Blacksmiths registered in Donegal 1833-1843

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This list of blacksmiths is taken from “A Return from the Clerk of the Peace of Every County in Ireland, of the names and places of abode of every Blacksmith whose forge has been registered, and who has received a Licence at quarter Session, during the last 10 years”, British Houses of Commons Sessional Papers, 1843, Vol L, page 51.

         The list gives names and residences. The list for Donegal is the longest included in the Sessional Papers, and includes 82 names. Some counties of Ireland have no Blacksmiths listed as registered at all, which does not mean that there where no blacksmiths in those counties, they may not have been registered, or the local adminstration may not have bothered with registration. There may also have been more Blacksmiths in Donegal than those mentioned on this list.       

No Name Location
1  Andrew Allen     Coolatee
2  John Allen         Ballyburn
3  John Anderson     Churchhill
4  Michael Burns        Ballylennon
5  Richard Benson     Manor Cunningham
6  John Begley          Magheradrummond
7  William Bradley      Mallins
8  James Carland      Drummuckla
9  James Coll           Trainbuoy
10  Daniel Coll         Ballybolother
11  James Conan    Tamney
12  Neal Carr          Darney
13  Hugh Donnell    Maghrehee
14 Cormick Devin   Prucklish
15  Michael Doherty     Ramallin
16  Patrick Doherty                     Umgal
17  Hugh Doherty                        Beltrim
18  William Doak                         Beltany
19  Hugh Doherty                        Monreagh
20  Samuel Ewing                    Inch
21  James Friel                        Raphoe
22  Benjamin Forsyth               Raphoe
23  Owen Farran                      Mallin
24  Robert Fairman                  Ballinacart
25  Bernard Green                       Raphoe
26  Philip Gallagher                     Carnmallen
27  Daniel Gallagher                    Buncrana
28  Charles Gallagher                 Cranny
29  Hugh Harkin            Convoy
30  Thomas Howley       Raphoe
31  Patrick Harkin               Glenmakee
32  John Harraty                   Carn
33  James Hagan                Churchtown
34  Cormick Higgins     Killybegs
35  Owen Higgins       Killybegs
36 William Joseph  Muff
37  Daniel Keeve          Ballehan
38 James Killy   Gortness
39 James Kerr           Kenduil
40  Patrick Kearney       Lisk
41  John Lockhart          Rooskey
42  William Lockhart       Kishends
43  Stephen Logen          Carnmallen
44  William Lockhart    Castlehill
45  Samuel Martin        Raphoe
46  David Monteith      Kiltown
47  Neal Mulloy              Ballykillone
48  John Miller                    Aught
49  James Miller                        Muff
50  Dennis Morrin                   Buncrana
51  George Miller                   Castlereagh
52  Daniel McShane            Raphoe
53  William McBeth                Drumbuoy
54  Andrew McConnell           Raphoe
55  James McElure              Shannon
56  James McDonnell           Priest town
57  James McHugh                 Gortgranny
58  James McConnell              Legnathraw
59  James McGrath                Newtown Cunningham
60 James McCoy                   St John's Town
61  Hugh McGrath                Newton Cunningham
62  Robert McNaught           Edenmore
63  Joseph McNaught             Ballinacor
64  James McDade                Drumacanow
65  Darby McGinley                Duntinney
66  Alexander McGlasson        Ray
67  Neal McGallion                 Drumcarbet
68  Brian McGeoghan            Caldaff
69  Edward McGeoghan       Glacknabraid
70  Brian McGeoghan           Carn
71  Patrick McCallion           Drumaskey
72  James McGlaughlin       Ballyloskey
73  Patrick McGlaughlin      Urbalreagh
74  Hugh McGlaughlin          Glengach
75  Patrick McGlaughlin      Inch
76  Mark O'Donnell             Convoy
77  Henry Robinson                   Oakfield
78  George Stanitt                     Lifford
79  Daniel Shuey                       Carn
80  Solomon Todd                     Ramullin
81 Joseph Wark  Bridgend
82  William Wiley                       Derryvane
Submitted by James Cochran, Clerk of the Peace, 5th June 1843.


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