1911 Census Dunmore, Templecrone

This Census Extraction and additional notes were submitted by Angela

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Name Surname Relationship Religion Age Occupation Status Ys M Ch born Ch alive Birthplace
John Curran Head R.C. 73 Farmer Widow       Donegal
Bridget Curran Daughter R.C. 17   Single       Donegal
Mary Curran Head R.C. 69   Widow       Donegal
Edward Curran Son R.C. 35 Frmr/Fisherman Single       Donegal
Margaret Curran Daughter R.C. 40 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
MaryAnn Curran Daughter R.C. 21 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
Manus Curran Son R.C. 25 Fisherman Single       Donegal
John Curran Grandson R.C. 7 Scholar Single       Scotland
Dan Boyle Servant R.C. 10 Herd/Dom.Servant Single       Donegal
Richard Boyd Head C of I 50 Farmer Married       Donegal
Isabella Boyd Wife C of I 45   Married 9 4 4 Donegal
Lizzie Boyd Daughter C of I 8 Scholar Single       Donegal
Rachel Boyd Daughter C of I 6 Scholar Single       Donegal
Richard Boyd Son C of I 4 Scholar Single       Donegal
Fanny Boyd Daughter C of I 1   Single       Donegal
Connell Gallagher Head R.C. 70 Farmer Widow       Donegal
Charles Gallagher Son R.C. 19 Frmrs Son/Fisherman Single       Donegal
John Gallagher Son R.C. 13 Scholar Single       Donegal
Connell Gallagher Son R.C. 11 Scholar Single       Donegal
Rebecca Gallagher Daughter R.C. 27 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
Sarah Gallagher Daughter R.C. 6 Scholar Single       Donegal
Maggie Gallagher Grandchld R.C. 14 Scholar Single       Donegal
Kate Forker Head R.C. 82   Widow       Donegal
James Forker Son R.C. 40 Farmer Married       Donegal
Susan Forker Dau-in-Law R.C. 35   Married 6 3 3 Donegal
John Forker Grandson R.C. 4   Single       Donegal
Barney Forker Grandson R.C. 3   Single       Donegal
William Forker Grandson R.C. 1   Single       Donegal
Unity Forker Head R.C. 78   Widow       Donegal
Mary Forker Daughter R.C. 45   Single       Donegal
Daniel Forker Son R.C. 42 Fisherman Single       Donegal
Bridget Forker Daughter R.C. 39 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
Annie Forker Daughter R.C. 36 Farmer's Dau Single       Donegal
Charles Forker Son R.C. 33 Fisherman Single       Donegal
Anne O'Donnell Head R.C. 72   Widow       Donegal
John Forker Son-in-Law R.C. 48 Farmer Married       Donegal
Mary Forker Daughter R.C. 38   Married 11 8 6 Donegal
John Forker Grandchld R.C. 8 Scholar Single       Donegal
William Forker Grandchld R.C. 5 Scholar Single       Donegal
James Forker Grandchld R.C. 2   Single       Donegal
Patrick Forker Grandchld R.C. 1   Single       Donegal
Charles Forker Grandchld R.C. 4mths   Single       Donegal
Margaret Forker Grandchld R.C. 7 Scholar Single       Donegal


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