Headstone Inscriptions, Balleeghan, Raymoghy, Co Donegal


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(from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs Jan 1836)

The Abbey itself is supposed to have been founded previous to the tenth century, built by brothers called McDegeney.

The building was of greater extent than the walls, still remaining, but the northern portion has been removed and the stones used for some cottages under which a cellar with a well in it is still existing

and has been seen by an old inhabitant of the place.

This cellar is at present covered up but the occupying tenant of the farm, Mr Alexander, intends opening it


This Graveyard contains the site of an old Abbey, which was erected in the Gothis style, and stands on the shores of Lough Swilly.


The original survey of this graveyard was conducted by the Letterkenny Heritage Centre in 1991

Thanks go to the Donegal County Library, Letterkenny, for their help with these inscriptions




In Memory of

Mary Carlin

Who Died On 29 Apr 1932

Her Grand Daughter May Carlin

Who Died 6 Feb 1941



To The Memory Of

The Colhoun Family





Here Lye The Body Of

Patrick Connaughan

Who Departed This Life

The 22nd Day of Jan 1816

Aged 16 Years



In Loving Memory Of

The Cuthbertson Family

Peace Perfect Peace



Sacred To The Memory of

Anthony Doherty

Who Died 6 Jan 1847

Also His Wife


Who Died 28 Jun 1847

Also Their Son


Who Died 27 Apr 1847




4 October

Alexander Guthrie

Sarah Guthrie

Jan 5th........


Alex Guthrie

Mary Guthrie

John Guthrie




In Loving Memory of

Daniel Halferty

Late of Galdonagh

Died 31 Jul 1930

His Wife Ellen

Died 8 Oct 1930



Here Lyeth The Remains of

Joloph Hamilton

of Bellegha

Who Departed This Life

April 1798

Aged 36



Here Lyeth The Body Of

Andrew Magill

Who Departed This Life

Apr 13 1780

Aged 83

Also The Body Of

John Magill

Son To The Fore Mentioned


Who Departed This Life

Oct The 18th 1792

Aged 60 Years



In Loving Memory of

Denis McGeehan


Died 4 Apr 1932

Also His Wife


Died 19 Jan 1951




In Loving Memory of

John McKinley

Died 9 Mar 1984

Aged 80 Years

His Mother

Susan Mary

Died 20 Dec 1922

Aged 46 Years






Robert Park Jun

Who Departed On The 20th Day of Nov 1769

Aged 38 Years

Robert Park Son

Who Died On The 13th Day of Aug 1775

Aged 88 Years

Jane Park

Who Died On The 7th Day of Jul 1783

Aged 66 Years

And In Memory of

Nathan Park

Who Died On The 22nd Day of Jul 1809

Aged 85 Years


This Stone Is Deposited In Compliance With His Desire

By His Grateful Relative

Nathan Stewart at Castleshanaghan

On The 20th Day of Apr 1810


The Shall The Dust Return To The Earth As It Was

And The Spirit Shall Return Unto God Who Gave It



To Mark The Spot Where In

Are Deposited The Remains of

John Patterson

Late of Ballylawn

Who Died The 30th Day of Jul 1853

Aged 80 Years

Robert Patterson

Died 13th Feb 1871

Aged 88 Years



Underneath This Stone

Rests The Dust of the

Revd Robert Reed

First Minister of

Presbyterian Secession Church In Ray

For 38 Years He Discharged The Duties of the Ministry

With Zeal and Faithfulness

And After having Served His Generation

By The Will of God He Fell On Sleep

Apr 5th 1788

Aged 65 Years

The Remains of

Sarah Cunningham

His Wife, Rest Here Also

She Survived Her Husband 40 Years

Died 1828 Aged 91 Years

Erected to the Memory of His Venerated

Parents by Alexander Reed

Merchant, Washington, America



In Loving Memory of

John Russell of Ballylawn

Died 12 Dec 1907

Aged 83 Years

Also His Daughter

Margaret Galbraith

Died 23 Jan 1881

Aged 1 Year 7 Months

And His Son Thomas Galbraith

Died 22 Jul 1887

Aged 3 Years 3 Months

Also His Beloved Wife


Died 19 Aug 1924

Aged 77 Years

Also His Grand Daughter

Vera Georgina

Died 19 Mar 1932

Aged 17 Years

And Her Mother

Ellen Mary Russell

Died 16 Aug 1944

Aged 53 Years

Also Her Son


Died 2 Jun 1976

Aged 60 Years



In Memory of

Walter Stewart


Who Died 5 Dec 1897

Aged 80 Years

John Stewart

Who Died 26 Sep 1917

Aged 47 Years

Asleep In Christ



In Memory Of

Mary Wallace

Who Died 2nd Sep 1871

Aged 80 Years

Also Her Brother

Walter Wallace

Who Died 28th Mar 1872

Aged 72 Years

And His Sister


Died Dec 16th 1872

Aged 68 Years






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