Marriages St Mary's, Belcruit 1878 to 1884


(Photograph by Malcolm Mills)

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Date Groom Townland Groom Father Townland Bride Bride Townland Bride Father/parents Townland Consanguinuty
1882 20 Mar Boner, Denis Keadew Boner, James Keadew Boyle, Mary Keadew Boyle, Michael Keadew  
1882 12 Dec Boner, John Bunawillin Bonar, Michael Bunawillin Doherty, Bridget Belcruit Doherty, Hugh Belcruit 3 & 4 
1879 9 Mar Boner, Paddy Arlands Boner, James Arlands Coll, Biddy Illion Coll, Maurice Illion  
1879 15 Feb Boyle, Charles Nesbits Bay Boyle, Paddy Nesbits Bay Boyle, Catherine Milltown Boyle, Neil Milltown  
1879 15 Feb Boyle, Daniel Loughanure Boyle, Charles Loughanure Sharkey, Grace Annagary Sharkey, Frank Annagary  
1881 18 Feb Boyle, Denis Keadew Boyle, Daniel Keadew McColl, Mary Keadew McColl, Paddy Keadew  
1879 10 Feb Boyle, James Meenatotten Boyle, Condy Meenatotten Boyle, Mary Braade Boyle, Michael Braade  
1881 1 Mar Boyle, John Ballintra Boyle, John Ballintra Early, Biddy   Early, Denis    
1882 18 Dec Boyle, John Dungloe Boyle, Charles Dungloe Herraghty, Rose Meenderrynasloe Herraghty, Jack Meenderrynasloe 3 & 3 
1882 20 Feb Boyle, John Braade Boyle, Michael Braade Sharkey, Mary Mullaghduff Sharkey, Owen Mullaghduff  
1881 28 Feb Boyle, Michael Aranmore Boyle, John Aranmore Ward, Bridget Aranmore Ward, John Aranmore  
1881 14 Oct Boyle, Neil Aphort Boyle, Neil Aphort O'Donnell, Bridget Sheskinarone O'Donnell, Denis Sheskinarone  
1878 22 ? Boyle, Owen Lough? Boyle, Anne & Daniel  Loughanure? Duffy, Catherine Annagary Duffy, Francis & Catherine  Annagary 4
1882 23 Oct Boyle, Patrick Keadew Boyle, Peter Keadew Boyle, Mary Keadew Boyle, Dolty Kea]  
1882 5 Feb Boyle, Patrick Arlands Boyle, Ned Arlands Ward, Mary Keadew Ward, Hugh Keadew  
1880 4 Sep Boyle, William Doochary Boyle, Michael Doochary Boyle, Ellen Sheskinarone Boyle, Hugh Sheskinarone  
1882 21 Feb Brennan, Cornelius Diamond Brennan, Cormick Diamond Boyle, Margaret Glennahilt Boyle, Anthony Glennahilt  
1879 11 Feb Brennan, John Altnagapple Brennan, John Altnagapple Campbell, Biddy Arlands Campbell, Nassa Arlands  
1882 18 Feb Campbell, Alexander Kinballycruey Campbell, James Kinballycruey Gallagher, Margery Clogherdillure Gallagher, James Clogherdillure  
1878 Coll, Manus? Rinnafarset Coll, Peter Rinafarset Greene, Sarah Ann   Greene, Daniel Rinnafarset  
1883 6 Feb Doherty, Daniel Cruit Doherty, James Cruit Sharkey, Sarah Annagary Sharkey, James Annagary  
1882 12 Jun Doherty, Denis Cruickaghmore Doherty, Pat Cruickaghmore O'Donnell, Mary Bunawillin O'Donnell, Jack Bunawillin 4 & 4 
1884 16 Feb Doherty, Edward Cruit Doherty, James Cruit McBride, Bridget Gortnasate McBride, Thomas Gortnasate 4 & 4 
1882 20 Feb Doherty, Shane Cruit Doherty, James Cruit Ward, Mary Cloghglass Ward, Patrick Cloghglass  
1879 5 Mar Duffy, Charles Deeragh Duffy, Barney Deeragh Sharkey, Ellen Annagary Sharkey, Charles Annagary  
1883 15 Apr Duffy, John Rinnafarset Duffy, Neal Rinafarset McGarvey, Mary Rinafarset McGarvey, John Rinafarset 3 & 3 
1881 28 Feb Duggan, Charles Kin? Duggan, Michael Kin? Forker, Biddy Glennahilt Forker, Michael Glennahilt  
1878 12 Jan Duggan, Daniel Loughanure Duggan, John Loughanure McGinley, Peggy Mullaghduff? McGinley, Daniel Mullaghduff?  
