Coastguard Births and Baptisms, Co Donegal

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Mother given

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Always Cecil Henry Birth Jan 6th 1907 Frank Beatrice Hillman Burtonport
Amsden Henry Howard Birth Jun 1882 William Edward Susan E Amsden Moville
Amsden John Howard Birth Oct 29 1880 William Edward Susan E Amsden Moville
Amsden William Richard Birth May 30 1879 William Edward Susan E Amsden Moville
Anderson Lilly Jane Birth Mar 17 1877 Charles Ellen Anne Billing Magheraroarty
Ashmore Dorothea Isabel Birth Jan 12th 1905 Frederick Minnie  Parks Port Kinnigoe
Bailey  John Thomas Birth Sept 9th 1870 Charles Jane Butler Ballyhoo
Baker  Dorothy Birth Sept 11th 1870 William Henry Harriett Goode Magheraroarty
Baker Edith May Birth Nov 6th 1906 Alfred Kate Baker Magheraroarty
Baker Kathleen Ada Birth Jun 5th 1905 William Henry Harriett Goode Magheraroarty
Baker Mary B Birth Sept 19th 1868 Joseph Mary Manbury Inniscoo
Baker Sydney Birth Jul 23rd 1908 Alfred Kate Annells Magheraroarty
Ball Jeanne Olivia Birth Sept 8th 1913 Charles Rebecca Isabel Morrow Signal stn Malinmore
Banks Violet Patricia Elizabeth Birth Jul 27th 1907 George Cecily Wright Arranmore Ireland
Barkham John Baptism Aug 16th 1842 John Margaret Barkham Teelin
Barnes Isabella Birth Nov 13th 1883 George Henry Ann Barnes Sheephaven
Barrett Helen Louisa Birth Oct 7th 1888 Charles H Martha E Barrett Bunbeg
Barrett William John Birth May 18th 1886 Charles H Martha E Barrett Bunbeg
Bates Florence Hilda Birth Dec 22nd 1905 George Elizabeth Fisher Bonagee
Bausby Elizabeth Maude Birth Aug 5th 1901 Arthur W Elizabeth Gray Teelin
Beaumont Daisy Sophia Birth Dec 23rd 1897 Thomas Sophie Beaumont Bunbeg
Beaumont Edith May Birth Feb 19th 1899 Thomas Sophie Beaumont Bunbeg
Beckerley Isabella F Birth Nov 18th 1867 Thomas Mary Kerwick Inniscoo
Bell Eliza Jane Birth Jun 2nd 1867 William Henry Elizabeth Hudson Crohy Head
Bell Maria Anne Birth Oct 22nd 1865 William Elizabeth Hudson Inniscoo
Bennett Angelina Birth Feb 4th 1867 Joseph Margaret Thomas Inniscoo
Bennett Charles William Birth Dec 25th 1893 William Henry Elizabeth Williams Malinmore
Bennett Henry Birth Oct 31st 1895 William Henry Elizabeth Williams Malinmore
Bennett Larisa Birth Dec 28th 1869 Henry Bennett Mary Ramsay Greencastle
Bentley Harry Birth Jul 10th 1903 James Enoch Elizabeth Gray Teelin
Bentley Ida Elizabeth Birth May 27th 1901 James Enoch Elizabeth Gray Teelin
Bentley James Enoch Bentley Birth Oct 3rd 1898 James Enoch Elizabeth Gray Kinnegar
Bew  Charles Henry Birth May 13th 1869 Charles Elizabeth Wright Moville
Bond William Henry Birth Jun 21st 1869 George Elizabeth Bond Moville
Boucher Alfred Henry  Birth Oct 26th 1900 William Louisa Maynard Boucher Bunbeg
Boucher Dorothy L Birth Jan 5th 1902 William Louisa Maynard Boucher Bunbeg
Bowe Albert Birth Jun 12th 1871 Charles Elizabeth Wright Moville
Boyd Lydia Birth May 19th 1869 William Rebecca  Harris Rockhill
Boyd Martha Mary Birth May 25th 1870 William Rebecca Harris Rathmullen
