  Letterkenny

McKenna, M., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McKenna, Mrs., Wholesale Spirit merchants, and Wine merchants,  Letterkenny

McKinney, W.G., Boot and Shoe shops, Boot and Shoemakers, Coal merchants, Gutta Percha Shoe shops, Insurance agents, Leathers sellers, Magistrates, and Undertaker, J.P., Letterkenny

McLaughlin, D., Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

McLaughlin, J., Posting,  Newtowncunningham

McLean, Hugh, Carpenters, Painters and Glaziers, and Masons,  Dunfanaghy

McLean, Mrs., Milliners and Dressmakers, and Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

McMahon, J., Cartmakers and Carpenters,  Letterkenny

McManus, J., Painters and Glaziers,  Letterkenny

McMenamin, P., Magistrates, Strabane, Lifford

McMonagle, James, Butchers,  Letterkenny

McMonagle, M., Grocers, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McMonagle, Miss S., Hotel keepers,  Letterkenny

McMonagle, S.H., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McMonagle, Teresa, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

McMonagle, W., Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

McMorris, R., M.A., Clergymen, Presbyterian, Mannorcunningham

McNulty, Denis, Posting establishments,  Dunfanaghy

McNulty, E., Grocers,  Dunfanaghy

McNulty, Miss, Dressmakers,  Dunfanaghy

McVeigh, J., Posting establishments and Magistrates,  Dunfanaghy

Mercer, Mrs., Coffee Houses,  Letterkenny

Milligan, Miss, Dressmakers,  Lifford

Minchin, John R., Prior Endowed Upper Schools for Boys, Assistant, Lifford

Minchin, Mrs., Drapers,  Dunfanaghy

Mitchell, A.A., Gas works, and Urban District Councillors, Gas works Manager - These works have been taken over by the Urban Council. Manager of Water-works, Letterkenny

Moffitt, Joshua, Collector of income tax and Rate Collectors,  Dunfanaghy

Moffitt, Mrs., Drapers,  Dunfanaghy

Moore, Dick, Carpenters,  Dunfanaghy

Moore, George, Masons,  Dunfanaghy

Moore, J.A., Coal merchants,  Newtowncunningham

Moore, James, Carpenters and Horse Shoers and General Smiths,  Dunfanaghy

Moore, John, Summons-server,  Letterkenny

Moore, Miss, County Infirmary, Matron and superintendent nurse, Lifford

Moore, Richard, Carpenters,  Dunfanaghy

Moore, W.T., Chemists and Druggists, and Dentist and Veterinary Surgeon,  Letterkenny

Moore, William, Masons,  Dunfanaghy

Morrow, Mrs., Coffee Houses, and Hotels (Temperance),  Letterkenny

Mulhern, Mrs., Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Mulhern, Thomas, Public Houses, Urban District Councillors, Wholesale Spirit merchants, and Wine merchants,  Letterkenny

Mulligan, J.A.W., B.A., Clergymen, Presbyterian, Mannorcunningham

Murphy, John H.B., Land agent,  Dunfanaghy

Murphy, Mark P., Magistrates,  Dunfanaghy

Murphy, Mrs., Infant National School,  Letterkenny

Murphy, Mrs., Union Workhouse, Matron, Dunfanaghy

Murray, Sergeant, Inspector of explosives, and of weights and measures,  Dunfanaghy

Neely, Matthew, County-house, and Court-house, Caretaker, Lifford

Newman, J., Watchmakers,  Letterkenny

Nixon, Miss, Bakers, Butter dealers, Druggists, Emigration Agents, Grocers, New Agents, Postmistress, and Stamp Office, Derry Sentinel and Derry Standard, Dunfanaghy

Norris, Mr. Thomas D., Constabulary, District-inspector, Dunfanaghy

O'Callaghan, M., C.E., Architects, Insurance agents, and Surveyors and Land Valuers, Assistant County Surveyor, Letterkenny

O'Donnell, D., Posting,  Newtowncunningham

O'Donnell, Edward, Bakers, Grocers, News Agents, Posting Establishments, Publicans, Butter dealers, and Lodging-house keepers, Derry Journal, Dunfanaghy

O'Donnell, H., Grocers, and Post office and Money Order office, Postmaster, Mannorcunningham

O'Donnell, J., Posting establishments, and Publicans,  Dunfanaghy

O'Donnell, James, Posting Establishment,  Mannorcunningham

O'Donnell, Patrick, Lodging-house keepers,  Dunfanaghy

O'Hagan, Right Rev. Monsignor, Clonleigh Roman Catholic Church, Murlog, P.P., Lifford

O'Neil, Mr., No. 2 National School, Principal, Newtowncunningham

Orr, Mrs. E., Grocers,  Letterkenny

Parke, William B., Clergymen, Presbyterian, Newtowncunningham

Patterson, Dr. T, Chemists and Druggists,  Letterkenny

Patterson, J., jun., Butchers,  Letterkenny

Patterson, James, Butchers,  Letterkenny

Patterson, T.,   L.R.C.P. & S. ED. & L.M., Doctors,  Letterkenny

Patton, Edward, Butchers, Grocers, and Publicans,  Newtowncunningham

Patton, J., Butchers,  Mannorcunningham

Patton, T., Butchers,  Mannorcunningham

Payne, Robert, Carpenters,  Newtowncunningham

Payne, Thomas, Bill Poster,  Newtowncunningham

Peoples, A., Hotel keepers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Peoples, James, Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Peoples, Miss, Hotel keepers,  Letterkenny