1878 5 Dec? Duggan, Patrick Isle of Wight Duggan, Michael   Bold?, Anne Meenmore O'Donnell, Margaret Meenacloghcor  
1882 28 Oct Ferry, Patrick Cruickaghmore Ferry, Daniel Cruickaghmore Boyle, Rose Tully Island Boyle, Cornelius (Condy) Tully Island 3 & 3 
1879 2 Feb Gallagher, Anthony Leabgarrow Gallagher, Denis Leabgarrow McConaghty?, Margaret Leabgarrow McConaghty?, William Leabgarrow  
1882 28 Mar Gallagher, Charles Owey Gallagher, Owen Owey Boyle, Kate Eighter Boyle, Hugh Eighter  
1882 5 Mar Gallagher, Condy Point Gallagher, Condy Point Forker, Margaret Point Forker, William Point 3 & 4 
1884 21 Feb Gallagher, Daniel Rinnafarset Gallagher, Edward Rinnafarset O'Donnell, Rose Loughnamoran? O'Donnell, Peter Loughnamoran?  
1882 21 Feb Gallagher, Frank Clogherdillure Gallagher, James Clogherdillure Boyle, Catherine Glennahilt Boyle, Frank Glennahilt  
1882 20 Feb Gallagher, George ? Gallagher, John ? Sharkey, Nappy Mullagduff Sharkey, John Mullaghduff  
1882 9 Mar Gallagher, John Arlands Gallagher, John Arlands Doherty, Mary Cruit Doherty, James Cruit  
1883 13 Mar Gallagher, Joseph Aranmore Gallagher, Hugh Aranmore O'Donnell, Frances Sheskinarone O'Donnell, Denis Sheskinarone 4 & 4 
1879 23 Feb Gallagher, Michael Fallagowan Gallagher, Frank Fallagowan McCauley, Bridget Fallagowan McCauley, John Ballintra  
1882 12 Feb Gallagher, Michael Arlands Gallagher, Michael Arlands Sharkey, Mary Meenagowna Sharkey, John Keadew  
1881 24 Feb Gallagher, Neil Acres Gallagher, Anthony Acres Boner, Biddy Meenmore Boner, Paddy Meenmore  
1884 20 Feb Gallagher, Patrick Rinnafarset Gallagher, Philip Rinnafarset Boyle, Frances Rinafarset Boyle, Daniel Rinafarset  
1882 21 Feb Gillespie, Anthony Braade Gillespie, Anthony Braade McBride, Biddy Rin? McBride, Tim ?  
1882 21 Feb Harley, Bryan Braade Harley, Charles Braade Duggan, Margaret Kin? (Mullaghderg) Duggan, Bartly Kin? (Mullaghderg)  
1879 16 Feb Harley, James Braade Harley, Paddy Braade O'Donnell, Mary Rinahuhal (Rannagh?) O'Donnell, John Rannagh?  
1879 8 Feb Harley, John Derrynamansher Harley, John Derrynamansher Harley, Bridget Derrynamansher Harley, Owen Derrynamansher
1879 9 Feb Healy, Frank Annagary Healy, Connell Annagary Duggan, Rose Meenderrynasloe Duggan, Connell Meenderrynasloe 2 & 3 
1879 10 Feb Kerr, Hugh Derrydruel? Kerr, Charles Derrydruel? Ward, Mary Roshin Ward, Hugh Roshin 3 & 4 
1881 7 Feb Kerr, John Derrydruel? Kerr, Charles Derrydruel? O'Donnell, Mary Milltown O'Donnell, Charles Milltown  
1880 21 Jul McBride, Thomas Middle Town, Gweedore McBride, Hugh Middle Town, Gweedore Boyle, Catherine Burtonport Boyle, Hugh Burtonport  
1879 12 Feb McCafferty, Owen Derrynamansher McCafferty, Denis Derrynamansher McGarvey, Mary Rinnafarset McGarvey, Hugh Rinnafarset 3 & 4 
1884 30 Jan McCarron, Philip Toberkeen McCarron, Bernard Toberkeen Boyle, Anne Rutland Island Boyle, Michael Rutland Island  
1879 8 Feb McCauley, James Derrycross? McCauley, Hugh Derryamaday? Ward, Cecilia Kinballycruey Ward, John Kinballycruey  
1881 27 Feb McCole, James Acres McCole, Charles Acres O'Donnell, Ellen ? O'Donnell, James ?  
