Baptisms - RC Parish of Carn
Civil Parish of Templecarn

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These are selected baptisms from the Roman Catholic parish of Carn, which encompasses the civil parish of Templecarn, straddling the border of Donegal and Fermanagh

In many cases the records were very difficult to read; brackets and/or question marks indicate words or dates that I could not decipher

I am not related to anybody in these records yet, but there are possible connections to McCann, McGrath, Kerrigan, Coghlan and/or Glacken families

Date Surname First Father Mother Sponsor1 Sponsor2 Place
19 Jun 1859 Carrigan Ellen Carrigan, James Johnston, Anne [Shiel], Ellen none not given
23 Mar 1852 Gallagher Ellen Gallagher, James Coghlan, Ellen Monaghan, Mary none Carnatressy
10 Nov 1871 Haughey Francis Haughey, Francis Morris, Ellen Morris, John Glackin, Catherine [Crilly]
30 Dec 1854 Kerregan Catherine Kerregan, Michael Dolan, Nelly McC...ley, Michael Kerrigan, Mary not given
17 Apr 1854 Kerregan Patrick Francis Kerregan, James Gallagher, Mary Gonnigle, Edward Gallagher, Catherine Acres
28 Jul 1856/57 Kerrigan James Kerrigan, John McGrory, Catherine McGrory, John McGrory, Biddy Rossharbour
14 Jan 1869 Kerrigan Mary Ann Kerrigan, Felix McCabe, Mary [Breen], Sally none Boa Island
11 Apr 1858 M'Grath Catherine M'Grath, William Mullen, Winny McGrory, Thomas McGrory, Anne prob. Crilly
23 Dec 1860 M'Grath James M'Grath, James M'Grath, Mary M'Grath, John M'Grath, Margaret not given
09 Sept1855 Magrath Biddy Magrath, James Magee, Mary Lynch, James McGrath, Kitty Crilly?; (Scilly?)
30 Aug 1857 Magrath Biddy Magrath, Hugh McGrath, Elizabeth [Sawyer], John [Sawyer], Mary Crilly
26 Oct 1856 Magrath David Magrath, James Magee, Mary Magee, Barney Magee, Ann Crilly
19 Jul 1863 Magrath Edward Magrath, Hugh [Mc..?..], Isabella Glacken, John Glacken, Susan not given
12 July 1871 Magrath James Magrath, James Gallagher, Shelah Glackin, John Glackin, Susan not given
17 May 1868 Magrath James Magrath, John Gallagher, Ann Magrath, James Gallagher, Biddy Crilly
28 Aug 1859 Magrath John Magrath, Thomas Mehan, Margaret McCabe, John McGrath, Mary not given
?? Feb 1858 Magrath John Magrath, James Magee, Mary Haughey, John Haughey, Biddy Crilly
29 May 1862 Magrath Margaret Magrath, James Gallagher, Cecilia McGrath, James McGrath, Ellen Crily
10 Jul 1864 Magrath Mary Magrath, James Gallagher, Carolyn Magrath, John Gallagher, Ann Crilly
18Aug/Jul 1854/7 Magrath Mary Magrath, William Mullen, Winifred [....], Patrick [do], Biddy Crilly
19 Dec 1858 Magrath Nelly Magrath, John Gallagher, Ann Magrath, James Magrath, Nelly Crilly
30 Aug 1857 Magrath Patt Magrath, John Gallaher, [Ann] Magrath, James [Magrath], Mary Crilly
26 Oct 1863 Magrath Sally Magrath, James Magrath, Mary Magrath, James [McCaffery], Ellen Crilly
20 Apr 1856 Magrath Thomas Magrath, William Mullen, Unny Glackan, Owen Glackan, Kitty Crilly
17 Mar 1863 McCann Mary McCann, Cormac Rose, Susan Foster, William Magrath, Rose not given
29 Jun 1860 McCann Patt McCann, Cormac Rose, Susan Gallagher, Patt Gallagher, Anne not given
07 May 1865 McCann Thomas McCann, Corman Rose, Susan McGrath, Patrick McGrath, Mary not given
07 May 1870 McGoldrick Ellen McGoldrick, Owen McHaughey McGoldrick, Ellen not given Crilly
15 Dec 1854 McGrath Anne McGrath, William Mullen, Honora Mullen, Robert Glackin, Susan Crilly
15 May 1856/57 McGrath Anne McGrath, John McCann, Bridget McGrath, Catherine not given Carnatressy
19 Mar 1851 McGrath Biddy McGrath, John McKane, Middy McGrath, Patrick M'Cafferty not given
13 Feb 1859 McGrath Bridget McGrath, John Gallagher, Anne M'Grath, James Gallagher, Cicely not given
25 May 1872 McGrath Edward McGrath, John [Gallagher], Anne Magolric, Owen Magolric, Bridget Crilly
25 Jan 1866 McGrath Ellen McGrath, John Gallagher, Ann McGrath, John McCann, Ellen not given
12 Jun 1854 McGrath John McGrath, William (.....), Kitty McGrory, Felix McGrory, Ann not given
30 Apr 1851 McGrath John McGrath, Patrick McKane, Elizabeth Monaghan, John [McVelly?], Elizabeth not given
12 ..?.. 1851/1852 McGrath Margaret McGrath, Michael Quinn, Margaret Sweeny, Anne not given Belleek
16 Apr 1851/52 McGrath Theresa McGrath, Michael McKane, Biddy Monoghan, Michael McKane, Mary Anne Carntressy
11 Jan 1869 McGrory Catherine McGrory, Thomas Haughey, Ellen Haughey, Thomas McGrory, Nancy Crilly ?
19 Jan 1867 McGrory Thomas McGrory, Thomas Haughey, Ellen Lynch, Hugh Haughey, Mary Crilly
26 Jun 1859 McLoughlin Edward McLoughlin, Thomas Coughlin, Ellen [Shallon], Patt Casssidy, Mary not given
06 Jan 1860 Monaghan James Monaghan, Hugh Kerrigan, Mary McCaffrey, Patt Kerrigan, Mary [Manakilly]?
?? Mar 1868 Monaghan Margaret Monaghan, Hugh Kerrigan, Margaret Kerrigan, John Kerrigan, Susan [Scanol...]
24 Apr 1870 Mortimer Anne Mortimer, Thomas Kerrigan, Winifred Slevin, John Maguire, Susan not given
15 Jan 1863 Mortimer Bridget Mortimer, Thomas Kerrigan, Winifred Shea, William Shea, Mary not given

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