Britain Iveagh Kathleen Birth Oct 18th 1905 Edward Gregory Jane Britain Magheraroarty
Browne Elizabeth Baptism Mar 4th 1832 John Elizabeth Browne Glencolumbkille
Brusby Edgar Birth Jul 14th 1903 Arthur William Elizabeth Gray Teelin
Buchanan Walter John Birth Apr 30th 1904 Walter Robert Edith Buchanan Bunbeg
Bunyan William James Birth Aug 24th 1870 John Ellen Quigley Buncrana
Burke James Patrick Birth Nov 9th 1870 Bernard Anna Sweeney Balyshannon
Caddye Alfred Henry Birth Aug 31st 1900 Robert Mary Anne Caddye Bunbeg
Chadwick Maud Gertrude Birth Oct 12th 1896 Henry Annie Dunn Teelin
Chapman Albert Nelson Birth Nov 4th 1885 William Maria Chapman Teelin
Chapman Myra Isabella Birth May 3rd 1887 William James Mary Elizabeth Chapman Teelin
Chestnut Hannah Baptism Aug 3rd 1831 William Susannah Chestnut Braid
Churchill Edith Mary Ann Birth Feb 14th 1880 George Elizabeth  Stratton Malinmore
Churchill Florence Emily Birth Dec 6th 1883 George Elizabeth Stratton Malinmore
Churchill George William Birth May 14th 1887 George Elizabeth Stratton Malinmore
Churchill Lilly Edele Birth Jun 9th 1885 George Elizabeth Stratton Malinmore
Cleveland Louisa Baptism Jan 26 1846 George Mary Anne Cleveland Magheraroarty
Cleveland William Baptism Jan 5th 1851 George Mary Anne Cleveland Teelin
Cobb Ellen Birth Oct 16th 1877 Richard Elizabeth Brooks Teelin
Cobb Louise Baptism Sept 6th 1882 Richard Elizabeth  Brooks Teelin
Coit Edwin Thomas Birth Aug 27th 1870 William Mary Anne Hooper Moville
Cole Francis Richard Baptism Dec 29th 1887 William Harriett Cole Bunbeg
Collings Beatrice Mabel Birth Jan 4th 1871 William Sara Ann Shapter Malin
Collins Augustus Charles Baptism Oct 10th 1898 Augustus Minnie Collins Ballyness
Collins Emily Baptism Sept 29th 1883 John Emily Stafford Caden Magheraroarty
Collins Katheen Birth Jan 5th 1906 John Kate Crowley Magheraroarty
Collins Robert J A Baptism Oct 17th 1885 Augustus Minnie Collins Bunbeg
Collins William James Baptism Jan 29th 1888 Augustus Minnie Collins Bunbeg
Collis Christopher Baptism Jul 29th 1888 Augustus Minnie Collins Bunbeg
Collis Christopher Baptism Jul 29 1838 John Elizabeth  Collis Malinbeg
Connell Daniel Birth Nov 21st 1869 Robert Mary Jane McLaughlin Culdaff / Malin
Connor Edward James Birth May 11th 1871 Edward Ann  Gillespie Moville
Courtis Frederick John Birth Feb 14th 1873 Richard Henry ? Keelan Killybegs
Courtney William Birth Jun 24th 1870 Patrick Elizabeth Savage Buncrana
Cox Alfred Baptism Sept 9th 1893 Joseph Caroline Perry Malinmore
Cox Ida Maria Baptism Oct 3rd 1891 Joseph Caroline Perry Malinmore
Crawford Elizabeth Alice Baptism Jul 29th 1829 John Sarah Walker Malinmore
Cross Cecil Lawrence Birth Aug 24th 1903 James Alice Cross Moville
Crowley Daniel Birth Jul 17th 1871 Daniel Mary Donoghue Bonagee
Currie Elizabeth Baptism Feb 12th 1829 James Catherine Blane Malinmore
Curry William Baptism Mar 5th 1832 James Catherine Curry Glencolumbkille
Cusick Thomas Birth Mar 31st 1871 Thomas Lydia Manby Teelin
Dailey George Johnson Birth Jun 23rd 1869 William Lavinia Howe Portnoo
Daly Henry Johnson Birth Jul 19th 1867 William Lavinia Howe Inniscoo
