Alt Presbyterian Church, Urney, Co Donegal

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I visited this graveyard in search of a Brown/e family from Fearn and as

it was such a lovely small graveyard, I took photos of all visible headstones


If you are related to the Brown/e families of Fearn, please email Jill




In Loving Memory of

Hamilton Baxter, Cashelin

Died 4 May 1952 aged 87 years

His Daughter Margaret E

Died 23 Dec 1920 aged 5 years

And his Son William

Died 3 Jun 1961 aged 52 years

Also his Wife Annie Elizabeth

Died 13 Nov 19?7 aged 82 years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



Sacred to the Memory of

Mary Jane

Wife of John Blackburn

of Gortnamuck

Died 24 Oct 1912

Also Mary

Wife of John Blackburn

Died 27 Mar 1917


John Blackburn

Died 26 Mar 1935

Aged 87 years

Also his Wife

Annie Elizabeth

Died ? ?




Erected by Robert Brooks

Of Raws Upper

In Memory of his Beloved Sister


Who died 6 Jul 1947 aged 85 years

Also the above Robert Brooks

Who died 16 Oct 1950 aged 87 years




In Loving Memory of

David Oliver

Died Suddenly on 31 Jul 2000

Aged 44 years

Beloved Son of William and Mary

The Lord is My Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

Oliver Campbell

Died 13 Apr 1965 aged 80 years

His Wife Rebecca Margaret

Died 25 Apr 1975 aged 87 years

Also their Son

William James Campbell

Died 3 Nov 1984 aged 71 years

And his Wife Mary Jane

Died 24 Oct 1986 aged 68 years



In Memory


Robert J

Died 1 May 1977 aged 67 years

Also his three Grand-children

Died in Infancy

Their Father William D

Died 25 Aug 1991 aged 49 years

Margaret J Wife of Late Robert J

Died 22 Jan 1994 aged 73 years



W Crowe



Erected to

The Memory of

Thomas Handcock Gamble


Born 1826, died 1910

Also his Sister

Anna Gamble


Born 1831, died 1910

Also his Wife

Mary White

Who died 5 Feb 1920

And His Daughter

Margaret Greer Gamble

Who died 28 Jun 1966



Mary M Griffin

Died 26 Nov 1959




In Loving Memory of


Died 9 Apr 1951 aged 57 years

And of his Wife Margaret

Died 4 Feb 1976 aged 80 years

Also of their Daughter May

Died 16 Jan 2008? aged 81 years




In Loving Memory of

William Orr

Died 26 Oct 1946 aged 51 years

And of his Wife Mary

Died 4 Feb 1996 aged 93 years

The Lord is My Shepherd



Ethel Henderson

Died 24 Jan 1985



In Loving Memory of

Rachael Hutchinson

7 Feb 1910 ~ 6 Sep 1991

And her Husband

Leslie Hutchinson

19 Aug 1912 ~ 7 Mar 2003

Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord

Psalm : 122




In Loving Memory of

James Alexander

Died 19 Sep 1984

Herbert Alexander

Died 1 Feb 1986

And our Dear Mother

Martha nee Parker

Died 22 Jun 1992

Also our Dear Aunt


Died 18 Jun 1987

Treasured Memories



In Memory of

The Rev James Knox

Who was Ordained in

Corlea Presbyterian Church

23 Jul 1878

Installed in the

Alt Presbyterian Church

3 Jan 1881

And died 15 Apr 1920

And his Wife

Elizabeth Barbara

Who died 20 Nov 1906



In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth Caldwell McCay

Died 3 Jan 1940 aged 1 year

William McCay (Granda)

Died 26 Jun 1945 aged 69 years

Isobel Russell McCay

Died 26 Dec 1876 aged 64 years

Also her Husband John McCay

Died 24 May 199? aged 84 years




In Loving Memory of

A Dear Husband and Father

Robert (Bobby)

Called Home on 14 May 1968

Also his Wife

Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie)

Called Home on 14 Apr 1998



In Loving Memory of

David McMullan

Died 4 Aug 1946

His Son Ben died 1942 (in Infancy)

And His Daughter

Elizabeth (Lily) Harron

A Dear Wife and Mother

Died 16 Jul 2008

The Lord is My Shepherd



Died aged 54 years



In Memory of

William Orr

The Raws

Died 27 Jan 1976

William Porter

Died 29 Aug 1997

Aged 73 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Jane (May) Porter

21 Jan 1923 ~ 9 May 2001



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Rodgers

Who died 19 Feb 1905

And of his Son

Alexander Ewing

Who died 19 Sep 1911

Also his Wife

Annie Maria

Who died 18 Mar 1916

Blessed are the Dead

Which Died in the Lord



In Memory of

James Roulston


Master Thomas Roulston

7 May 1939



Thomas Roulston died aged 84 years




In Loving Memory of

Samuel Roulston, of Raws

Died 23 Nov 1974

His Wife Elizabeth (Lizzie)

Died 17 Jun 2004

Aged 84 years



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Roulston

Died 29 Jan 1976

Also his Wife


Died 8 Aug 2001

At Rest



Unmarked Graves



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