1882 20 Mar McColl, Bernard Keadew McColl, Neil Keadew Boyle, Mary Keadew O'Donnell, Charles Keadew  
1883 15 Dec McColl, Neal/Daniel? Bunawillin McColl, Michael Bunawillin Bonar, Margaret Meenbannad Bonar, John Meenbannad  
1879 20 Mar McDermott, Peter Dungloe McDermott, James   Boyle, Maggy Dungloe Boyle, Condy Dungloe  
1881 20 Feb McFadden, John Dore McFadden, John Dore McBride, Margaret Meenderrynasloe McBride, Thomas Meenderrynasloe  
1882 19 Mar McGarvey, ? Gweedore McGarvey, William Gweedore Gallagher, Anne Owey Gallagher, Charles Owey  
1882 21 Feb McGarvey, Hugh Rinnafarset McGarvey, Bryan Rinafarset Boyle, Rose Calhame Boyle, Hugh Calhame  
1882 21 Feb McGeady, Hugh Glentornan McGeady, Pat Glentornan McGonagle, Ellen Owey McGonagle, Andrew Owey  
1883 5 Dec McGinty, Hugh Loughnamoran? McGinty,Edward Glenfin Boyle, Rose Rinanamore? Boyle, Patrick Rinanamore?  
1884 7 Feb McGriddy, Michael Dungloe McGriddy, Dominick Rathmullan Gallagher, Susan Loughanarran? Gallagher, Hugh Loughnamoran?  
1881 8 May McNelis, Andrew Acres McNelis, Cormick Acres McLoone, Mary Acres McLoone, Peter Port new?  
1879 28 Nov Molloy, Daniel Ballintra Molloy, Paddy Ballintra Coll, Nancy Illion Coll, Paddy Illion  
1881 28 Feb Mooney, John Aranmore Mooney, Thomas Aranmore Boyle, Hanora Aranmore Boyle, Neil Aranmore  
1882 24 Feb O'Donnell, Bernard Annagary O'Donnell, Bryan Annagary Duggan, Ellen Annagary Duggan, John Annagary 3 & 3 
1880 30 Mar O'Donnell, Charles Ballintra O'Donnell, Neil Ballintra Gallagher, Biddy Ballintra Gallagher, Anthony Ballintra  
1883 19 Jun O'Donnell, Charles Cruickaghmore O'Donnell, Anthony Cruickaghmore O'Donnell, Rose Cruickaghmore O'Donnell, John Sheskinarone  
1881 23 Feb O'Donnell, Connell Plughoge? O'Donnell, Daniel Plughoge? Boyle, Biddy Leabgarrow Boyle, Neil Leabgarrow  
1883 10 Jul O'Donnell, Cornelius Meenmore O'Donnell, Patrick Meenmore O'Donnell, Naba Acres O'Donnell, John Nesbit's Bay 3 & 3 
1882 15 Jul O'Donnell, Hugh Mullaghduff O'Donnell, James Mullaghduff McBride, Margaret Cruit McBride, James Cruit  
1881 8 Feb O'Donnell, James Loughanan? O'Donnell, James Loughanan? Boner, Anne Meenderrynasloe Boner, Hugh Meenderrynasloe  
1883 3 Apr O'Donnell, James Cruit O'Donnell, James Cruit O'Donnell, Rose Meenbannad? O'Donnell, Daniel Meenbannad? 4 & 4 
1883 29 Jul O'Donnell, John Mullaghduff O'Donnell, Michael Mullaghduff Gallagher, Sara Mullaghduff Gallagher, Charles Mullaghduff  
1884 19 Feb O'Donnell, John Loughnamoran? O'Donnell, Peter Loughnamoran? O'Donnell, Bridget Annagary O'Donnell, Bernard Annagary  
1881 24 Feb O'Donnell, Lewis Brockagh O'Donnell, John Brockagh O'Donnell, Fanny Leckenagh O'Donnell, Frank Leckenagh  
1881 28 Feb O'Donnell, Manus Cruit O'Donnell, James Cruit Crossan?, Hanora Belcruit Crossan?, James ?  
