Trenta Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Carnatreantagh, Conwal, Co Donegal


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In Loving Memory of

James Alexander

Died 25th Feb 1922

And His Wife Fannie Ann

Died 2nd Dec 1902

William Alexander

Died 5th Nov 1946

And His Wife Sarah Jane

Died 18th March 1938

And Their Son William

Died 11th Feb 1976

And His Wife Elizabeth Fanny

Died 14th Dec 1977



In Loving Memory of

John Alexander

Died 30th April 1937 Aged 74 yrs

Hi Wife Hannah

Died 3rd April 1952 Aged 70 yrs

Their Son James

Died 12th June 1928 Aged 22 yrs

Also Their Son William J

Died 12th Dec 1983 Aged 68 yrs

Their Daughter Catherine

Died 10th Dec 1993 Aged 86 yrs

And Olive Alexander

Wife of William J

Died 19th April 2001 Aged 83 yrs

For Ever With The Lord



In Loving Memory Of

Scott Alexander

Died 3rd February 1937

His Wife Margaret

Died 11th February 1968

Their Grand-Daughter Rachel

Died 11th February 1967

And their Son David John

Died 19 February 1998

Abide With Me

Gone But Not Forgotten








In Memory of

Andrew Downey Armour

1900 - 1976

Annie Elizabeth Armour

1893 - 1982

David John Armour

1902 - 1991

Mary Ellen Armour

1904 - 2002

Forever With The Lord



In Loving Memory of

Joseph A Armour

Died 30 Sep 1959

Aged 94 Years

His Wife Mary Jane

Died 14 Apr 1949

Aged 78 Years






In Loving Memory of

Harry Baxter

Died 3rd January 1956, Aged 63 Years

His Wife Annie Elizabeth (Lily)

Died 31st January 2004, Aged 89 Years

His Brother David John

Died 21st April 1966, Aged 66 Years

His Sister Margaret Ann Baxter

Died 6th May 1958, Aged 76 Years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus





In Loving Memory of

Alexander Buchanan

1843 - 1921

Elizabeth Buchanan

1840 - 1934

John Buchanan

1865 - 1939

Matthew Buchanan

1876 - 1955

Sarah Armour

1896 - 1993

Matthew Armour

1908 - 1996



In Loving Memory of

Richard Buchanan


Who Died 18th November 1916

Aged 79 Years

At His Residence

Royal bank House

College Green, Dublin

James Gregg Buchanan

Who Died 26th April 1929

Aged 47 years

Loving Husband of

Mary Buchanan

And Youngest Son of

Richard Buchanan


Also Leslie H Buchanan

Who Died At His Residence, Socker

8th Sept 1948

His Wife Margaret

Who Died 21st Nov 1967

Safe In the Arms of Jesus


(Researcher: May - Email)





The Loving Memory of

Our Dear Father

David Chambers

Died 21st Dec 1893

Aged 75 Years






In Loving Memory Of

James Cheatley


Died 12th Aug 1995 Aged 80

His Wife Isabella

Died 24th Sept 1999 Aged 76



In Loving Memory of

Robert Cheatley

Died 13th May 1945 Aged 67

His Wife Elizabeth

Died 13th Oct 1985 Aged 92

Their Daughter Margaret

Died 8th June 1979 Aged 59

Also Kathleen Cheatley

Died 4th Jan 1979 Aged 71

Caldwell Cheatley

Died 16th Nov 1989 Aged 72



William Alexander Cheatley (Sandie)

1939 - 1988

Beloved Son of

Samuel & Cassie Cheatley





Erected by the

Ulster Volunteers Trenta Coy

To the Memory of

William Henry Dobson, Dromore

Who Died 15th Oct 1915

Aged 19 Years

Robert Dobson

Died 3rd Dec 1966

His Wife Ellen

Died 5th April 1975





In Memory of

A Downey





In Loving Memory Of

Thomas Fay

Died 7th March 1983

Also His Wife Jane

Died 2nd May 1975



In Loving memory of

A Dear Son And Brother

Thomas Fay

Died 15th January 2006, Aged 25 Years





In Memory of

William Edward Flynn M.D.

Late of Harcourt Street


Who Departed This Life

8th May 1868

Aged 32 Years

Robert Buchanan

Died June 1913?

Also His Wife Annie

Died 23rd May 19?





In Loving Memory of

Eliza Graham

of Ballinscadan

Who Died 20th Aug 1903?

Aged 81? Years

Also John Graham

Who Died 1 Dec 1904?

