1911 Census Magherabeg, Fahan Upper, Co Donegal


(Location of Robert Cunningham's land 1857)

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No Surname Name Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Ys Marr. Ch born Ch alive Birthplace Lang
1 Fergason John Head Pres Read&Write 27 Farmer Married   - - Co.Donegal  
  Fergason Minnie Wife Pres Read&Write 20   Married under one     Co.Donegal  
2 Doherty Hugh Head RC Cannot Read 45 Farm Servant Married - - - Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Maggie Wife RC Read&Write 34   Married 12 6 4 Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Jane Daughter RC Read&Write 8 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Daniel Son RC Cannot Read 7 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty William Son RC Cannot Read 5   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Bernard Som RC Cannot Read 4   Single       Co.Donegal  
3 McLaughlin Daniel Head RC Read Only 66 Agricultural Married       Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin Mary Wife RC Read&Write 50 - Married 30 8 7 Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin Dan  Son RC Read Only 26 Agricultural Single       Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin Mick Son RC Read&Write 22 Gardner Single       Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin Susan Daughter RC Read&Write 18 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin Hugh Son RC Read&Write 13 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  McLaughlin William Son RC Read&Write 10 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
4 Davis Andrew Head RC Read&Write 34 Fisherman Married       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Mary Wife RC Read&Write 34   Married       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Joseph A Son RC Read&Write 9 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Michael S Son RC Read&Write 7 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Kathleen Daughter RC Cannot Read 4   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Mary Winifred Daughter RC Cannot Read 2   Single       Co.Donegal  
5 Walker Andrew Head RC Read&Write 38 General Married          
  Walker Annie Wife RC Read&Write 38   Married 15 4 4 Co.Donegal  
  Walker Joseph Son RC Read&Write 14 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Walker Susan Daughter RC Read&Write 13 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Walker Andrew Son RC Read&Write 11 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Walker Annie Daughter RC Cannot Read 4 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
6 Doherty Bridget Head RC Read&Write 68 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
7 Lamberton John A. Head Pres Read&Write 54 Farmer Married          
  Lamberton Sarah Jane Wife Pres Read&Write 39 Farmer's Wife Married 15 7 7 Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Mary Alexander Daughter Pres Read&Write 14 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton James Son Pres Read&Write 12 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Helena Daughter Pres Read&Write 10 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Martha Josephine Daughter Pres Read&Write 7 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Sarah Jane Daughter Pres Cannot Read 5   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Ida Daughter Pres Cannot Read 2   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lamberton Janice Maude Daughter Pres Cannot Read 1   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Duggan Mary Servant RC Cannot Read 45 Dometic Servant Single       Co.Donegal Irish&English
  Glenn George Servant RC Cannot Read 40 Farm Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
  Donaghy Patrick Servant RC Read&Write 16 Farm Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
8 May John Head Baptist Read&Write 44 Railway Audit Accountant Married       Wales  
  May Louisa Jane Wife Baptist Read&Write 50   Married 15 None None Wales  
  Smyth Mary Servant Pres Read&Write 39 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
9 Dorrian Bernard Head RC Read&Write 75 Farmer Married       Co.Donegal  
  Dorrian Mary Wife RC Cannot Read 73   Married 35 4 1 Co.Donegal Irish&English
  Dorrian John Son RC Read&Write 30 Farmer Single       Co.Donegal  
10 Quigley William Head RC Read Only 62 Railway Labourer Married       Co.Donegal  
  Quigley Elizabeth Wife RC Read Only 59   Married 31 5 5 Co.Donegal  
  Quigley John Son RC Read&Write 29 Railway Ganger Single       Co.Donegal  
  Quigley Hugh Son RC Read&Write 26 Railway Irishman Single       Co.Donegal  
  Quigley Mary Ann Daughter RC Read&Write 22   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Quigley Lizzie Daughter RC Read&Write 18 Seamstress Single       Co.Donegal  
11 McCready Alfred Head C of I Read&Write 38 ??? Master Married       Co.Donegal  
  McCready Sara Wife C of I Read&Write 35   Married 10 2 2 Co.Donegal  
  McCready Alfred Son C of I Read&Write 9 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  McCready William Son C of I Cannot Read 5 Scholar Singe       Co.Donegal  
12 Rabbett John Head RC Read&write 72 Pensioner/R.I Constabulary Married       Co.Roscommon Irish&English
  Rabbett Margaret Wife RC Read&write 65 Dressmaker Married 33 5 4 Co.Sligo  
  Rabbett John Thos. Son RC Read&write 58 Farmer Single       Co. Donegal  
13 Quigley William Head C of I Read&Write 86 Constabulary Pensioner Single       Co.Donegal  
  Quigley   Brother C of I Read&Write 73 Farmer Single       Co.Donegal  
  McDaid Susan DomServant RC Cannot Read 59 Servant Widow       Co.Donegal Irish&English
14 Hegarty James Head RC Cannot Read 79 Retired Farmer Single       Co.Donegal  
  Hegarty Julia Relative RC Read&Write 38   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Hegarty Lizzie Relative RC Read&Write 12 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
15 O'Donnell Charles Head RC Read&Write 40 Farmer Single       Co.Donegal  
  O'Donnell Cassie Sister RC Read&Write 35   Single       Co.Donegal  
16 Davis Cathern Head RC Read Only 60 Servant ?????       Co.Donegal  
  Davis John Son RC Read&Write 19 Fireman Single       Co.Donegal  
  Davis Michael Grandson RC Cannot Read 11m   Single       Co.Donegal  
17 Barr Neil Head RC Cannot Read 55 Farm Labourer Married       Co.Donegal  
  Barr Ellen Wife RC Cannot Read 57   Married 28 8 8 Co.Donegal  
  Barr Mary A. Daughter RC Read&Write 20 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
  Barr Bridget Daughter RC Read&Write 14 General Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
18 Lynch Charles Head RC Cannot Read 45 Farm Labourer Married       Co.Donegal  
  Lynch Catherine Wife RC Read&Write 30 General Servant Married 13 3 2 Co.Donegal  
  Lynch John Son RC Read&Write 9 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Lynch Patrick Son RC Read&Write 5   Single       Co.Donegal  
19 McCallion Michael Head RC Cannot Read 63 General Labourer Married          
  McCallion Sarah Wife RC Read&Write 65   Married 35 6 5 Co. Donegal  
  McCallion John Son RC Read&Write 33 Carpenter Single       Co. Donegal  
  McCallion Patrick Son RC Read&Write 28 Mason Single       Co. Donegal  
20 McGinnis John Head RC Read&Write 53 Farm Labourer Married       Co.Donegal  
  McGinnis Maggie Wife RC Read Only 53   Married 31 10 8 Co.Donegal  
  McGinnis Daniel Son RC Read&Write 26 Farm Labourer Single       Co.Donegal  
  McGinnis Frank Son RC Read&Write 19 Railway Porter Single       Co.Donegal  
  McGinnis Mary J. Daughter RC Read&Write 16 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
21 Doherty Patrick Head RC Read&Write 38 Farmer Married       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Ellen Wife RC Read&Write 27   Married 7 4 4 Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Edward Son RC Read&Write 6 Scholar Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Annie C Daughter RC Cannot Read 4   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Neal Son RC Cannot Read 2   Single       Co.Donegal  
  Doherty Patrick Son RC Cannot Read 4m   Single       Co.Donegal  
  O'Connell Daniel Servant RC Read&Write 15 General Servant Single       Co.Donegal  
22 Wallice Jane Head Pres Read&Write 56 Domestic Servant Single       Co.Donegal  

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