Headstone Inscriptions, Cruit Graveyard (1750), Templecrone, Co Donegal

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(Photograph by John Sean)


The following inscriptions were compiled from John Sean's photographs and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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This page came about largely through the passion of John 'Sean' O'Donnell (RIP John, 2008)

He visited the main graveyards in Templecrone, taking photographs of virtually every headstone

On this page you will find his photographs, supplemented with my transcriptions

Thankyou John - we miss you





In Loving Memory of

Andrew Boyle, Lackenagh

Died 10 Feb 1961

His Daughter Bridget

Died 15 Jan 1967

Annie Bonar

Died 12 Oct 1980

John Bonar

Died 17 May 1995




Thy Will Be Done

Merciful Jesus Grant

Eternal Rest to the Souls of

Charles Boyle, Lackenagh

Died 24 Jul 1965 Aged 74 years

His Grandson Michael Boyle

Died 31 May 1964 Aged 15 Years

Bridget Mary Boyle

Died 22 Nov 1981 Aged 87 Years

Noreen Boyle

Died 30 Apr 1991 Aged 64 Years

Hugh Boyle

Died 17 Jan 2003 Aged 65 Years

In Memory of Denis E Boyle

From His Family

To Live in the Hearts of

Those We Love

Is Not to Die




In Loving Memory of

Denis Boyle

The Thatch, Burtonport

Died 3 Jun 1984





In Loving Memory of

James Boyle, Lackenagh

Died 11 Feb 1953

His Wife Cecily

Died 7 Oct 1955

Their Son James

Died 2 Jan 1969

Charles Died 19 Mar 1971

Anthony Died 24 Jun 1972

Dan Died 16 Jul 1992




In Loving Memory of

Capt John Boyle

New Jersey


Died 13 Jan 1975




In Loving memory of
Anthony McBride Cruit Lr

Died 2 May 1975
Mary McBride

Died All Saints Day 1993
 John McBride Cruit Lr

Died 13 August 1996
His wife Kathleen

Died 9 December 1990



Not sure about the last couple of lines - may be for others buried in St Johnston

 Sean  taught in St Johnston NS and was author of song the 'Homes of Donegal'




In Loving Memory of

Andrew McGonagle

Owey Island

Died 3 May 1978

Aged 93 Years

His Wife Ellen

Died 4 Jul 1980

Aged 86 Years

Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Pray for Them




In Loving Memory of

Mary McGonagle

Owey Island

Died 10 Jan 1940 Aged 54 Years

Her Husband Patrick

Died 31 Jul 1946 Aged 81 Years

Rest in Peace

Our Lady of Lurdes

Pray for Them





In Loving Memory of

Bernard O'Donnell

Owey Island

Died 17 Jun 1991

Aged 80 Years





Here lies the body of

Denis O'Donnell

Departed this life

(?in or ?17) Novr 1819

Aged 49 years


The old gravestone to the right in your picture is difficult to make
out - but I can make out that it says John Boyle 14-1-10.

In front of these stones is a similar one - but the writing in Latin
(so I'm quite excited about this one -because of the name Grace)
because it seems to be a Grace Gallagher.

It says:
EXXI AD 1823

I don't know Latin but it probably is something like Here lies ....
Gra ce Galr
who died 20 June 1823. I think they couldn't fit the whole of the
name Grace on one line, and then shortened Gallagher to Galr. What
do you think?

There is also a flat stone nearby which reads here lies the body of
Brian Sharkey who departed this life ... unfortnately I can't read
the rest - but maybe if I try the tracing, it might work.




Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Mary O'Donnell (Miltown)

Died 3 Nov 1924 Aged 82 Years

Also Her Beloved Husband

Daniel O'Donnell

Died 5 Apr 1925 Aged 86 Years

Their Son Dan

Died 19 Mar 1950 Aged 64 Years

I ndil cuimne ar mac eile

Eoin O'Donaill

A deag 1u Samain 1956 Aois 75 bl

A bean Brid

A deag 8u mean fomair 1957 Aois 72 bl





In Loving Memory of

Mary O'Donnell

Owey Island

Died 17 Jan 1970

Aged 56 Years

Her Husband Jim

Died 7 Nov 1992

Aged 82 Years

Their Son Manus

Died 28 Oct 1976

Aged 30 Years

Also Betty Gallagher

Died 1962

Neil Gallagher

Died 1968





Mary Pray For Us

In Loving Memory of

Owen O'Donnell


Died as Result of an Accident

19 Feb 1972 Aged 58 Years

Also His Wife Catherine?





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