1841/1851 Census Search Forms - Arranmore Island

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The first weekly payment under the Old Age Pension Act (1908) was made at all the post offices in Ireland on New Yearís Day 1909. The five shillings pension (ten shillings per couple) was granted to all citizens who could prove that they were seventy years of age. As Civil Registration did not begin until 1864, birth certificates were not available for those born before that date.Where baptismal records could not be found, the government found it necessary to establish a personís age by allowing the census returns of 1841 and 1851 to be searched (these national census returns were subsequently destroyed by accidental fire in 1922). Applicants provided the information by letter, and where there were sufficient details, a search was carried out. When the family was found, and the applicant identified as a child of the family, a certified copy of the return was provided on payment of two shillings.


The information in the Census Search Forms is given here.


Applicant Application Details Family Townland Results


Nancy Early, adds Mrs Nancy McCauley, Aphort, Arranmore



Cen S/7/404
27 Aug 1917

John and Hannah Early


1851 census - John and Hannah Early marr 1850
No children


Nancy McCauley, adds Mrs Nancy Herron, Scraigalok, Arranmore



Cen S/7/405
12 Mar 1917

John and Norah McCauley


John and Norah McCauley marr 1838
Mary 6, Charles 5, Anne 4, Winifred 6 mths, Ma? 2 mths, d 1842?, Pat, 2, d 1843


Hannah O'Donnell, adds Mrs Hannah Gallagher, Toories, Arranmore

Cen S/7/406
9 Nov 1914

Pat and Hanna O'Donnell


Patrick, head, 48, married twice - 1824 & 1842
Hannah, wife, 40, married 1842
Patt son 13, Cecily dau 12, Margaret dau, 11, Mary  dau 10, Sarah dau 4, Hannah dau 1, Michael son 1 d 1842, Grace dau 14 d 1846


Charles Rodgers, adds Mr Owen Boyle, Leabgarron, Arranmore



Cen S/7/407
28 Jan 1922

Michael and Kate Rodgers


Michael and Kate Rodgers marr 1849
Charles, 1
(John & Nancy aft 1851)


Bridget Ward, adds Ballintra, Arranmore




Cen S/7/408
2 Jan 1917

Patrick and Mary Ward


Found - Sheet 5 (no details recorded on search form)


Dominick Anderson, adds Ballintra, Arranmore




Cen S/7/410
12 Oct 1920

James and Bridget Anderson


James and Bridget Anderson marr 1843
No return of Dominick


Patrick Coll, Leabgarrow, Arranmore




Cen S/7/411
15 Jul 1921

Maurice and Bridget Coll


Bridget, head, 50, widow
Hugh, 27, Dominick, 25, Bridget, 21, Manus, 19, Patrick, 16
Notes on form - Thomas, 78, Alice, 76, Tully, 74, Owen, 72, Patrick, 70


Miss Kate Boyle (Daniel), Arranmore Island




Cen S/7/414
20 Oct 1916

Daniel and Alice Boyle


Found - Sheet 6 (no details recorded on search form)


Bridget Gallagher, adds Mrs Bridget Coll, Upper Leabgarrow, Arranmore



Cen S/7/425
24 Jan 1917

Francis Gallagher and Bridget O'Donnell




Nancy Gallagher, adds Gortgarra, Arranmore



Cen S/7/427
22 Jul 1921

Michael and Hannah Gallagher


Michael and Hannah Gallagher marr 1842
No return of Nancy


Nancy McAuley, adds Ballintra, Arranmore

Cen S/7/428
24 Aug 1916

Patrick and Hannah McAuley


Not found


Hannah O'Donnell, adds Mrs Hannah Toland, Illion, Arranmore Island



Cen S/7/429
18 Sep 1916

Dan O'Donnell and Bridget Gallagher


Found - Sheet 10 (no details recorded on search form)


Charles Rodgers, adds Owen Boyle, Leabgarrow, Arranmore

Nancy Rodgers, adds Mrs Nancy Boyle, Leabgarrow, Arranmore


Cen S/7/430 18 Aug 1921


Cen S/7/431 19 Mar 1921

Michael and Kate Rodgers

(ch Charles, Nancy, John, Dominick, Fannie, Owen)

Illion, Rutland, Burtonport

Not found


Rose Boyle, adds Mrs Rose Gallagher, Poolawaddy, Arranmore

Cen S/7/438
9 Dec 1917

John and Sheelah Boyle


Found - Sheet 11 (no details recorded on search form)


Mary Gallagher, adds Mrs P Kennedy, Letterilly, Glenties



Cen S/7/444
27 Mar 1922

Anthony Gallagher and Madgie McGinley


Not found


Bridget Gallagher (Poolawaddy), adds Mr John Sweeney, merchant, Burtonport

Cen S/7/439 & 440
5 Oct 1921 & 21 Feb 1922

Edward and Rose Gallagher


Edward and Rose Gallagher marr 1840
Rose, 8, Owen, 6, Alice, 2, John, 4
(Bridget, Daniel, Dominick, Edward aft 1851)




John Gallagher, adds leabgarrow, Arranmore

Alice Gallagher, adds Poolawaddy, Arranmore

Bridget Gallagher, adds Mrs Bridget O'Donnell, Aphort


Cen S/7/443 22 Feb 1921

Cen S/7/442 12 Dec 1917

Cen S/7/441 9 Oct 1920

Patrick and Cecily Gallagher


Found -
Neil and Cecily Gallagher marr 1841
Anne, 7, Owen, 5, Terence, 3mths

No return of Alice


Edward or Ned Mulloy, adds Plughoge, Arranmore




Cen S/7/471
26 Oct 1921
Application no c/21 6724

Phil and Mary Mulloy

Plughoge, Leabrannagh

Not found


Fanny Rodgers, adds Widow Fanny Conaghan, Plughoge, Arranmore

Mary Rodgers, adds Mrs Mary Gallagher, Toories, Arranmore


Cen S/7/472 9 Oct 1916 Application no c/16 5872

Cen S/7/473 22 Nov 1920 Application no c/20 10354

Hugh and Nellie (Ellen) Rodgers

Rannagh and Toories

Hugh and Nellie (Ellen) Rodgers marr 1843
no dau Fanny
no dau Mary
Sheet 1
(bap note c/31 025349)


Dominick Rogers, adds Leabgarrow, Aranmore




Cen S/7/481
13 Feb 1922
Application no c/22 886

Mickey and Kate Rogers

Rutland Island, Illion

Not found

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