Tithe Applotment Book for Arranmore Island Townlands

Signed 22 Oct 1828

This data was compiled by Lindel, and forms part of  the Donegal Genealogy Resources website

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Please note the following:
1. The book was transcribed from the original handwritten form - in many places the writing was very difficult to decipher.
2. Some townlands do not appear to exist now - the spelling has stayed the same as the original
3. Names such as O'Donnell and McSweeney are represented as Donnill and McSwine, so you will have to be imaginative when searching for your ancestors name.
4. John McLaughlin was the person who transcribed this book, which contains 1,157 names - I simply copied the original film, looked at it for a year, then checked John's entries, before preparing it for posting to my website. MANY thanks to John!
5. We have tried our utmost to be as accurate as possible with the transcription however, it was a very difficult task.

Surname First Townland
Boyle Billy Gortgar
Boyle Chs. Leabgarrow
Boyle Conel Ballintra
Boyle Dan Leabgarrow
Boyle Danl. Fallagowan
Boyle Danl. Gortgar
Boyle Danl. Leabgarrow
Boyle Edwd. Ballintra
Boyle Hu. Leabgarrow
Boyle Jack Leabgarrow
Boyle Jack Leabgarrow
Boyle Jas. Gortgar
Boyle John Cloghcor
Boyle John Fallagowan
Boyle John Illion
Boyle Mich Ballintra
Boyle Mich Illion
Boyle Michl. Fallagowan
Boyle Michl. Fallagowan
Boyle Michl. Fallagowan
Boyle Mos. Leabgarrow
Boyle N Ploghoge
Boyle Neal Gortgar
Boyle Ned Fallagowan
Boyle Owen Cloghcor
Boyle Pat Ballintra
Boyle Phil Leabgarrow
Boyle Risin Ballintra
Byrone Om Light House
Cole Aw. Ballintra
Cole Denis Ploghoge
Cole Edw. Illion
Cole Mary Aghort
Cole Ned. Ballintra
Cole Pegy Aghort
Cole Tully Illion
Conahan Hu. Leabranagh
Conahan Hu. Ploghoge
Conahan Hu. Ploghoge
Conahan Lanty, Widow Ploghoge
Donnill Ant. Cloghcor
Donnill Anty. Ballintra
Donnill Anty. Fallagowan
Donnill Bryn. Ballintra
Donnill Bryn. Ballintra
Donnill Bryn. Ballintra
Donnill Bryn. Ploghoge
Donnill Chs. Illion
Donnill Conel Ballintra
Donnill Conel Ballintra
Donnill Conel Ploghoge
Donnill Conel Ploghoge
Donnill Connell Fallagowan
Donnill Dan Aghort
Donnill Dan Leabeanagh
Donnill Danl. Ballintra
Donnill Danl. Leabgarrow
Donnill Fargel Ballintra
Donnill Hu. Ballintra
Donnill Hu. Ballintra
Donnill Hu. Ballintra
Donnill Hu. Leabgarrow
Donnill J Ballintra
Donnill Jack Gortgar
Donnill Jas. Ballintra
Donnill Jas. Ballintra
Donnill Jas. Gortgar
Donnill Kate Ballintra
Donnill Manus Aghort
Donnill Manus Aghort
Donnill Mich Ballintra
Donnill Mich Ballintra
Donnill Mich Leabranagh
Donnill Miche Ploghoge
Donnill Michl. Leabgarrow
Donnill Michl. Leabgarrow
Donnill Nat. Leabgarrow
Donnill Neal Cloghcor
Donnill Neal Cloghcor
Donnill Pat Ploghoge
Donnill Phelim Cloghcor
Donnill Shane Cloghcor
Dougherty Shane Aghort
Gallagher ? Leabgarrow
Gallagher Anty. Aghort
Gallagher Bryn. Ballintra
