Deaths in the Registrar's District of Burt, Inch and Upper Fahan

Jan - Mar 1865

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Yr Date Place of Death Surname Given Age Occupation Cause of Death Informant Informant Residence
1865 22 Feb Grange, Burt Clark Jane 7 Labourers Child Foreign Substance in Stomach, 1 mth Mary Clark, mother Grange, Burt
1864 17 Dec Glack, Inch Crossen John 84 Widower, Labourer Paralysis, 10days John Fleming Glack, Inch Island
1865 6 Feb Cashel, Fahan Doherty Mary 81 Labourer's wife General debility, 10 yrs John Doherty, son Cashel, Fahan
1865 23 Feb Grange, Inch Island Doherty Nancy 73 Labourer's widow General debililty, 12 mths Biddy Doherty, dau Grange, Inch Island
1865 16 Jan Bunnamayne, Burt Duffy Ann 65 Widow, Labourer's wife Bronchitis, 3 wks Edward Duffy, son Bunnamayne, Burt
1865 28 Jan Speenoge, Burt Dunn Martha 53 Labourer's wife ?, 14 years Eliza Dunn, dau Speenoge, Burt
1865 17 Mar Grange, Inch Durnion Charles Farmer's child Spinal disease, 3 yrs Charles Durnion, father Grange, Inch
1865 4 Feb Creeslough, Fahan Faulkner Sarah Ann Farmer's child Pertusis, 3 mths William Faulkner, father Creeslough, Fahan
1865 11 Jan Manustown, Burt Graham Jane 86 Farmer's Widow General Infirmity 6yrs Henry Hogg, occupier Manustown, Burt
1865 12 Mar Benault, Ballynakilly, Inch island Hagan John 56 Bachelor, labourer General anasarea, 3 mths William Green, occupier Benault, Ballynakilly, Inch island
1865 12 Jan Upper Bohillion, Burt Hay Isabella 65 Spinster, farmer's dau Chronic Bronchitis, 1 yr John Hay, brother Upper Bohillion, Burt
1865 18 Jan Manustown, Burt Hogg Pricilla 2 Farmer's child Pertusis, 3days Henry Hogg, father Manustown, Burt
1865 30 Jan Speenoge, Burt Inch Sarah 70 Widow, Labourer's wife Influenza & cardiac disease 3 wks Sarah Boyson, dau Speenoge, Burt
1864 11 Nov Ballymoney, Burt McAteer John 5mths Labourer's child Dentit?, 2 mths Rose McAteer, mother Ballymoney, Burt
1864 15 Dec Manustown, Burt McClintock Sarah 84 Spinster, small grocer General infirmity, 3 yrs Henry Hogg, occupier Manustown, Burt
1864 25 Dec Bunnamayne, Burt McGonigle James 23 Bachelor, Shoemaker Phthisis, 3 yrs Michael McGonigle, father Bunnamayne, Burt
1865 5 Mar Speenoge, Burt McIlwee William 56 Labourer Diabetes, 4 mths Ann McIlwee, daughter Speenoge, Burt
1865 11 Mar Toobin, Fahan McLaughlin Cornelius 64 Shoemaker Bronchitis, 8 days Andrew McLaughlin, son Toobin, Fahan
1865 10 Feb Calhame, Letter, Fahan McLaughlin Nancy 62 Small Farmer's wife Aseitis, 1 yr Christy Ann Walker, dau Mill?, Fahan
1865 21 Feb Cashel, Fahan McLaughlin Neil 45 Bachelor, Tailor Cancer, 6 yrs Hugh McLaughlin, brother Cashel, Fahan
1865 29 Jan Castlehill, Burt McLaughlin Sarah 78 Spinster, Servant Diarrhoea 8 days Eliza Campbell, occupier Castlehill, Burt
1864 26 Dec Rosehill, Fahan Watt Joseph 8 Labourer's child Ana?, 3 mths Rebecca Watt, mother Rosehill, Fahan
1865 2 Jan Manustown, Burt Wiley Robert 77 Weaver General debility, 14 yrs Jane Wiley, wife Manustown, Burt



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