Headstone Inscriptions, Old Burt Graveyard, Castlecooly, Co Donegal


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These are all the readable headstones, aside from one. There are also a few which may be able to be partially transcribed.

Of the rest, it is difficult to say how many there are as they are either buried in the ground or in brambles)


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 In Loving Memory of

Matthew Best, Bogay

Died 27th April 1913 aged 65 years

Also Sarah Ann wife of above

Died 23rd Nov 1937 aged 81 years


In Loving Memory of


Beloved wife of

Matthew Best, Bogay

Died 29th July 1887 aged 37 years


(Double headstone, located inside the old church)





Carrowreagh, Burt.



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Canning

Died 26th May 1918

Also his mother

Mary Jane

Who died 3rd May 1934

Also his father

William Canning

Who died 27th Feb 1940




In Memory of

John, Margaret and Richard

Children of Andrew and Mary Cuningham

Also Andrew Cuningham

Who died Aug 31st 1843 aged 84 years

Mary his wife

Died Sep 31st 1859 aged 82 years

Elizabeth Cuningham

Died Sep 2nd 1874 aged 63 years

Mary Cuningham

Died 1st Jan 1883 aged 75

Susan Macky

Died 9th May 1887 aged 70

Jane Cuningham

Died 15th May 1894 aged 83




In Memory of

John Cuningham

Obiit 25th Nov 1812 aged 27? years

Mary wife of

Richd Cuninngham

Obiit 1821 aged 52 years

Richard Cuningham

Obiit 1834 aged 89 years


RHS of above stone

Susan Cuningham

Obiit 7th Dec 1867 aged 78 years

Anne wife of Hugh Cuningham, M.D.

Obiit 21st June 1869 aged 77 years

Hugh Cuningham, M.D.

Obiit 6th Sep 1878 aged 84? years

(headstone supplied by S. Hunter, Waterside, Derry)



Top of stone broken off

…….March the 25 : 17?? Aged 68 years

Also the body of John Cuningham, Jun

Who departed this life

January the 6 : 1765 aged 70 years

Also……… (rest faded)


(located inside the old church)




In Loving Memory of the





William Laird died 15 Jan 1886

Interred Monday 18 Jan 1886 at 10am


See Death Notice



In Loving Memory of

John Maxwell

Born at Drumbo, Co. Down 28th July 1858

Died at Sharon House, Co. Donegal, 21st August 1???

Also his wife Rebecca

Born 23rd December 1866 died 1st December 1943

And his nephew

Samuel Scott Buchanan

Born 27th July 1900 died 30th May 1967

Knits up the revelled sleeves

Of care-balm of hurt minds



Erected in Memory of

Fanny McCrory

Who died 15th March 1911 aged 50 years



In Loving Memory of

William McCrory

Died 22nd April 1949

Also his wife Margaret

Died 15th March 1953????

Also their grandson

Wm Samuel McElhinney

Died 23rh May 1945 aged 4 years

(stone fallen and cracked, located inside the old church)




In Loving Memory of

William A McKemie Buchanan, Bridgetown, Burt

Born 8th March 1891 died 25th July 1977

Also his wife Margaret Agnes

Born 17th July 1902 died 19th Feb 1986

The lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

The MOORE Family

Carrowreagh & Portlough



Here are deposited in hope of blessed

Resurrection to Eternal life the mortal remains of

The Revd. Cunningham Porter

Who departed this life the

25th January 1819 aged 58 years

(Biblical verse of St. John underneath)




Erected in Memory of

John Porter

Who died Nov 8th 1896 aged 90 years



In Memory of

William Porter, Ballymoney

Who died 8th May 1879 aged 83 years

Also his wife

Mary Anne Lockhart

Who died 27th March 1879 aged 85 years

Also their Daughter

Martha Smith

Who died 28th Jan 1899 aged 71 years

And their son

William Porter

Who died 12th Sept 1914 aged 85 years

Also their daughter

Mary A Smith

Died 3rd June 1926 aged 89 years

At Rest

Erected by the surviving members of their families

William, James, Ellen and Mary Anne


(located inside the old church)




Erected in Memory of

Thomas Robinson

Who died 12th Feb 1893 aged 37 years



In Loving Memory of

James Scott, Bridgetown, Burt

Who died 14th July 1871

Also his wife Rebecca

Died 23rd Feb 1894

And their son William

Died 24th April 1918

His wife Annie Ferguson

Died 20th April 1923

And their daughter Elizabeth

Died 3rd March 1922

Also her husband Thomas Ferguson

Died 18th? Oct 1923

Also their son James Scott

Died 16th October 1937

Alice Scott

Died 13th May 1947

Letitia Scott

Died 28th February 1954



Erected in Memory of

James Speers, Deerpark

Who died 15th Octr 1859 aged 72 years

Also his wife Catherine Young

Who died 22nd July 1878 aged 84 years

Also their daughter Catherine

Wife of John Dean

Who died 20th August 1883 aged 52 years

Also their son James

Who died 22nd November 1906 aged 80 years

Also the above John Dean

Who died 6th May 1914 aged 78 years

And his children

William died 5th April 1917

Mary died 31st March 1931

John Guy died 12th June 1939

Lizzie died 10th April 1940

James died 4th Dec 1941




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