1827 Tithe Applotment Book - Clonca Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Clonca, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Surname,  Given Name  &  Townland Address


ALCORN, George, Glack

ALCORN, Widow & partners, Glack

BAIRD, James, Goury

BAIRD, John, Malin Town

BAIRD, Ninian, Ballycramsy

BAIRD, Thomas, Ballycramsy

BARR, Daniel, Dresdrin

BARR, Daniel, Mineydaragh

BARR, John, Dresdrin

BARR, Owin, Dresdrin

BEGLY, Nogher, Carrowmore

BELL, Nancy, Upper Grillagh

BINNS, Mrs Margaret, Knockanameny

BOGGS, Archibald, Bree

BOGGS, Francis, Bree

BOGGS, John, Bree

BOGGS, Neeney, Bree

BOGGS, Widow, Bree

BOGGS, William, Bree

BOGGS, William, Drung

BOGGS, William, Lagg

BOGGS, William, Malin Town

BRADLEY, Michael, Ballykenny

BRADLEY, Mickey, Ballykenny

BRADY, Henry, Dunross

BRATTON, Archey, Bellagh

BRATTON, John, Bree

BRATTON, Platt, Bellagh

BRATTON, Robert, Bellagh

BRATTON, Widow, Bellagh

BRATTON, William, Keenaugh

BRESLIN, Denish [Denis], Clonca

BRESLIN, John, Mineydaragh

BRESLIN, William, Laraghiril

BROWNLOW, Richard, Malin Town

BUCHANAN, George, Malin Town

BUTLER, George, Clonca

BUTLER, John, Clonca

BUTLER, Widow, Mineydaragh

CALHOON, John, Knockglass

CALHOON, Robert, Knockglass

CALHOON, William, Knockanameny

CALLAGHIN, Richard, Tullybeg

CAMERON, Alexander, Malin Town

CAMERON, Alexander, Norrira

CAMERON, Richard, Upper Fahan

CAMPBELL, John, Bellagh

CAMPBELL, Widow, Tullybeg

CAMPBELL, William, Bellagh

CANNING, Rev., Drumcarbit


CARLAND, Thomas, Bree

CARY, Henry, Upper Grillagh

CLINGIN, William, Keenaugh

COLLINS, Edward, Dreenagh

COLLINS, James, Keenaugh

COLLINS, John, Dreenagh

COLLINS, Owin, Malin Town

CORGILL, Thomas, Malin Town

CORGILL, Thomas, Carrowmore

COYLE, Owin, Minedaragh

COYLE, Patt., Mineydaragh

CRAMPSEY, Bryan, Dunross

CRAMPSEY, James, Dunross

CRAMPSEY, Patrick, Dunross

CRAMPSY, John, Ballykenny

CRAMPSY, Michael, Ballykenny

CRAMPSY, William, Ardmalin

CRAMPSTY, Patrick, Laraghiril

CRAMSAY, Daniel, Sen., Ardmalin

CRAMSAY, Daniel, Jun., Ardmalin

CRAMSY, Neal, Ardmalin

CRAMSY, Widow, Ardmalin

CRISWELL, Alexander, Ballegan

CRISWELL, John, Ballegan

CRISWELL, Thomas, Carrowmore

CROW, John, Cruckna

CROW, John, Umgal

CRUMBLISH, John, Glack

CRUMBLISH, Michael, Glack

DAVENPORT, Charles, Carrowmore

DAVENPORT, Charles, Malin Town

DAVISS, Samuel, Goury

DEERY, James, Bree

DEERY, James, Keenaugh

DEERY, Michael, Keenaugh

DEERY, Thomas, Keenaugh,

DERMOTT, Daniel, Urbelreagh

DERMOTT, Patt., Urbelreagh

DEYERMOT, John, Drumley

DEYERMOT, Patt., Drumley

DEYERMOT, Shan, Drumley

DIVER, Edward, Norrira

DIVER, Hugh, Laraghiril

DIVER, J., Malin Town

DIVER, James, Norrira

DIVER, John, Norrira

DOBINS, John, Laraghiril

DOGHERTY, Bryan, Upper Grillagh

DOGHERTY, Bryan, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Caher, Ardmalin

