1857 Griffith's Valuation - Arranmore Island, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the valuation for Aghanunshin, transcribed by Lindel  and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Note: Where a name appears twice or more, it does not necessarily mean that there are separate people carrying that name - it may indicate the same person with his name recorded against land and a house/outbuildings in different areas of the townlands

Surname First Townland
Anderson James Ballintra
Boyle Anne Fallagowan
Boyle Bridget Ballintra
Boyle Bridget Cloghcor
Boyle Bridget Leabgarrow
Boyle Daniel Cloghcor
Boyle Daniel Fallagowan
Boyle Denis Ballintra
Boyle Denis Cloghcor
Boyle Grace Fallagowan
Boyle Hannah Leabgarrow
Boyle Hugh Ballintra
Boyle Hugh (Daniel) Gortgarra
Boyle Hugh (Michl.) Gortgarra
Boyle Hugh (Neal) Gortgarra
Boyle John Ballintra
Boyle John Fallagowan
Boyle John Gortgarra
Boyle John (John) Leabgarrow
Boyle John (Michael) Leabgarrow
Boyle John (Nanse) Leabgarrow
Boyle Michael Fallagowan
Boyle Neal Ballintra
Boyle Neal Fallagowan
Boyle Neal (John) Gortgarra
Boyle Neal (Neal) Gortgarra 
Boyle Patrick Ballintra
Boyle Patrick Cloghcor
Boyle Patrick Gortgarra
Boyle Thomas Ballintra
Boyle William Leabgarrow
Campbell Archibald Leabgarrow
Charley John S Leabgarrow
Charley John S. Aphort
Charley John S. Ballintra
Charley John S. Fallagowan
Charley John S. Gortgarra
Charley John S. Illion
Charley John S. Lighthouse Lot.
Charley John S. Plughoge & Leabrannagh Mountain
Charley John S. Plughoge & Leabrannagh Mountain
Charley John S. Rannagh And Toories
Charley John S. Sheep Park
Coll Bridget Ballintra
Coll Charles Illion
Coll John Rannagh And Toories
Coll Manus Fallagowan
Coll Maurice Ballintra
Coll Maurice Illion
Coll Patrick Illion
Coll Peter Rannagh And Toories
Conaghan Catherine Leabgarrow
Conaghan Charles Ballintra
Conaghan Denis Ballintra
Conaghan John Illion
Conaghan John Plughoge
Conaghan Rose Illion
Conaghan Rose Plughoge
Conegly William Gortgarra
Connor Richard Leabgarrow
Doogan Anne Leabgarrow
Earley Denis Ballintra
Earley Patrick Fallagowan
Early John Aphort
Early Manus Gortgarra
Gallagher Anthony (Francis) Ballintra
Gallagher Anthony (l) Ballintra
Gallagher Bridget Ballintra
Gallagher Bryan Ballintra
Gallagher Catherine Plughoge
Gallagher Charles Ballintra
Gallagher Connell Gortgarra
Gallagher Connell Illion
Gallagher Daniel Ballintra
Gallagher Denis Leabgarrow
Gallagher Dominick Ballintra
Gallagher Dominick Cloghcor
Gallagher Dominick Gortgarra
Gallagher Dominick Sr Leabgarrow
Gallagher Dudley Rannagh And Toories
Gallagher Edward Ballintra
Gallagher Edward Leabgarrow
Gallagher Edward Rannagh And Toories
Gallagher Francis Ballintra
Gallagher Francis Fallagowan
Gallagher Francis Gortgarra
Gallagher Francis Leabgarrow
Gallagher Francis Leabrannagh
Gallagher Hannah Aphort
Gallagher Hugh Aphort
Gallagher Hugh Cloghcor
Gallagher Hugh Rannagh And Toories
Gallagher James Gortgarra
Gallagher James (Domk.) Leabgarrow
Gallagher James (Neal) Leabgarrow
Gallagher John Aphort
Gallagher John Ballintra
Gallagher John Cloghcor
Gallagher Lanty Ballintra
Gallagher Margery Aphort
Gallagher Margery (Hugh) Gortgarra
Gallagher Mary Cloghcor
Gallagher Michael Ballintra
Gallagher Michael Gortgarra
Gallagher Michael Leabgarrow
Gallagher Neal Leabgarrow
Gallagher Owen Cloghcor
Gallagher Owen Leabgarrow
Gallagher Patrick Ballintra
