Roulstons of Castlethird

Submitted by Bernie


Eleanor Roulston was born around 1834,  the daughter of Alexander Roulston, Trentamucklagh.


From my understanding she had the following known siblings:

1. Eliza who married James Wright of Ardagh on 1st January 1857 in St. Johnston Presbyterian Church.

2. Matilda who married Samuel Park of Knockbrack, Parish of Leck on 14th April 1864 in St. Johnston Presbyterian Church.

3. Alexander who married Rebecca Vance of Momeen in 1st Ballylennon on 14th June 1877.


Eleanor  married William Roulston bc1810 Castlethird ?? on 13th November 1862, Monreagh Presbyterian Church.  William died 7th November 1882.  William was the son of James.


Their children:

1. Mary born 25 Sep 1863 married James Roulston son of John, Ardagh, 15 Oct 1891, Crossroads Pres (they show in the 1901 and 1911 census for Ardagh)

2. Alexander born 3 Nov 1865 (as with brother John James, below, doesnít show a date but both appear in Griffith's on the family farm until 1906 when another brother Andrew (below

   took over.)

3. John James born 6 Jul 1867 (as with Alexander above, their father had died in 1889 so I am sure they had to help in the family farm at some stage.  I am not sure if either married)

4. William born 6 Nov 1869 , I know nothing further about him.

5. Lillian born  3 Jun 1872,  married Robert Porter, Derry 30 Sep 1879, Monreagh Pres

6. Andrew born 25 Dec 1874 (appears in Monreagh baptism records as Alexander) married Annie Gillespie.

7. Matilda/Martha born 19 Jun 1877 (appears in Monreagh baptism records as John!) married John Gamble 9 Jul 1903 Monreagh.  John Gamble was the son of Thomas Gamble b

   1815 Lismoughery.  Thomas Gamble who was the son of William, Ardagh, married Mary Roulston bc 1824.  Mary was the daughter of John Roulston, Glentown.  Believe him to be

   the same John who is buried in Taubhboyne Church of Ireland.  John Roulston died 12th August 1845 aged 65 years. 


Until further info is known William Roulston b 1810 seems to have taken over the land from the John Roulston, who appears in Griffith's for Castlethird.  But, I donít think William was born there.  John may have been his uncle or another relative, not his father unless there is a mistake in the records I have looked at (which is quite possible).  William would fit in with the family of a James and Margaret Roulston who were living in Corngamble, but I donít know for sure.