Dare Melvina Jane Birth Jun 14th 1870 Samuel Elizabeth Adelaide Stoyle Bunbeg
Dare William Knapman Birth Aug 25th 1865 Samuel Elizabeth Adelaide Stoyle Inniscoo
Davis female Birth Jul 13th 1870 Benjamin Mary Evans Malin
Denes Joseph Patrick Birth Jul 7th 1870 John Mary Young Malin
Dennis Lavinia Baptism Sept 25th 1858 William Anne Williams Magheraroarty
Dennis Rhoda Anne Baptism Jun 16th 1856 William Anne Williams Magheraroarty
Depre Margaret Birth Jan 19th 1870 Charles Frances Watts Rockhill
Depre Peter Birth Jul 23rd 1872 Charles Frances Watts Arranmore Is
Depre William Birth Jul15th 1871 Charles Frances Watts Poolawaddy
Dolan John Patrick Birth Feb 15th 1879 William M Watts Innistrahull
Down Elizabeth Birth Sept 24th 1872 Thomas Hannah Jury Inniscoo
Down Thomas Birth Jul 2nd 1870 Thomas Hannah Jury Rockhill
Down William John Birth Jul 22nd 1871 Thomas Hannah Jury Rockhill
Elms Anna Maria Birth Dec 5th 1870 James Ellen Pelty  
Endecote Charlotte Maria Birth Dec 12th 1871 John Jane  Endecote Dunfanaghy
Endecote John Isaac Birth Dec 11th 1885 John Jane Endecote Teelin
Evans Catherine Birth Oct 16th 1881 Richard Catherine Evans Bunbeg
Fagg Violet Irene Baptism Jul 20th 1898 John Elizabeth Annie Brown Teelin
Falkner Thomas Birth Jun 27th 1869 George Mary Falkner Ramelton
Fisher Elizabeth Anne Birth Dec 8th 1869 Michael Isabella Greaves Greencastle
Flanagan Patrick John Birth Sept 19th 1870 Timothy Ann  Kirby Portnoo
Flemming Julia Birth Mar 7th 1867 James Mary Sweeney Magheraroarty
Flemming Mary Birth Jul 14th 1865 James Mary Sweeney Magheraroarty
Flood William Henry Birth Jul 10th 1871 Daniel Mary Ann Galsworthy Inniscoo
Flynn Agnes Birth Mar 1st 1870 Michael Rose Ann Carr Ardara
Ford Elizabeth Birth May 4th 1870 George Ellen Flinn Rathmullan
Ford Esther Francis died Jan 12th 1876 Birth Apr 5th 1874 James Ellen Flinn Magheraroarty
Frost Alfred Edward Birth Dec 6th 1881 Richard Mary Jane Frost Malinmore
Frost Delilah A J Birth Feb 9th 1880 Richard Mary Jane Frost Malinmore
Frost Elizabeth HM / died Dec 2nd 1880 Birth Jan 24 1878 Richard Mary Jane Frost Malinmore
Frost John Edward / died Dec 8th 1880 Birth Nov 6 1874 Richard Mary Frost Teelin
Frost Lucinda Birth May 24th 1869 Richard Mary Jane Harson Ballyhoo
Gannon Peter Birth Jun 13 1870 Patrick Mary Stedford Ballyhoo
Garvelland Anne Baptism Jul 10th 1832 T Mary Ewing Malinbeg
Gibbons Edith Maud Baptism Sept 25th 1895 George William Laura Ford Teelin
Gibbons George William Baptism Sept18th 1894 George William .Laura Ford Teelin
Gildea Dora Birth Dec 2 1869 Peter Mary Plunkett Portnoo
Gover Ursula Phoebe Baptism Nov 30 1885 William George Ursula Gover Moville
Gray Alfred John Birth May 21st 1906 Frederick John Mabel Tyler Ballyness
Gray Frederick John Birth Dec 11th 1903 Frederick John Mabel Tyler Magheraroarty
Gray Mabel Florence Baptism Mar 31st 1898 Frederick John Mabel Tyler Magheraroarty
Green Hilda Birth Oct 20 1878 Garnham Fanny Green Moville
Green Robert Baptism Aug 5 1886 Garnham Fanny Green Portnoo
Greer Emily Birth May 30th 1870 Charles Frances Stark Portnoo