Gallagher Patrick Cloghcor
Gallagher Patrick Gortgarra
Gallagher Patrick Leabgarrow
Gallagher Peter Ballintra
Gallagher Peter Illion
Gallagher Peter Plughoge
Gallagher Unity Cloghcor
Gillespie Patrick Aphort
Greene Daniel Ballintra
Greene Daniel Gortgarra
Greene Denis Cloghcor
Greene Hugh Ballintra
Greene John Ballintra
Greene Mary Ballintra
Greene Michael Ballintra
Greene Michael Gortgarra
Lyons Matthew Ballintra
Lyons Matthew Leabgarrow
MacGowan Mary Ballintra
Magee Matthew Cloghcor
Magill James Leabgarrow
Maginley Andrew Leabgarrow
Magowan John Ballintra
McBride Alexander Leabgarrow
McCafferty Connell Leabrannagh
McCafferty John Leabrannagh
McCauley Bridget Gortgarra
McCauley Bridget (Patrick) Ballintra
McCauley Briget Ballintra
McCauley Charles Fallagowan
McCauley Charles Gortgarra
McCauley Connell Illion
McCauley Dominick Leabgarrow
McCauley Francis Leabgarrow
McCauley Hannah Cloghcor
McCauley James Cloghcor
McCauley James Fallagowan
McCauley James Plughoge
McCauley John Aphort
McCauley John Cloghcor
McCauley Mary Ballintra
McCauley Mary Gortgarra
McCauley Michael Leabgarrow
McCauley Patrick Ballintra
McCauley Patrick Leabgarrow
McCauley Patrick (James) Gortgarra
McCauley Patrick (John) Gortgarra
McCauley Peter Ballintra
McLoughlin Rev. Hugh Fallagowan
Molloy Catherine Leabrannagh
Molloy Edward Leabrannagh
Molloy Edward Plughoge
Molloy Francis Gortgarra
Molloy John Ballintra
Molloy John Illion
Molloy John Leabrannagh
Molloy John Plughoge
Molloy Philip Illion
Molloy Philip Plughoge
Mooney James Ballintra
Mooney Susan Ballintra
O'Connell Daniel Plughoge
O'Donnell Anne Fallagowan
O'Donnell Anne Gortgarra
O'Donnell Anthony Illion
O'Donnell Anthony (Hugh) Ballintra
O'Donnell Anthony (Publican) Ballintra
O'Donnell Bridget Illion
O'Donnell Bryan Aphort
O'Donnell Charles Illion
O'Donnell Charles Plughoge
O'Donnell Connell Cloghcor
O'Donnell Daniel Aphort
O'Donnell Daniel Ballintra
O'Donnell Daniel Illion
O'Donnell Fergal Ballintra
O'Donnell Francis Ballintra
O'Donnell Hugh Ballintra
O'Donnell Hugh Cloghcor
O'Donnell Hugh Rannagh And Toories
O'Donnell James Aphort
O'Donnell John Aphort
O'Donnell John Leabgarrow
O'Donnell John Rannagh And Toories
O'Donnell John (James) Ballintra
O'Donnell John (John) Cloghcor
O'Donnell John (Philip) Cloghcor
O'Donnell John (Publican) Ballintra
O'Donnell Mary Leabgarrow
O'Donnell Mary Plughoge
O'Donnell Michael Ballintra
O'Donnell Michael Fallagowan
O'Donnell Michael Leabrannagh
O'Donnell Michael (Hugh)  Ballintra
O'Donnell Neal Ballintra
O'Donnell Owen Ballintra
O'Donnell Owen Leabrannagh
O'Donnell Patrick Aphort
O'Donnell Patrick Ballintra
O'Donnell Patrick Rannagh And Toories
O'Hara Patrick Jr Leabgarrow
O'Hara Patrick Sr Leabgarrow
O'Hare Hugh Ballintra
Rogers Anne Illion
Rogers Charles Aphort
Rogers Denis Leabrannagh
Rogers Francis Fallagowan
Rogers Hugh Illion
Rogers Hugh Rannagh And Toories
Rogers John Ballintra
Rogers Mary Gortgarra
Rogers Michael Illion
Rogers Neal Gortgarra
Rogers Neal Rannagh And Toories
Rogers Patrick Illion
Rogers Patrick Jr.   Illion
Rogers Patrick Sr. Illion
Rogers Peter Illion
Sharkey Anthony Ballintra
Sharkey Anthony Leabgarrow
Sharkey Hugh Leabgarrow
Sharkey Michael Gortgarra
Sharkey Philip Leabgarrow
Sweeney Edward Ballintra
Tolan Michael Gortgarra
Ward Francis Aphort
Ward Hugh Aphort
Ward John Rannagh And Toories
Ward Patrick Ballintra

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