Galwolie Photographs

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Photographs taken by Lindel in July 2008

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Galwolie, 14 Kilometers to Ballybofey & 11 kilometers to Fintown

Mt Errigal in the background

Galwolie sign
Driving into Galwolie, we find two standing stones on the left side of the road
A close-up photograph of the standing stones with detail on the right stone
Approaching the first complete building in the townland, which had been occupied by Daniel Gallagher jnr before 1835
Closer to the first building, a barn, with the main house in the background
Looking through the gate towards the main house
Slab used on top of a low wall in front of, and to the left of, the gate above
Inside the gate - a large slab had been placed here, but its use is not known
Wall which extends from the front gate to the main house
Barn, opposite the main house
More of the barn
Building opposite the barn on the right of the road
Close-up of the stone in from of the building
Looking back from the end of the building to the barn and entrance to the main house
Close-up of the stone in from of the barn
House located down a lane on the left, just past Daniel Gallagher jnr's house

This house had been occupied by Daniel Gallagher snr & his wife Margaret before 1835

The barn and shed belonging to Daniel Gallagher snr - the barn is shown on Valuation maps dated 1839
Close-up detail of building opposite Daniel Gallagher jnr's barn
Old millstone
View back towards the road into Galwolie
View from Galwolie towards the River Finn, with Brockagh on the left & Boultyfree on the right

The hill to the left is possibly Mullighan Hill in Cloghanmore



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