1911 Census Largybrack, Inishkeel

Inishkeel/ Bangh/ Inishkeel/ Largybrack

District Electoral Division/ Barony/ Parish/ Townland


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Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Yrs Marr Children Born/Living Born
McHugh Margaret Head RC RW 50   Widow     Donegal
McHugh James Son RC RW 26? ? Single     Donegal
McHugh Michael Son RC RW 25? ? Single     Donegal
McHugh Rose Dau RC RW 16? Scholar Single     Donegal
McHugh Margaret Dau RC RW 9 Scholar Single     Donegal
McHugh Edward Gson RC RW 3   Single     Donegal
Cunningham Daniel Head RC Cannot read 73   Widower     Donegal
Cunningham James Son RC RW 42 Farmer Single     Donegal
Cunningham Anne Cousin RC Cannot read 75   Single     Donegal
Cunningham Bridget Head RC Cannot read 71   Single     Donegal
Quinn Bridget Dau RC Cannot read 29   Single     Donegal
Burke John Head RC RW 65 Farmer Married     Donegal
Burke Ellen Wife RC Cannot read 62   Married 35 13/11 Donegal
Burke Denis Son RC RW 28 Farm labourer Single     Donegal
Burke Anne Dau RC RW 22   Single     Donegal
Burke Frank Son RC RW 20   Single     Donegal
Burke Ellen Dau RC RW 18   Single     Donegal
Burke John J Son RC RW 16   Single     Donegal
Burke Cornelius Son RC RW 14 Scholar Single     Donegal
Burke Cassie Dau RC RW 23 Scholar Single     Donegal
McGinley John Son-in-law RC RW 35   Married     Donegal
McGinley Mary Dau RC RW 32   Married 11 2/2 Donegal
Carre Mary Head RC Cannot read 78   Married 49 1/1 Donegal
Carre Edward Son RC RW 35 Farmer Married     Donegal
Carre Bridget Dau-in-law RC RW 33   Married 9 5/5 Donegal
Carre Mary Gdau RC RW 8 Scholar Single     Donegal
Carre Bridget Gdau RC Cannot read 6 Scholar Single     Donegal
Carre Patrick Gson RC Cannot read 5   Single     Donegal
Carre Sarah Gdau RC Cannot read 3   Single     Donegal
Carre John Gson RC Cannot read 1   Single     Donegal
Maguire John Head RC Cannot read 78   Married     Donegal
Maguire Anne Wife RC Cannot read 78   Married 57 7/4 Donegal
Maguire Bernard Son RC Cannot read 30 Farmer Married     Donegal
Maguire Bridget Dau-in-law RC RW 32   Married 2 0/0 Donegal
Leslie Patrick   RC Cannot read 14 Farm labourer Single     Donegal
Doogan Hannah Sis-in-law RC Cannot read 73   Single     Donegal
Breslin Patrick Head RC Cannot read 76 Farmer Married     Donegal
Breslin Margaret Wife RC Cannot read 70   Married 48 9/7 Donegal
Breslin Thomas Son RC RW 32 Wool Weaver Single     Donegal
Breslin Edward Son RC Cannot read 27 Farmer's Son Single     Donegal
Breslin Mary Anne Gdau RC RW 12 Scholar Single     Donegal
Leslie Edward Gson RC Cannot read 4 Scholar Single     Donegal
Beslin Bernard Head RC RW 30   Married     Donegal
Beslin Hannah? Wife RC RW 26   Married 4? 2/2 Donegal
Beslin Patrick Son RC Cannot read ? Scholar Single     Donegal
Beslin Bridget Dau RC Cannot read ?   Single     Donegal








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