Greer Hannah Birth Oct 22nd 1868 Charles Frances Greer Malinmore
Greer James Baptism Jan 31st 1842 James Anne  Greer Teelin
Greer Jane Francis Baptism Jan 16th 1858 Charles Jane Herk Magheraroarty
Greer Thomas Benjamin Birth Sept 13th 1865 Charles Frances Greer Malinmore
Gumbrell Olive Mary Birth Jan 12th 1906 Henry Vesey Ellen Campbell Teelin
Haggis Charles Birth Mar 7th 1871 George William Lizzy  Howard Malinmore
Hall George V Baptism Jun 1st 1828 George Susan Hill Malinbeg
Halliday Arthur Harold Baptism Mar 25 1893 William Mark Selena Young Teelin
Halliday Charles Baptism Jun 27 1890 William Mark Selena Young Teelin
Halliday William Francis Baptism Apr 9 1889 William Mark Selena Young Teelin
Harris Albert Malseed Baptism Feb 3 1894 George Anderson Elizabeth Malseed Teelin
Harris Anna Birth Nov 22 1870 William Sarah Matthews Ballyconnell
Harris Archibald S Baptism Sept 18 1895 George Anderson Elizabeth Malseed Teelin
Harris Norman Cecil Baptism Jun 8 1899 George Anderson Elizabeth Malseed Teelin
Harris William John Birth Feb 2 1869 William Sara Matthews Ballyconnell
Head Alfred George Baptism Nov 25 1898 Alfred George Ellen Fanny Rose Magheraroarty
Head Ernest Frank Birth Jun 2nd 1901 Alfred George Ellen Fanny Rose Magheraroarty
Head William Edward Birth Oct 6 1899 Alfred George Ellen Fanny Rose Magheraroarty
Heather John Lawrie Birth Apr 2 1899 John Lawrie Elizabeth Martha Skipps Magheraroarty
Hewlett Alice Sarah Baptism Feb 23 1893 Maurice Martha Hardy Saint Magheraroarty
Hewlett Thomas Baptism Jun 5 1890 Maurice Martha Hardy Saint Magheraroarty
Hilton Annie Jean Birth Aug 11 1870 James Ruth  Martin Malin
Hilton Ruth Birth Nov 13 1872 James Ruth  Martin Bonagee
Horsham Arthur James Birth Jan 23 1871 James Catherine Ssuan ? Downings
Howard Edith K Birth Jan 22 1871 John Elizabeth Jones Greencastle
Howlett James Robert Baptism Apr 5 1891 Maurice Martha Hardy Saint Magheraroarty
Humphries Louisa Mary Baptism Mar 2 1890 Charles Edith Frances Ellott Malinmore
Hyde Henry Birth Oct 22 1870 Joseph Henry Mary Catherine Mill Magheraroarty
Jagoe John Thomas Birth Jan 18 1869 John Thomas Sara Jane Guillford Moville
Jarvis Samuel Thomas Birth Mar 19 1871 Jonathan Anne Spellman Greencastle
Jones Alice Rose Birth Feb 2 1869 Joshua Harriet McConaghy Culdaff Bay
Kennedy John Birth Oct 15 1869 Michael  / CG Magheraroarty Anne Boyle Falcarragh
Kenneth Mary Kathleen Birth Apr 19th 1900 William James Mary Anne Kenneth Greencastle
Kenny Mary Anne Birth Nov 18 1869 Patrick Madge  Lynch Malin
Kitchen James Baptism Oct 6 1839 James Lucy Fausett Malinmore
Kiltchen Lucy Baptism Aug 7 1837 James Lucy Kitchen Glencolumbkille
Lane Frances Jane Louisa Baptism Mar 4 1894 Albert Thomas Sarah Jane North Magheraroarty
Lane William Birth Jun 30 1870 John Rebecca  Shernell Rockhill
Leader Charles Arthur Birth Sept 19 1870 John Rebecca Shernell Rockhill
Littlejohn Thomas Beatrice Amelia Baptism May 14 1888 Thomas Jane Garland Magheraroarty
Littlejohn Charles Baptism Feb 10 1887 Thomas Sarah Woods Magheraroarty
Littlejohn Edith Beatrice Baptism Apr 10 1890 Thomas Jane Garland Magheraroarty