Gallagher Chs. Ploghoge
Gallagher Corns. Gortgar
Gallagher Dan Illion
Gallagher Dan Ploghoge
Gallagher Danl. Aghort
Gallagher Danl. Ballintra
Gallagher Denis Gortgar
Gallagher Denis Gortgar
Gallagher Domk. Cloghcor
Gallagher Domk. Gortgar
Gallagher Fer. Gortgar
Gallagher Geo. Gortgar
Gallagher Hu. Aghort
Gallagher Hu. Gortgar
Gallagher Hu. Leabgarrow
Gallagher Hu. Leabranagh
Gallagher Hugh Aghort
Gallagher Hugh Aghort
Gallagher Hugh Gortgar
Gallagher Jas. Cloghcor
Gallagher Jas. Leabgarrow
Gallagher Mich Gortgar
Gallagher Nat. Fallagowan
Gallagher Nat. Leabgarrow
Gallagher Neal Leabgarrow
Gallagher Pat Gortgar
Gallagher Pat (widow) Ballintra
Gallagher Pat. Cloghcor
Gallagher Peter (widow) Gortgar
Gallagher Phelim Cloghcor
Gallagher Ted Ploghoge
Gallagher Widow Gortgar
Gallagher Widow Jno Aghort
Gallaher Anty. Aghort
Gallaher Anty. Leabgarrow
Gallaher Dom. Ballintra
Gallaher Dom. Illion
Gallaher Geo. & mother Leabgarrow
Gallaher Hu. Leabgarrow
Gallaher Hu. Leabranagh
Gallaher Jas. Leabgarrow
Gallaher Jno. & son Ballintra
Gallaher John Leabgarrow
Gallaher Mich Leabgarrow
Gallaher Mich. Leabgarrow
Gallaher Nat. Leabgarrow
Gallaher Owen Ballintra
Gallaher Owen Leabgarrow
Gallaher Pat Ballintra
Gallaher Pat Ballintra
Gallaher Pat & Jas Cloghcor
Gallaher Peter Ballintra
Gallaher Phne. Ballintra
Gallaher Wm. Ballintra
Gilespey Bryn. Gortgar
Gilespey Shane Ploghoge
Gilesppy Bry. Aghort
Gilespy Bryn. Aghort
Gilespy Bryn. Aghort
Gilspey Jas. Aghort
Greise Chs. Fallagowan
Greise Jas. Cloghcor
Greise Mich Ballintra
Greise Michl. Fallagowan
Griese Peter Leabgarrow
Kelly Rob. Leabgarrow
Loughry Jas. Ploghoge
M'Auley Ned. Cloghcor
M'Cafferty Jno. Leabeanagh
M'Cafferty John Leabeanagh
M'Cauly Dady Leabranagh
M'Cauly Danl. Cloghcor
M'Cauly Fras. Cloghcor
M'Cauly Geo. Ballintra
M'Cauly Jas. Cloghcor
M'Cauly Jas. Fallagowan
M'Cauly Jas. Fallagowan
M'Cauly Mich Leabgarrow
M'Cauly Mich. Leabgarrow
M'Cauly Owen Cloghcor
M'Cauly Paty Ballintra
M'Cauly Paty Ballintra
M'Cauly Peter Leabgarrow
M'Cauly Risin Ballintra
M'Cauly Shane Fallagowan
M'Cauly Shane Leabgarrow
M'Gowan Denis Ballintra
M'Gowan Pat Ballintra
M'Grory Ferg. Ballintra
M'Grory Moriss Ballintra
M'Grory Morris Ballintra
M'Grory Owen Ballintra
M'Grory Terce. Illion
Mooney Thos. Ballintra
Moony Jas. Ballintra
M'Swine Anty Ballintra
Mullow Nelly Leabeanagh
Mulloy Edw. Leabranagh
Mulloy Edw. Ploghoge
Mulloy Jack Ballintra
Mulloy John Ballintra
Mulloy John Illion
Mulloy Owen (Dermott) Ballintra
Mulloy Owen (Pat) Ballintra
Mulloy Peter Cloghcor
Mulloy Wid. Leabeanagh
Mulloy Wid. Leabranagh
Mulloy Widow Leabeanagh
Rogers Chs. Aghort
Rogers Chs. Aghort
Rogers Hugh Gortgar
Rogers John Illion
Rogers John Illion
Rogers Mich Gortgar
Rogers Neal Fallagowan
Rogers Paty Illion
Rogers Peter Fallagowan
Rogers Peter Illion
Rogers Unity Illion
Sharkey Anty. Leabgarrow


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