1911 Census Kilclooney More, Inishkeel, Co Donegal

Dawros/ Bangh/ Inishkeel/ Kilclooney More

District Electoral Division/ Barony/ Parish/ Townland


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Pg Surname Given Relationship  Religion Education Age Profession Status Yrs Married Children Born/Living Born Language
1 Adamson Mary Head RC Cannot Read 74 Farmer W     Donegal  I&E
  Adamson John Son RC R&W 43 Farmerís son S     Donegal  
  Adamson Catherine Daughter RC R&W 41   S     Donegal  
  Adamson Joseph Son RC R&W 37 Farmerís son S     Donegal  
  Adamson Teresa Daughter RC R&W 28   S     Donegal  
2 McNelis Francis Head RC R&W 58 Farmer S     Donegal  I&E
  McNelis Patrick Brother RC R&W 45 Agricultural Lab S     Donegal  I&E
  McNelis Daniel Brother RC R&W 38 Carpenter S     Donegal  I&E
  Sproue Anne Cousin RC Read 31 Dom Servant S     Donegal Dumb
3 McLoone Michael Head RC R&W 65 Grocer & Farmer M     Donegal  I&E
  McLoone Annie Wife RC R&W 55   M 23 7/6 Donegal  I&E
  McLoone Mick Son RC R&W 32 Farmerís son M     Donegal  I&E
  McLoone Daniel Son RC R&W 19   S     Donegal Eng
  McLoone Hugh Son RC Cannot Read 15   S     Donegal Eng
  McLoone Agnes Daughter RC Cannot Read 13 Scholar S     Donegal  I&E
  McLoone Henrietta Daughter RC Cannot Read 12 Scholar S     Donegal  I&E
4 McNelis Thomas Francis Head RC R&W 62 Stone Mason M     Donegal  
  McNelis Kate Wife RC R&W 62   M 35 7/6 America (Summer Hill)  
  McNelis Thomas Son RC R&W 32 Farmerís son S     Donegal  
  McNelis Ellie Daughter RC R&W 30 General Servant S     Donegal  
  McNelis Joseph Patrick Son RC R&W 28 General Servant S     Donegal  
  McNelis Edward Son RC R&W 18 Farmerís son S     Donegal  
5 McNelis Patrick Head RC R&W 88 Farmer M     Donegal  I&E
  McNelis Nancy Wife RC Cannot read 74   M 30 0 Donegal  I&E
  Sproule Mary Anne Daughter RC Cannot read 60 Seamstress W     Donegal  I&E
6 Boyle Fanny  Head RC Read only 72 Farmer S     Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Hannagh Sister RC Cannot read 68   S     Donegal  I&E
7 Boyle Mary  Head RC Cannot read 64 Knitter S     Donegal  I&E
  McLoon Grace Boarder RC Cannot read 40 Knitter M 7 1/1 Donegal  I&E
  McLoon Mary Ellen Daughter RC Cannot read 7 Scholar S     Donegal  I&E
8 Boyle John Head RC Cannot Read 80 Farmer M     Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Mary Wife RC R&W 75   M 52 8/8 Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Annie Daughter RC R&W 50   S     Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Francis Son RC R&W 40 Farmerís son S     Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Patrick Son RC R&W 38 Farmerís son S     Donegal  I&E
  Boyle Francis Grand Son RC R&W 11 Scholar S     Scotland Eng
9 Conaghan Patrick  Head RC R&W 58 Stone Mason M     Donegal  I&E
  Conaghan Ellen Wife RC R&W 46   M 12 3/1 Donegal  I&E
  Conaghan Patrick Son RC Read 7 Scholar S     Scotland Eng
10 Craig Patrick  Head RC R&W 51 Farmer M     Donegal  I&E
  Craig Mary Wife RC R&W 36   M 2 0 Donegal  I&E

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