Mackey Alice Baptism Apr 13 1838 Andrew Frances Mackey Malinbeg
Mackey Anne Jane Baptism Feb 25 1835 Andrew Frances Crawford Malinbeg
Mackey Eleanor Baptism Aug 11 1836 Andrew Frances Mackey Malinbeg
Mackey Mary Eleanor Baptism Nov 8 1833 Andrew Frances Crawford Malinbeg
Mackey Robert Baptism Oct 18 1832 Andrew Frances  Crawford Malinbeg
Martin Alfred James Birth Oct 22 1876 William George Elizabeth Frances Martin Magheraroarty
Martin Elisa Ida Birth Dec 8th 1903 Edward ? Martin Kinnegar
Massey  Matilda Ellis Birth Feb 18 1869 William Margaret French Moville
McBrearty Charles William Baptism Sept 10 1847 John Anne McBrearty Rutland
McCann Charlotte Baptism Sept 13 1888 Charles Sarah Jane McCann Kincasslagh
McCarthy Andrew Birth Feb 4 1865 Michael Ellen McGonigle Scraigatoke Arranmore
McCarthy  Bridget Birth Aug 6 1870 Michael Ellen McGonigle Teelin
McCarthy Ellen Birth Feb 26 1867 Michael Ellen  McGonigle Crohy Head
McCarthy Francis Birth Aug 11 1872 Michael Ellen McGonigle Inniscoo
McCarthy Patrick Birth Nov 14 1868 Michael Ellen McGonigle Inniscoo
McDaniel Henry Hector Birth Apr 29 1881 Henry Hutchinson Harriet J Hutchinson Moville
McDonald Louisa Alice Birth Mar 2 1871 Charles Elizabeth Ayers Rathmullan
McElligott Margaret Birth Jan 15 1867 Patrick Mary Ryan Inniscoo
McMillan John Birth Sept 15 1869 George Mary Jane Hay Dungloe
McNish Charles James Birth Sept 8 1868 Archibald Elizabeth McNaughton Inniscoo
McNish Peter Baptism Dec 24 1870 Archibald Elizabeth McNaughton Bunbeg
Meirs Ida Constance Baptism Dec 20 1886 Henry Robert     Malinmore
Milliken Frances Baptism May 19 1855 John Elizabeth Brown Killult
Mills Elizabeth Mary Baptism Jul 10 1861 George Elizabeth Turner Magheraroarty
Mills Florence Ida Birth Mar 29th 1903 John Matilda Farr Burtonport
Moody Albert Woodward Baptism Sept 3 1896 William Samuel Annie Jordan Teelin
Moody Frederick Edwin Baptism Jan 15 1899 William Samuel Annie Jordan Teelin
Mordaunt Elizabeth Pearl Baptism Jan 1 1889 Elijah Elizabeth Hammond Teelin
Morrell Frederick George Baptism Dec 31 1894 Frederick Ellen Morrell Magheraroarty
Moses  Victor F Birth Mar 23rd 1900 F Margaret Moses Moville
Mulcahy James Birth May 18 1867 John Margaret Kelly Magheraroarty
Murray Catherine Elizabeth Baptism Dec 3 1834 James Catherine Murray Malinbeg
Murray  James Pultony Baptism Jul 9 1833 James Catherine Murray Malinbeg
Mutton Elizabeth May Birth Jun 10 1869 John Julia Bligh Greencastle
Neale Kathleen I H Birth Oct 15 1865 William Heathwick Mary Ritchie Roshin North
Nowlan Ernest Edward Birth Apr 18th 1908 William Henry Lydia Nowlan Bunbeg
Nowlan Frederick John Birth Aug 14 1870 Luke Fanny Collingham Buncrana
O'Connell Jeremiah Baptism Aug 18 1839 James Anne  O'Connell Malinmore
Oggeyard Mabel Ethel Baptism Feb 24 1889 James Jane  Readon Magheraroarty
Oliver  Florence Elizabeth Baptism Nov 24 1897 George K Margaret Cardno Teelin
Oliver Lilly Agnes Baptism Aug 3 1893 George K Margaret Cardno Teelin
O'Neil Margery Ellen Birth Mar 1 1873 John Catherine Deeney Magheraroarty