Aged 85 years





In Loving Memory of

Finlay Gregg

of Trainbeg

Who Died 18th Oct 1868 Aged 44 Years

And His Wife Eliza Rebecca

Who Died 10th Dec 1918 Aged 88 Years

Also Their Daughter Sarah

Who Died 6th July 1882

Aged 26 Years






By A Few Young Men Of The

Congregation Of Trenta

And Other Friends

To The Memory Of A Beloved


Robert Hastings Jack

Of Trenta Manse

Medicat Student

And Only Son

Of The Reverend Sampson Jack


Margaret Jack

Who Departed This Life

12th September 1875

Aged 21 Years

"Absent From The Body, Present With The Lord"

"Them Also Which Sleep in Jesus Will God Bring With Him"


(Researcher: May - Email)





In Loving Memory of

Joseph Kennedy, Cloncarney

Died 19th May 1930 Aged 89 Years

Also Jane Kennedy

Died 13th Jan 1933 Aged 74 Years





In Loving Memory of

Andrew Kyle

Died 3rd Jan 1932

His Wife Fanny

Died 20th May 1932

And David Torrens

Died 28th June 1972





In Loving Memory of

My Dear Father

William Malcolm

Who Departed This Life

On 13th Feb 1928

Also My Brother

Willie Malcolm

Died 27th Dec 1981





Erected by

Ramsay McKinney and Family

In Loving Memory of his Mother

Annie McKinney

of Trainbeg

Who Died 15th March 1890

Aged 83 Years


Ramsay McKinney

Who Died 19th August 1911

Aged 79 Years

Eliza McKinney

Who Died 11th Dec 1921

Aged 85 Years

Margaret McKinney

Who Died 29th Dec 1916

Aged 47 Years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord





In Loving Memory

Of Our Dear Parents

John McMahon

Died 3rd Nov 1934 Aged 65 Years

Also His Wife Annie

Died 2nd? Aug 1955 Aged 79 Years





In Loving Memory of

Rev William Michael

(By The Congregation, Family and Friends)

Minister of Trenta Church

For 33 Years

Ordained Sept 22 1891

Died July 13, 1924, Aged 62 years

Also His Wife Florella

Died Oct 17 1947

Also Their Son William Michael MB

Born August 30 1894, Died July 27 1961

Aged 66 Years

And Daughter

Elizabeth Michael

B.A. M.B.

Born 1 June 1893 Died 30th Jan 1973

James Patterson Michael

M.B. B.C.L. O.B.E.

Born 14 Nov 1900 Died ? ?n 1988





Erected By

The Rev W Morrison, B.D.

Rector of All Saints Church

Brooklyn, N.Y.

In Memory of his Mother

Mary Ann Morrison

Who Departed this Life

18th September 1903

Also his Father

Stephen Morrison

Who Died 18th April 1910

Aged 83 years

His Sister

Mary Ann Tease

Died 2nd Dec 1929

John M Tease

Died 16th July 1950

Aged 45 Years





In Memory of

The Neely Family


Samuel Died 1913

His Wife Annie Died 1961

George Died 1991

Samuel Died 1991

Margaret Died 1992

Daniel Died 1995

Peace Perfect Peace




In Loving Memory of

Daniel Neely


Died 1956 Aged 81 Years

His Wife Sarah

Died 1985 Aged 79 Years

Daughter Jeanie

Died 1944 Aged 17 Years

And Son John

Died 1995 Aged 70 Years

Forever With The Lord



In Loving Memory of

James Neely

Died 27th June 1958 Aged 68 Years

His Wife Rebecca

Died 8th April 1974 Aged 75 Years

Their Son James

Died 9th Jan 1964 Aged 32 Years

Also Their Son Samuel

Died 17th Sept 2000 Aged 62 Years

And Their Daughter Margaret Jane

Died 19th June 2005 Aged 75 Years

The Lord Is My Shepherd




In Loving Memory of

Lizzie Ann (Nee Gamble)

