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Notes :

Maureen's grandfather, John Gallagher, was born in Cloghan in Dec 1891 to John (Owen) Gallagher and Margery Quinn
John (Owen) Gallagher's parents were Elizabeth Moore and John Gallagher

Children of Owen and Margery:

Mary (stayed in Donegal and married a McCormick)
Michael (Mickey)
Susan (emigrated to Montreal with brother John in the early 1900's. Did not marry)
See 1901 Census Stranabrattoge
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This is an old postcard of the Meeting of the Waters in Cloghan, Donegal where my grandfather, John Gallagher, came from

Supposedly, the people would all meet at the river to get water and also to trade potatoes and other vegetables for mutton or whatever the other had to trade that the first didn't have enough of - as well as to hear the latest gossip.

This is another old postcard of Cloghan, Donegal. The sign says Givens Lounge & Bar BED & BREAKFAST


Clonclayagh in Cloghan Donegal.

This photo was taken on the road between Ballybofey and Glenties looking at Clonclayagh in the distance. We're closer to Glenties here. It is shot from far up the mountain of Clonclayagh.

This is the cemetery near Cloghan Donegal on the road between Ballybofey and Glenties. It's across from a church. Near to Glennfinn. These inscriptions were copied down exactly as they are written on the stones.
The stone with Jesus on the crucifix says:

Daniel Gallagher
died 1862
The rest of the headstone is unreadable.
The black stone behind this one with the gold writing and white crosses says:

In loving memory of
Annie O'Neill
died 1914
her husband James
died 4th of Dec. 1943
their son John
died 19th of Oct. 1987
Bridget Gallagher
died 3rd of November 1968
The stone in the forefront on the left with a man's finger on it says:

In loving Memory of
?k Quinn          Meenalig
April 1985 aged 74 yrs.
Father Charles
1947 aged 82 years

The black stone with gold writing in the forefront on the left of the photo says:

In loving Memory of

On the right, the white stone with black writing says:

Thy Will Be Done  at the top in the circle
In loving memory of
The Gallagher Family
Tuathal  died 13 Oct. 1919
Catherine died 25 July 1925
Anne died 26 Feb. 1928
Nancy died 26 Feb. 1941
Tully Aidan died 14 Jan. 1949
Alice died 6 Dec. 1950
Laughlin 4 Feb. 1962
Mary 27 May 1984

This picture of the black stone with gold writing and white stones on the ground in front of it says:

In loving Memory of
My Dear Husband
Neil Gallagher
died 9th Oct. 1965
and Mother Bridget
died 28 Sept. 1981

The black stone to the right of the one with white stones in front of it says:
In loving memory of
Bernard Gallagher
died ? November 1939?
his wife Catherine
died ???          


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