Arranmore Marriages

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Date Groom Groom Townland Groom Father Townland Bride Bride Townland Bride Father Townland Consanguinity
1879 9 Mar Boner, Paddy Arlands Boner, James Arlands Coll, Biddy Illion Coll, Maurice Illion  
1881 1 Mar Boyle, John Ballintra Boyle, John Ballintra Early, Biddy   Early, Denis    
1881 28 Feb Boyle, Michael Aranmore Boyle, John Aranmore Ward, Bridget Aranmore Ward, John Aranmore  
1881 14 Oct Boyle, Neil Aphort Boyle, Neil Aphort O'Donnell, Bridget Sheskinarone O'Donnell, Daniel Sheskinarone  
1879 2 Feb Gallagher, Anthony Leabgarrow Gallagher, Denis Leabgarrow McConaghty?, Margaret Leabgarrow McConaghty?, William Leabgarrow  
1883 13 Mar Gallagher, Joseph Aranmore Gallagher, Hugh Aranmore O'Donnell, Frances Sheskinarone O'Donnell, Daniel Sheskinarone 4 & 4 
1879 23 Feb Gallagher, Michael Fallagowan Gallagher, Frank Fallagowan McCauley, Bridget Fallagowan McCauley, John Ballintra  
1879 16 Feb Harley, James Braade Harley, Paddy Braade O'Donnell, Mary Rinahuhal (Rannagh?) O'Donnell, John Rinahuhal (Rannagh?)  
1879 28 Nov Molloy, Daniel Ballintra Molloy, Paddy Ballintra Coll, Nancy Illion Coll, Paddy Illion  
1881 28 Feb Mooney, John Aranmore Mooney, Thomas Aranmore Boyle, Hanora Aranmore Boyle, Neil Aranmore  
1880 30 Mar O'Donnell, Charles Ballintra O'Donnell, Neil Ballintra Gallagher, Biddy Ballintra Gallagher, Anthony Ballintra  
1881 23 Feb O'Donnell, Connell Plughoge? O'Donnell, Daniel Plughoge? Boyle, Biddy Leabgarrow Boyle, Neil Leabgarrow  
1879 11 Feb O'Donnell, Paddy Aphort O'Donnell, Owen Aphort McCauly, Mary Aphort McCauly, Shane Aphort 3 & 4 
1879 4 Feb Ward, Frank Aphort Ward, Hugh Aphort O'Donnell, Mary Plughoge O'Donnell, Daniel Plughoge  
1879 3 Feb Ward, John Aphort Ward, Hugh Aphort Boyle, Bridget Inishkecragh? Boyle, Daniel Fallagowan  
1870 1 Aug Reilly, Peter Leabgarrow Reilly, Peter (d)   Boyle, Bridget Dungloe Boyle, Michael    
1862 2 May Lennox, Robert J Arranmore Lennox, Henry   Campbell, Anne Arranmore Campbell, Loughlin    
1866 3 Jan O'Donnell, Tool Arranmore O'Donnell, Neil   Mooney, Ellen Arranmore Mooney, Cornelius    
1866 3 Jul Young, Johnston Arranmore Young, Thomas   Simpson, Elizabeth Inniscoo Simpson, James    
1864 5 Feb Green, Daniel Scraigathoke Green, Daniel   O'Donnell, Susan Innisfree O'Donnell, John (d)    
1867 5 Mar McGinley, Michael Leabgarrow McGinley, Andrew   O'Donnell, Fanny Altmore O'Donnell, Patrick    
1869 6 Feb O'Donnell, Connell Gortgar O'Donnell, Patrick   Bonner, Anne Meenagowna Bonner, John    
1864 6 Sep McGarry, Felix Arranmore McGarry, Robert   Campbell, Isabella Arranmore Campbell, William    
1864 7 Feb Gallagher, Hugh Arranmore Gallagher, Patrick   Doherty, Bridget Burtonport Doherty, Anthony    
1865 9 Feb Green, Edward Arranmore Green, Michael   Boyle, Bridget Meenderryowen Boyle, John    
1870 13 Jan Rogers, James Arranmore Rogers, John (d)   O'Donnell, Bridget Innisfree O'Donnell, John (d)    
1868 13 Aug Gallagher, Michael Arranmore Gallagher, James   Gallagher, Rose Annagry Gallagher, Dominick    
1867 16 Mar Gallagher, Hugh Leabgarrow Gallagher, James   Gallagher, Anne Roshin Gallagher, Hugh    
1867 17 Feb O'Donnell, Charles Arranmore O'Donnell, John   Gallagher, Winifred Belcruit Gallagher, Owen    
1870 18 Jan Green, John Gortgar Green, Hugh   Boyle, Elenor Gortgar Boyle, James    
1869 20 Aug Coll, Thomas Gortgar Coll, Hugh (d)   Conaghan, Madgey Gortgar Conaghan, Charles    
1864 21 Feb O'Donnell, Anthony Ballintra O'Donnell, Michael   McCauley, Catherine Crickamore McCauley, Patrick    
1870 22 Jan Gallagher, James Plughoge Gallagher, John   Gallagher, Bridget Inniskeeragh Gallagher, Dominick    
1868 22 Oct McCole, Neece Craghyboyle McCole, Daniel   O'Hara, Hannah Leabgarrow O'Hara, Hugh    
1870 24 Feb Gallagher, Daniel Ballintra Gallagher, Hugh   Gallagher, Margaret Ballintra Gallagher, John    
1865 25 Feb Campbell, Alexander Meenanalbany Campbell, John   O'Donnell, Bridget Illion O'Donnell, Hugh    
1867 25 Mar Sharkey, Eugene Leabgarrow Sharkey, James   O'Donnell, Mary Meenbannad O'Donnell, Dennis    
1867 25 May O'Donnell, Francis Leabgarrow O'Donnell, John   Campbell, Mary Acres Campbell, John    
1870 26 Feb O'Donnell, Francis Leabgarrow O'Donnell, Hugh   Boyle, Eliza Arlands Boyle, Michael    

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