O'Neil Mary Ann Birth May 5 1871 John Catherine Deeney Rathmullan
O'Neill Michael Birth May 9th 1907 Timothy Emily Brown Bunbeg
O'Neill William Birth Dec 19 1868 Timothy Margaret  Sullivan Moville
Parker Agnes Marian Esther Baptism Aug 28 1899 William Emily Green Magheraroarty
Parrack Frederick Birth Sept 1st 1870 John Frances Parker Teelin
Patrick Winifred Birth Jun 14th 1906 Joseph Benjamin Eliza Ann  Martin Magheraroarty
Peake John Birth Jan 4 1880 Samuel Anne Sinclair Magheraroarty
Peake Samuel George Birth Feb 22 1877 Samuel Anne  Sinclair Magheraroarty
Pearce Albert George Birth Jul 23 1878 Thomas Sarah Jane Pearce Teelin
Perry Eliza Jane Baptism Jun 19 1842 Owen Elizabeth  Perry Teelin
Philipot Margaret Jane Birth Mar 8 1869 John Margaret Nelson Rosshin Nth
Philpot Fanny Birth May 5 1870 John Margaret Trimble Kincasslagh
Pilkington Ann Birth May 15 1869 John Eliza Flint Rathmullen
Pitt Eliza Birth Jan 30 1865 William Matilda Bannister Kincasslagh
Pitt James P Birth Sept 11 1867 William Matilda Bannister Magheraroarty
Prout Albert Bartlett Baptism Aug 28 1898 Sampson Emma J  Prout Bunbeg
Prout Henry Meirs Baptism Oct 3 1895 Sampson Emma J Prout Bunbeg
Raines Oliver Birth Feb 28 1877 Thomas Annabella Grant Malinmore
Raines Angus Allen Birth Apr 7 1870 Thomas Annabella Grant Ballyhoo
Rea Catherine Anne Baptism May 4 1827 Richard Ann Rea Malinbeg
Rea Anne Jane Baptism Jan 20 1831 Richard Ann Rea Malinbeg
Rea  Francis Baptism Dec 5 1828 Richard Ann Rea Malinbeg
Riddals Winifred Mary Baptism Oct 3 1895 William Kate Smith Magheraroarty
Roach William Edward Birth Dec 3rd 1903 Richard Fanny Roach Moville
Roberts Eliza Baptism Feb 11 1884 Samuel Pricilla Roberts Malinmore
Robinson Robert Baptism May 10 1856 Thomas Mary Weir Ballyness
Rousell Alice Dora Birth Apr 7th 1900 Stephen Charlotte Taylor Magheraroarty
Ryan Elizabeth Birth Apr 30 1868 Timothy Ellen Jane Boyle Inniscoo
Ryan Ellen Marie Birth Mar 29 1870 Timothy Ellen Jane Boyle Crohy Head
Ryan John Thomas Birth Jul 17 1871 Timothy Ellen Jane Boyle Crohy Head
Sanders Daniel William Birth Dec 13 1870 Danie Elizabeth  Pitt Craughboy
Scully John P Birth 9th Aug 1908 Patrick Anne Driscoll Ramelton
Simmonds Doreen Louisa Birth Aug 9th 1908 Arthur Henry Eliza Cormick Milford
Sinclair Daisy Sophie Rebecca Baptism Jul 18 1885 William Sarah Jane Sinclair Teelin
Slater Anne Baptism Sept 30 1891 Richard Maria Anne Carrington Magheraroarty
Slater Frederick George Baptism Apr 18 1893 Richard Maria Anne Carrington Magheraroarty
Slater Louis Edgar Baptism Feb 11 1896 Richard Maria Anne Carrington Magheraroarty
Solway Dorothy Irene Birth Sept 28th 1903 Jessie Nellie Radford Malinmore
Sridge Clare Gertrude Baptism Aug 21 1886 Edward Emma Sridge Greencastle
Stagg Augustus Baptism   William Philips Jane Greer Malinmore
Starkes Arthur Reginald Birth Jan 30th 1905 William Harry Catherine Phillips Magheraroarty
Starkes Albert G died Nov 5th 1901 Birth Dec 4th 1900 Walter Kate  Phillips Magheraroarty
Starkes Nelly Rose Birth Apr 23rd 1903 Walter Kate  Phillips Magheraroarty
