Hearth Money Rolls - 1665 - Inishkeel Parish, Co Donegal

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A RETURN of the several HEARTHS fireing places and stoves within the county aforesaid by virtue of an Act of Parliament for establishing an additional revenue upon his Majesty his heirs and successors for ever for the better support of his and their honour and dignity to us and others his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in the said County directed.


Surname First Townland
Coninghan Gorry Drumboghill
Magoyne Donell oige Lochrus
m'Callyn Connor Castlegolan
m'Carmick Torlagh Belanamore
m'Carwell Owen Ballceristin
m'Carwell Owen Ballagh Ballceristin
m'Caughecky James Belanamore
m'Claon Roory Duff Belanamore
m'Conigan Donnoghy Lochrus
m'Coninghan Kedagh Drumboghill
m'Cowell Shan Castlegolan
m'Creaner Donnell Lochrus
m'Davett Connor Stracashell
m'Gehin Murragh Belanamore
m'Gettegan William Mullan
m'Gettigan Cahell Mullan
m'Gilgee Phelemy Tullyard
m'Gillespick Donell oige Mast
m'Granaghan Donell Stranadorragh
m'Groerty Shan Lochrus
m'Hugh Dualtagh Knocklettra
m'Laughlin Owen Stranadorragh
m'Mongill Owen Stranadorragh
m'Shean Manus Lochrus
m'Tegg Gorry m'Ward Leckagh
m'Tempany Edmund Mullaveagh
m'Ward Gorry Castlegolan
o'Boyle Bryan Ballagh Dunross
o'Boyle Emund Kinorsin
o'Boyle Hugh Lochrus
o'Boyle Mr Torlagh Lochrus
o'Boyle Owen Dunross
o'Boyle Owen Leckagh
o'Boyle Phelemy Dunross
o'Boyle Shan Ballceristin
o'Boyle Shan Dunross
o'Branan Edmund Straneglogh
o'Brealan Bryan Lochrus
o'Breslan Neale Ballceristin
o'Breslan Wm Ballceristin
o'Cassedy Torlogh Mast
o'Cohosy Shan (Mason) Tullamore
o'Collin Bryan Lochrus
o'Conaghan Bryan Letterilly
o'Connaghan Cormick Lochrus
o'Cuin Donell Straneglogh
o'Cuin Owen Straneglogh
o'Cuin Shan Straneglogh
o'Deeconn Shan Mullaveagh
o'Devanny Torlagh Belanamore
o'Dierma Tiege oige Stranadorragh
o'Diverr Edmund Castlegolan
o'Dogherty Cayher Stranadorragh
o'Donnell Torlogh Mullaveagh
o'Dougherty Bryan Straneglogh
o'Dougherty Bryan Duff Stracashell
o'Dougherty Duff Mullan
o'Dougherty Shan Stracashell
o'Dunagan Bryan Drumboghill
o'Forlloune Torlagh Mast
o'Gallogher Cormick Dunross
o'Gallogher Farrell Clogher
o'Gallogher Farrell Drumboghill
o'Gallogher Hugh Lochrus
o'Gallogher Neale Gortnasillagh
o'Gallogher Owen Arren
o'Gallogher Shan Tullamore
o'Gavaghan Farrell Lochrus
o'Given Pattrick Clogher
o'Gossen Owen Mullaveagh
o'Harkan Owen Mullan
o'Heerevan Torlagh Mullan
o'Kearny James Maghrymore
o'Kearny Manus Mullaveagh
o'Kelly Neale oige Stranadorragh
o'Kelly Owen more Stranadorragh
o'Kennedy Neale Drumboghill
o'Kennedy Pattrick Dunross
o'Meally Donnagh Castlegolan
o'Mullogheny Manus Stracashell
o'Mulloghery Donell Stracashell
o'Mulluog Donell Kinorsin
o'Mulluog Edmund oige Kinorsin
o'Mulluog Hugh carragh Stracashell
o'Mulluog Stephen Mulnamyn
o'Pettan Pattrick Knocklettra
o'Rehyn Donnell Lochrus
o'Sheerin James Maghrymore
o'Sheerin Shan Maghrymore
o'Tay Edmund Belanamore
o'Teig Donnell Maghrymore
Smith Edmund Arren
Ultagh Donell Mast
Ultagh Francis Leckagh
Ultagh Paul Leckagh
Welsh Donell Gortnasillagh

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