Clar RC Graveyard, Donegal, Co Donegal

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This is not a complete survey of the graveyard - the purpose of my being there was to locate graves of & for friends and family

However, I took photographs of all the older headstones I saw, as well as those surrounding family graves

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In Loving Memory of

Bernard Barron


Died 5 Sep 1930

And his Wife Annie

Died 27 Jul 1960

Their Son Bernard

Died 30 Oct 1987

Also James Barron

Died 16 Dec 2001

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Michael Boyle, Ardnawark

Died 1925

And his Wife


Died 1912

Their Daughter Bridget

Died 1900

Their Son John

Died 1948

Also Their Infant Grand-Daughters

Bridget Maria & Kathleen Bernadette

Their Daughters

Margaret died 1968

Mary died 1978


Susan Wife of John

Died 1963



Michael Boyle & Margaret McGinty family

See 1901 census Ardinawark



In Memory of

William Brogan

Who died 28 Apr 1909

Aged 56 years

Also his Wife

Maggie Brogan

Who died 3 Nov 1903

Aged 36 years

And his Niece

Mary A Lynn

Died 26 Nov 1941

Aged 56 years

And her Husband William Lynn

Died 30 Dec 1970 aged 84 years


Erected by his Sisters

Mary & Annie Brogan



In Loving Memory of

Margaret Gallen

Diamond, Donegal

Who departed this life

15 Nov 1891

Aged 40 years


Her Beloved Husband

John Gallen

Who died 9 Dec 1906

Aged 73 years



In Loving Memory of


The Darling Son of

John & Margaret Gallen

Born 13 Jun 1913

Died 25 Apr 1920

Of Such is the

Kingdom of Heaven


In Loving Memory of

My Dear Husband

John Gallen

Who died 12 Sep 1927

Sweet Jesus Have Mercy




John Gallen & Margaret Marron Household

They married & their children were born in New Zealand

See 1901 census Diamond, Donegal Town



Erected in Memory of

Francis Harvey, Cullinboy

Died 17 Apr 1906

And his Wife


Died 9 Feb 1914

Their Daughters

Mary Anne Died 19 Jun 1894

Bridget Died 24 Mar 1899


Ellen Harvey

Died 14 Jan 1951

Wife of Edward Harvey




Francis Harvey and Mary McGinty of Cullion Boy

Francis Harvey, 25, son of Bryan, married Mary McGinty, 27, dau of Connell, 21 Nov 1865 in Donegal

Bridget d 1899 aged 21 yrs

See 1901 census Cullion Boy

Researcher: Sam - Email


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Wine & Spirit Merchants

Main Street



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Edward McGinty

Driminin Barnesmore

Died 2 Aug 1944 aged 60

His Wife Mary Ann McGinty

Died 25 Dec 1956 aged 59

Infant Son Colum F

Infant Daughter Rosaleen

Kathleen McGinty

Died 29 Mar 1982 aged 56

Her Husband John P McGinty

Died 14 Dec 1997 aged 77



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Souls of

Thomas McGinty

Died 13 Jun 1937

His Wife Margaret

Died 9 May 1927

Their Sons

Patrick died 20 Aug 1923

Thomas died 2 Oct 1930

And his Wife Margaret

Died 10 Sep 1962

And her Grandson Paul

Died 12 Oct 1959

And his Father Patrick (Patsy)

Died 31 Dec 2002 Aged 75 years

And his Wife Kathleen

Died 29 Mar 2009




In Memory of

Patrick McMullin

Who died 29 Oct 1891

Aged 67 years

Also his Wife Susan

Who died 14 Mar 1892

Aged 65 years

Also their Daughter

Bridget Dunlevy alias McMullin

Who died 27 Jul 1890

Aged 32 years


Bartley McMullin

Who died 14 Oct 1925

Aged 62 years

Also his Wife Catherine

Who died 26 Jul 1962





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