Died 20th June 1921 Aged 30 Years

Her Dear Husband


Died 8th March 1966 Aged 85 Years



In Loving Memory of

William Neely

Died 10 Feb 1962 Aged 78 Years

His Wife Catherine

Died 6 Sep 1951 Aged 70 Years

Samuel Neely

Died 7 Dec 1975 Aged 95 Years

Eliza Jane Neely

Died 31 Dec 1979 Aged 85 Years

Their Son James

Died 29 Dec 2002 Aged 83 Years



In Loving Memory of

William C Neely


Died 8th July 1983

Aged 84 Years

His Wife Minnie

Died 21st February 1984

Aged 79 Years





In Loving Memory of

The Nelson Family

Port Ballyraine

The Lord Is My Shepherd






In Loving Memory of

Raymond Patton

Died 10th Dec 1996 Aged 37 yrs

His Wife Viola

Died 20th Dec 1996 Aged 32 yrs

Their Son Reece

Died 10th Dec 1996 Aged 2 yrs

Safe in the Arms of Jesus





In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Parents

John Rankin, Terargus

Died 12th? April 1887 Aged 40 Years

Also His Wife Isabella Rankin

Died 10th Oct 1943 Aged 89 Years

Also His Grandson Harry Wray

Died 10th Aug 1974 Aged 54 Years

Also His Daughter In Law Sarah J Rankin

Died ? April 1975 aged 79 Years

Also His Son Samuel R Rankin

Died 4th Oct 1980 Aged 93 Years

Erected By The Family





In Memory of

My Darling Daughter

Annie Jean Robinson

Died 28th July 1957? Aged 6 Years

Also My Beloved Wife

Margaret Robinson

Died 27 Dec 1963? Aged 55? Years

Her Husband John

Died 25 May 1990 Aged 83 Years

For Ever With The Lord



In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Mother

Annie Maria Robinson

Died 5th March 1970

Aged 90 Years

Also Moses Tease

Died 31st Dec 1956

Aged 89 Years

Samuel Tease

Died 23rd Jul 1963

Aged 88 years



Erected By His Mother

In Memory of Her Loving Son

C.B. Robinson, Rathdonnell

Who Died 26th August 1913

Aged 34 Years

Also His Son

James Robinson

Who Died 20th May 1950

Aged 41 Years

Fanny B Robinson

Died 20th Nov 1931 Aged 75 Years

Andrew Tomas Robinson

Died 16th July 1944 Aged 88 Years

Andrew T Robinson

Died 12th Jan 1945 Aged ?? Years

Samson Robinson

Died 1st may 1966 Aged 53 Years

Also Private Robert Robinson

Killed While Serving With The US

Forces In Europe In World War 2

Aged 35 Years

Lest We Forget

"He Giveth His Bloved Sleep"

"Death Did Not Me Much Warning Give

Be Therefore Careful How You Live

When You Come My Grave To See

Prepare Thyself To Follow Me"





Harry Roulstone



9th? July 1914



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Roulston

Died 1865 - Aged 45 Years

His Wife Nancy Buchanan

Died 1922 - Aged 97 Years

Robert James Roulston

Died 1935 - Aged 76 Years

His Wife Elizabeth Colhoun

Died 1920 - Aged 33 Years

Ellen Gregg

Died 1959 - Aged 93 Years



Erected by

W. J. Roulstone

of Philadelphia

In Memory of his Father

Joseph Roulstone

Who Died Dec 2? ?

Aged 8? Years





Erected by

John Russell of Ballybolother

In Memory of his Son

David John Russell

Who Departed This Life 14th August 1875

Aged ? Years

Also The Above

John Russell


Aged ? Years


Jane Wife of Samuel King Russell

Who Died ? February 1901

Aged 50? Years


Samuel King Russell

Who Died  4th March 1905

Aged ?7 Years

Also Their Grandson

Samuel King Russell

Who Died 22 August 1938

Aged ? Years

Until The Day Break






In Loving Memory of

Brooke Sproule

Died 24th Nov 1983?

Aged 72 Years

The Lord Is My Shepherd





In Loving Memory of

James Stewart

Died 4th April 1990? Aged 84 Years

His Wife Mary Isabella

Died 8th June 1993? Aged 90 Years





In Loving Memory of

Fiona Sweeney

Died in Infancy Sept 1975

Jason Sweeney

Died in Infancy Nov 1976

"Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me"






In Loving Memory of


Died 11th Nov 1943

Aged 73 Years

Her Husband John

Died 23rd June 1948

Aged 85 Years



Loving Memory of

Our Dear Parents

John Tease

Died 5th Nov 1873 Aged 46 Years

His Wife Purdence Tease

Died 10th May? 1897 Aged 72 Years

And Their Children

Mary Jane & Mathew

Also Samie Died 20th Dec 1905

Aged 55 Years



John L Tees

Died 2nd Jan 1936

His Wife Margaret

Died 23rd Oct 1945

Their Daughter

Daisy Tees

Died 20th June 1999



In Memory of

Samuel Tease


Who Departed This Life

December 16th 1863

Aged 16 Years



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Tease

Who Died 22nd March 1893 Aged 67 Years

And His Wife Diana

Who Died 8th June 1909 Aged 83 Years

Also Their Granddaughters Hannah

Who Died 12th May 1901 Aged 22 Years

And Mary Isabella

Who Died 10th March 1907 Aged 18 Years

James Richard Tease

1892 - 1918

Canadian Expeditionary Force


Lest We Forget

Erected by their Son

James Tease, Trenta



In Loving Memory of

William Tees, Ballinafad

Died 3rd June 1914

Aged 88 Years

And His Son William

Died 13th March 1892

Aged 22 Years

Also His Daughter


Died 31st July 1910

Aged 43 Years


Note: See 1901 census Garrowcarry





Lindel Buckley

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