Stead John Irwin Birth Oct 10th 1905 Albert Mary Gertrude Seaforte Teelin
Stewart Catherine Anne Birth Sept 19 1870 Henry Mary Jane  Marr Ballyshannon
Stewart James Birth Dec 3 1868 William Maria  Roach Greencastle
Stone Maud Baptism Mar 30 1883 George Elizabeth Stone Bunbeg
Tait Sidney Kenneth Birth May 19th 1904 Charles Frederick Jane Berry Burtonport
Tarr Thomas Birth Jan 12 1873 John Sara Tarr Cranaghbuoy
Taylor Emily Birth Aug 29 1871 George Isabella Hanlon Meenacladdy
Thomas Andrew Baptism May 25 1860 Charles Eliza  Thomas Magheraroarty
Thompson James Thomas Baptism Oct 25 1882 Robert Frances Percival Malinmore
Thompson  William Henry Baptism Jan 18 1884 Robert Frances Percival Malinmore
Thompson Charles John Baptism Mar 30 1885 Robert Frances Percival Malinmore
Tillery Nellie Baptism Oct 31 1898 Edwin James Elizabeth Worswell Magheraroarty
Toland James Birth Aug 19 1871 James / CG Co Down Elizabeth Beattie Derrybeg
Wallace Elizabeth Birth Jul 22 1866 James Mary Jane Morrell Inniscoo
Wallis Margaret Anne Birth Feb 2 1869 David Catherine  Driscoll Greencastle
Watkins Frances Gertrude Baptism Jun 6 1886 David Fanny Bell Magheraroarty
Watkins Sarah Jane Baptism Aug 12 1887 David Fanny Bell Magheraroarty
Watkins Walter Oliver Baptism Nov 5 1890 David Fanny Bell Magheraroarty
Watts George Edward Baptism Sept 19th 1901 Edward R Harriet Louisa Watts Greencastle
Watts Harriet Lucy Baptism Jul 28th 1900 Edward R Harriet Louisa  Watts Greencastle
Watts Maud Kathleen Baptism Oct 4th 1902 Edward Harriet Louisa  Watts Greencastle
Weir Grace Muriel Elsie G Baptism Oct 30th 1908 John Gunning Maude Amelia Weir Fanad Head
Weir Margaret Violet Baptism Sept 13th 1908 John Gunning Maude Amelia Weir Milford
Wellstead Charles Henry Baptism Dec 28 1882 Frederick Charles Emily Jane Newport Magheraroarty
West William  Baptism Feb 17 1832 William Elizabeth West Glen Watch House
Westcomb Frederick W Baptism Aug 19 1896 Charles Emily Westcomb Kincasslagh
Westend Elizabeth M A Baptism Aug 27 1897 Charles Mary  Westend Kincasslagh
White Teresa Lily Baptism Dec 6th 1902 Henry James Lily Mary White Moville
Whiteway Amy Elizabeth M Baptism Nov 30th 1894 William Mary Winsor Magheraroarty
Williams George Baptism Dec 9 1880 George Mary Williams Bunbeg
Williams Carter Robert Baptism Aug 18 1867 Thomas Margaret Wade Poulwaddy
Williams Mary Louise Baptism Apr 23 1870 Thomas Margaret Wade Inniscoo
Williamson Howlett Wm Birth Sept 6 1870 John Mary Ann Gray Malin
Winders Charles twin Birth Jan 11 1871 William Rosalia  Corbett Greencastle
Winders Eva twin Birth Jan 11 1871 William Rosalia  Corbett Greencastle
Winders Mary Anne Birth Jan 14 1873 William Rosalia Corbett Greencastle
Woodcock Charlotte Baptism Jan 18 1836 Jonathan Grace  Woodcock Malinbeg
Woodcock Jane Anne Baptism Nov 8 1833 Jonathan Grace Woodcock Malinbeg
Woodward Emily May Baptism Jun 27 1894 Thomas C W Emily Woodward Kincasslagh
Wright Elizabeth Birth Dec 3 1869 William Charlotte Woodcock Ballyhoo
Yorke Margaret Birth Sept 20 1869 Thomas Margaret Donovan Rathmullen




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