1911 Census Kimmid, Templecarn, Co Donegal

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Jane's grandmother, Catherine (Cassie) Elliott was born in Drumawark, just outside Pettigo.  Her mother was Catherine Hilliard.

She is looking for the Elliott family in Drumawark, Gortnessy, Cullion and Pettigo.  The Hilliards were from Drumawark.

(Cassie Elliott m Henry Dixon, born in 1873, to Robert Dixon & Margaret Campbell, Ballydermot and Legnanornoge, Drumhome)

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No Surname First Relationship Age Religion Occupation Status Ch Born Ch Living Born
1 Hunter Richard Head 46 Episcopal Farmer Married     Tyrone
  Hunter Letitia Wife 44 Episcopal none listed M = 3 years 0 0 Donegal
  Martin Sarah Sister-in-Law 37 Episcopal none listed Single     Donegal
2 Porter Rose Head 85 C of Ireland none listed Widow     Fermanagh
  Porter Robert Son 49 C of Ireland Farmer Married     Donegal
  Porter Elizabeth Daughter-in-Law 32 C of Ireland none listed M = 1 year 0 0 Fermanagh
  Porter Robert Hugh Grandson 14 C of Ireland Farmer Single     Donegal
  Porter Mary Elizabeth Granddaughter 14 C of Ireland none listed Single     Donegal
  Porter William Edward Grandson 12 C of Ireland Farmer Single     Donegal
3 Read William Head 90 Presbyterian Farmer Widow     Donegal
  Read Elizabeth Daughter 55 Presbyterian none listed Single     Donegal
  Read Sarah Jane Daughter 54 Presbyterian none listed Single     Donegal
  Read John Son 52 Presbyterian Farmer Married     Donegal
  Read Elizabeth Daughter-in-Law 35 Presbyterian none listed M = 1 year 1 1 Donegal
  Read Mary Elizabeth Eleanor Granddaughter 10 months Presbyterian none listed Single     Donegal
4 Martin Margaret Head 70 Methodist Farmer Single     Donegal
  Collins Mary Sister 76 Methodist none listed Widow     Donegal
5 Elliott William Head 65 Presbyterian Farmer Married     Donegal
  Elliott Catherine Wife 55 Presbyterian none listed M = 22 years 4 4 Donegal
  Elliott Thomas Son 20 Presbyterian Farmer Single     Donegal
  Elliott Minie Daughter 18 Presbyterian none listed Single     Donegal
  Elliott Catherine Daughter 16 Presbyterian Dressmaker Single     Donegal

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