Tubaiste Bhaile Mháinis

The Ballymanus Disaster, Co Donegal, 10 May 1943


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A few short weeks ago, it was the 70th anniversary of a tragedy which struck at Ballymanus, taking 19 young lives

This reminded me that I had started to collect and research the disaster over a year ago.........

Here now is what I have compiled to date

Though the memory of those young men is still alive, perhaps this will in a small way, add to the story





Paul Douglas wrote a song in Irish to commemorate the Ballymanus tragedy - click here to listen to it on SoundCloud


A film, Tubaiste Bhaile Mháinis/The Ballymanus Disaster, was produced in 2011 - see Guth Gafa


Patrick Gallagher wrote a booklet, The Ballymanus Mine Disaster,

which was launched 9 May 2008 during the 65th anniversary Mass for the victims,

at the Community Centre, Mullaghduff

(If anyone has a copy or knows where I can buy a copy, please contact me)