1883 27 Mar O'Donnell, Michael Miltown O'Donnell, Michael Miltown O'Donnell, Rose Meenmore O'Donnell, John Meenmore 4 & 4 
1881 26 Feb O'Donnell, Neil Rinnafarset O'Donnell, Paddy Rinafarset McCafferty, Biddy Derrynamansher McCafferty, Denis Derrynamansher  
1879 11 Feb O'Donnell, Paddy Aphort O'Donnell, Owen Aphort McCauly, Mary Aphort McCauly, Shane Aphort 3 & 4 
1883 6 Feb O'Donnell, Patrick Inishfree O'Donnell, John Inishfree Bonar, Hanorah Acres Bonar, Charles Acres 4 & 4 
1882 20 Feb Peoples, John Gola Peoples, William Gola Rodgers, Mary Kincaslough Rodgers, Andrew Kincaslough  
1881 12 Mar Sharkey, Daniel Roshin Sharkey, James Roshin Ward, Anne Cloghglass Ward, Charles Cloghglass 3 & 3 
1882 31 Jan Sharkey, Dominick Mullaghduff Sharkey, John Mullaghduff Boyle, Alice Keadew Boyle, Neil Keadew  
1884 8 Feb Sharkey, John Bunaman? Sharkey, John Bunaman? Ferry, Grace Cruickaghmore Ferry, Daniel Cruickaghmore  
1881 28 Feb Sharkey, Manus Annagary Sharkey, Frank Annagary O'Donnell, Mary Cruit O'Donnell, James Cruit  
1881 21 Feb Sharkey, Patrick Annagary Sharkey, Charles Annagary Gallagher, Agnis Cruickaghmore Gallagher, Manus Cruickaghmore  
1881 1 Mar Sharkey, Patrick Keadew Sharkey, Denis Keadew Sharkey, Biddy Cruit Sharkey, Pat Cruit 3 & 3 
1882 16 Feb Sweeney, Anthony Cruickaghmore Sweeney, Edward Cruickaghmore Sharkey, Sarah Meenmore Sharkey, Anthony Meenmore  
1880 16 Dec Sweeney, James   Sweeney, Owen Loughsalt Boyle, Grace Acres Boyle, Ned Milltown  
1883 22 Feb Sweeney, James Glendowan (Gartan) Sweeney, James Glendowan (Gartan) Sweeney, Bridget Acres Sweeney, Hugh Acres  
1881 8 Feb Sweeney, Patrick Meenmore Sweeney, Daniel Meenmore Boyle, Kate Milltown Boyle, Charles Milltown 4
1883 23 Jun Tolan, Hugh Dungloe Tolan, Michael Dungloe O'Donnell, Rose Meenbannad O'Donnell, John Meenbannad  
1879 20 Mar Ward, Cornelius Rutland Ward, Manus Rutland Rogers, Anne Rutland Rogers, Patrick Rutland  
1879 4 Feb Ward, Frank Aphort Ward, Hugh Aphort O'Donnell, Mary Plughoge O'Donnell, Daniel Plughoge  
1879 1 Feb Ward, Harry Keadew Ward, Patrick Keadew Duffy, Mary Annagary Duffy, Charles Annagary  
1879 3 Feb Ward, John Aphort Ward, Hugh Aphort Boyle, Bridget Inishkecragh? Boyle, Daniel Fallagowan  
1881 2 May Ward, John Roshin Ward, Hugh Roshin Campbell, Bridget Glennahilt Campbell, Daniel Glennahilt 3 & 4 
1882 7 Feb Ward, John Cloghglass Ward, Charles Cloghglass Duggan, Ellen Calhame Duggan, Condy Calhame 3 & 4 
1879 8 Feb Ward, John Kinballycruey Ward, John Kinballycruey Harley, Betty Braade Harley, Biddy Braade  
1883 17 Jun Ward, John Clogherdillure Ward, Neal Clogherdillure Ward, Cecilia Clogherdillure Ward, Teague Clogherdillure 3 & 3 
1883 7 Apr Ward, Patrick Keadew Upper Ward, John Keadew Upper Sweeney, Mary Keadew Upper Sweeney, Daniel Keadew Upper 4 & 4 
1879 9 Feb Welch, James Sheskinarone Welch, Daniel Sheskinarone McColl, Sara Sheskinarone McColl, Daniel Sheskinarone  


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