Philson, C., Butter & Egg dealers, and Grocers,  Letterkenny

Platt, R., Carpenters, and Masons,  Mannorcunningham

Platt, William, Carpenters, and Masons,  Mannorcunningham

Porter, James, Grocers,  Newtowncunningham

Purdon, John James, Cartwright,  Lifford

Purdon, Miss, Dressmakers,  Lifford

Quigg, James, Schools - Second National "Presentation Brothers", Second National "Presentation Brothers", Letterkenny

Quigg, John, Attorneys,  Letterkenny

Quigg, Mary Anne, Schools - Second National "Presentation Brothers", Assistant - , Letterkenny

Ramsay, B., Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Ramsay, Charles A., Timber and Slate merchant,  Dunfanaghy

Rankin, J., Butter & Egg dealers, Grocers, Hardware dealers, Seedsmen, and Timber Dealers,  Letterkenny

Rankin, Rev. R.B., Clergymen, Church of Ireland, Newtowncunningham

Rankin, William, Magistrates, and Physician, J.P., Newtowncunningham

Reid, Jeremiah, Hotels, and Publicans,  Lifford

Riddell, John, Grocers, and Publicans,  Lifford

Robinson, Andrew, Letter-carriers,  Dunfanaghy

Robinson, James, Boot and Shoemakers, Posting establishments, and Publicans,  Dunfanaghy

Robinson, Mrs, Dressmakers,  Dunfanaghy

Robinson & Son, John, Auctioneers, Emigration agents, and Surveyors and Land Valuers, Ballyraine, Letterkenny, Letterkenny

Rodden, James, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Roden, J., Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Russell, James, Butter & Egg dealers,  Letterkenny

Russell, Randal, Saddler,  Newtowncunningham

Rutherford, W.J., Constabulary station, Sergeant, Lifford

Sayers, David, Petty Sessions, Summons server,  Dunfanaghy

Schoales, Mrs., Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

Scott , J., Cartmakers and Carpenters, and Painters and Glaziers,  Letterkenny

Sharkey, William James, Publicans,  Lifford

Speer, J.P., Butter & Egg dealers, Grocers, Hardware dealers, News agents, Seedsmen, and Timber Dealers,  Letterkenny

Speer, William, Auctioneers, Ramelton and Letterkenny, Letterkenny

Staunton, Rev. T.H., Clergy, Clondehorkey East, Dunfanaghy

Sterritt, James A, Coal merchants, Hotel-keepers, Posting establishments, and Publicans,  Dunfanaghy

Stevenson, Miss, Teachers, National School, Mannorcunningham

Stewart, A.C.H., Magistrates,  Letterkenny

Stewart, A.J.R., Magistrates,  Dunfanaghy

Stewart, C.F., Magistrates, Horn Head, Dunfanaghy

Stewart, J.H., Grocers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Stinson, Samuel, Constabulary, Acting-Sergeant + Four constables, Mannorcunningham

Storey, John, Emigration agents, and Insurance agents,  Letterkenny

Storey, John,  , Letterkenny

Sweeney, H., News agents,  Letterkenny

Sweeney, J., Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Sweeney, John, Urban District Councillors, Vice-chairman, Letterkenny

Sweeney, T., Grocers, and Posting establishments,  Letterkenny

Sweeny, Hugh, Boot and Shoe shops, and Boot and Shoemakers,  Letterkenny

Sweeny, The Misses, Dressmakers,  Lifford

Sweeny, Thomas, Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Taylor, George, Banks, Manager - Belfast, Letterkenny

Taylor, John A., Magistrates, Lifford, Lifford

Thompson, Robert, Weighmaster,  Dunfanaghy

Toy, M., Grocers,  Dunfanaghy

Tracy, John, Publicans,  Newtowncunningham

Turley, Sergeant, Constabulary, Four constables, Newtowncunningham

Walker, W.N.,   M.B., Doctors,  Letterkenny

Wallace, D., Whitesmiths,  Letterkenny

Wallace Brothers,  Grocers,  Mannorcunningham

Walsh, Sergeant Thomas, Constabulary, No. 2 Barrack Head Constonstable, Letterkenny

Ward, A., Bakers, and Grocers,  Letterkenny

Ward, Francis, Booksellers and Stationers, China and Glass dealers, Emigration agents, Insurance agents, and Urban District Councillors,  Letterkenny

Ward, Miss, Infant National School,  Letterkenny

Ward, Mrs. Mary, Collectors of rates and income tax, and Urban District Councillors, Sanitary Sub-Officer , Letterkenny

Watt, Miss, Woollendrapers,  Letterkenny

Watt, The Misses, Milliners and Dressmakers,  Letterkenny

Watters, R.S., District Registrar of Marriages, and Insurance agents,  Letterkenny

Wilkinson, Andrew, Magistrates,  Dunfanaghy

Wilkinson, M., Posting establishments, and Public Houses,  Letterkenny

Williams, Robert, Carpenters,  Newtowncunningham

Wilson, Robert A., Clerk of the Crown and Peace, and Local Registrar of Titles, Court-house, Lifford, Lifford

Wilson, William, Builders,  Letterkenny

Wyatt, Lieutenant, Coastguard, Rathmullan, district inspector, Dunfanaghy



Lindel Buckley

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