1911 Census Gortahork, Tullaghobegly

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Also see 1901 Census Gortahork

Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Yrs Marr Ch Bn Ch Living Born
McFadden Michael Head RC RW 45 Magistrate & Merchant M       Donegal
McFadden Bedilia Wife RC RW 38   M 12 4 4 Donegal
McFadden Mary B Dau RC RW 12 Scholar S       Donegal
McFadden Charles John Son RC RW 10 Scholar S       Donegal
McFadden Maggie Ann Dau RC RW 9 Scholar S       Donegal
McFadden Sara E Dau RC Cannot RW 8 Scholar S       Donegal
McFadden Mary Gmother RC RW 90   W       Donegal
Gallagher Mary M-in-law RC RW 75   W       Donegal
Gallagher Bessie Sis-in-law RC RW 47   S       Donegal
Gallagher Grace A Sis-in-law RC RW 35   S       Donegal
Conaghan John Servant RC RW 52 Shop Asst S       Donegal
Doogan Kate Servant RC RW 30 Gen Svt S       Donegal
McGowan Sara E Servant RC RW 25 Gen Svt S       Donegal
McGowan Bessie Servant RC RW 19 Gen Svt S       Donegal
Harkin Mary Head RC RW 62 Spirit Dealer & Farmer W       America
Harkin Daniel S RC RW 36 Farmer's son S       Donegal
Harkin Minnie Dau RC RW 28 Farmer's dau S       Donegal
Sweeney Anne Head RC RW 37 Farmer S       Donegal
McElwaine Nancy Boarder RC Cannot RW 50   S       Donegal
Daniel Mulligan and Unity Gallagher Household              
Mulligan Dan Head RC RW 37 Shoemaker M 11 5 5 Donegal
Mulligan Unity Wife RC RW 36   M       Donegal
Mulligan James S RC RW 8 Scholar S       Donegal
Mulligan Bernard S RC Cannot RW 7 Scholar S       Donegal
Mulligan Maggie Dau RC Cannot RW 5 Scholar S       Donegal
Mulligan Mary Dau RC Cannot RW 3 Scholar S       Donegal
Mulligan Dan S RC Cannot RW 4ths   S       Donegal


Daniel Mulligan, Beltany, son of James, m Una Gallagher, Cashel Hill, dau of James, 27 Jan 1900. Witnesses Patrick McGinley, Beltany and

Mary McFadden, Bedlam - see marriage register

 Daniel son of James Mulligan & Mary O'Donnell - see 1901 census Beltany Lower

Unity dau of James Gallagher and Unity McGinley - see 1901 census Cashel

Unity was killed 30 Jan 1925, while travelling by train to visit with a daughter on Inch Island - see Owencarrow Viaduct Tragedy

Sweeney Daniel Head RC RW 68 Farmer M       Donegal
Sweeney Annie Wife RC RW 56   M 31 8 4 Donegal
Sweeney John S RC RW 28 Rural Postman S       Donegal
Sweeney Mary Dau RC RW 22   S       Donegal
Sweeney Magie Dau RC RW 15 Scholar S       Donegal
McGee Frederick Boarder RC Cannot RW 70   S       Donegal
McGinley John Head RC Cannot RW 40 Farmer S       Donegal
McGinley Sophia Mother RC Cannot RW 83   W       Donegal
McGinley Rose Sister RC RW 48   S       Donegal
McGinley Kate Sister RC RW 46   S       Donegal
Coll James Head RC RW 38 Shopkeeper M       Donegal
Coll Kate Wife RC RW 36   M 9 6 6 Donegal
Coll Bridget Dau RC RW 7 Scholar S       Donegal
Coll Sarah Dau RC Reads 6 Scholar S       Donegal
Coll James S RC Cannot RW 3   S       Donegal
Coll Edward Son RC Cannot RW 2   S       Donegal
Coll Daniel Son RC Cannot RW 1   S       Donegal
Doogan Bridget Servant RC RW 18 Gen Svt S       Donegal
Boyle Dan Servant RC RW 19 Gen Labr S       Donegal
Researcher: Mary - Email
Sweeney John Head RC Cannot RW 31 Farmer M       Donegal
Sweeney Sophia Wife RC RW 27   M 4 2 2 Donegal
Sweeney Ellen Dau RC Cannot RW 1   S       Donegal
Sweeney Sweeney Uncle RC Cannot RW 82 Ret Farmer W       Donegal
Curran Edward Head RC RW 83 Farmer M       Donegal
Curran Sarah Wife RC Cannot RW 80   M 56 9 8 Donegal
Curran Patrick S RC RW 40 Farmer's son M       Donegal
Curran Mary Dau-in-law RC RW 37   M 2 2 2 Donegal
Curran Edward Gson RC Cannot RW 1   S       Donegal
Curran Daniel Gson RC Cannot RW 5mths   S       Donegal
Doogan Kate Boarder RC Cannot RW 80   S       Donegal
Harkin John Head RC Cannot RW 69 Farmer M       Donegal
Harkin Sarah Wife RC RW 65   M 37 10 9 Donegal
Harkin Charles S RC Cannot RW 35 Farmer's son S       Donegal
Harkin James S RC RW 30 Post Off Letter Carrier S       Donegal
Harkin Hannah Dau RC RW 21 Dressmaker S       Donegal
Hegarty Madge Servant RC RW 10 Gen Svt S       Donegal
Sweeney Patrick Head RC RW 50 Farmer M       Donegal
Sweeney Anne Wife RC RW 40   M 15 0 0 Donegal
Mulhern Michael Head RC Cannot RW 33 Farmer M       Donegal
Mulhern Maggie Wife RC RW 30   M 8 4 3 Donegal
Mulhern Patrick S RC Cannot RW 6 Scholar S       Donegal
Mulhern Michael S RC Cannot RW 3   S       Donegal
Mulhern James S RC Cannot RW 1   S       Donegal
Mulhern Neil Head RC Cannot RW 74 Farmer W       Donegal
Mulhern John S RC RW 26 Farmer's son S       Donegal
Mulhern Bridget Dau RC RW 20   S       Donegal
Ferry Hannah Svt RC RW 12 Herd S       Donegal
Cannon Manus Head RC Cannot RW 60 Farmer M       Donegal
Cannon Madge Wife RC Cannot RW 55   M 9 0 0 Donegal
Cannon Frank S RC RW 20 Farmer's son S       Donegal
Cannon Mary Dau RC RW 13   S       Donegal
Cannon Michael S RC RW 11 Scholar S       Donegal
McClafferty Bridget M-in-law RC Cannot RW 94   W       Donegal
Gallagher Daniel Head RC Cannot RW 67 Casket maker S       Donegal


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