DOGHERTY, Caher & partners, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Charles, Dreenagh

DOGHERTY, Con., Ardmalin Westtown

DOGHERTY, Daniel, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Daniel, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Donald, Glack

DOGHERTY, Edward, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Frederick, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, George, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, George & 12 partners, Ardmalin Northtown

DOGHERTY, Gerald, Clonca

DOGHERTY, Hugh, Laraghiril

DOGHERTY, Jack, Carrowmore

DOGHERTY, James, Carrowmore

DOGHERTY, James, Drumcarbit

DOGHERTY, James, Mineydaragh

DOGHERTY, James, Upper Grillagh

DOGHERTY, James, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, John, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, John, Bree

DOGHERTY, John, Carrowmore

DOGHERTY, John, Mineydaragh

DOGHERTY, John, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Mark, Bree

DOGHERTY, Michael, Ardmalin Westtown

DOGHERTY, Michael, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Michael, Bree

DOGHERTY, Michael, Drumliff

DOGHERTY, Neal, Ardmalin

DOGHERTY, Owin, Ardmalin Westtown

DOGHERTY, Owin, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Owin, Bree

DOGHERTY, Owin, Carrowmore

DOGHERTY, Owin, Dunneygard

DOGHERTY, Owin, Keenaugh

DOGHERTY, Owin, Slabane

DOGHERTY, Owin & son, Umgal

DOGHERTY, Paddy, Carrowmore

DOGHERTY, Paddy, Laraghiril

DOGHERTY, Patrick, Ardmalin Northtown

DOGHERTY, Patrick, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Patrick, Clonca

DOGHERTY, Patrick, Keenaugh

DOGHERTY, Patt., Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Peter, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Phillip, Dunross

DOGHERTY, Philip, Knockanameny

DOGHERTY, Phillip, Laraghiril

DOGHERTY, Phillip, Upper Grillagh

DOGHERTY, Phillip, Drumcarbit

DOGHERTY, Phillip, Mineydaragh

DOGHERTY, Quintin, Ballygorman

DOGHERTY, Roger, Bree

DOGHERTY, Shan, Ardmalin Westtown

DOGHERTY, Thomas, Upper Grillagh

DOGHERTY, Thomas, Urbelreagh

DOGHERTY, Timlin & partners, Ardmalin Northtown

DOGHERTY, Timlin & partners, Slabane

DOGHERTY, Widow, Upper Grillagh

DOGHERTY, William, Bellagh

DOGHERTY, William, Umgal

DOHERTY, Bryan, Ardmalin Westtown

DOHERTY, Bryan, Bellagh

DOHERTY, Bryan, Bellehan Lowertown

DOHERTY, Caher, Bellagh

DOHERTY, Catherine, Malin Town

DOHERTY, George, Bellagh

DOHERTY, George, Norrira

DOHERTY, Jack, Glebe

DOHERTY, James, Glebe

DOHERTY, James, Mineydaragh

DOHERTY, James, Umgal

DOHERTY, John, Ballycramsy

DOHERTY, John, Logherbraghey

DOHERTY, John, Malin Town

DOHERTY, John, Norrira

DOHERTY, Michael, Drumavoghey

DOHERTY, Michael, Umgal

DOHERTY, Mickey, Mineydaragh

DOHERTY, O., Ballykenny

DOHERTY, Owin, Gallagh in Grillagh

DOHERTY, Owin, Glebe

DOHERTY, Owin, Killin

DOHERTY, Owin, Malin Town

DOHERTY, Padey, Drumcarbit

DOHERTY, Padey, Glebe

DOHERTY, Patt., Upper Fahan

DOHERTY, Roger, Ardmalin Middletown

DOHERTY, Roger, Carrowmore

DOHERTY, Roger, Drumley

DOHERTY, Shan, Ardmalin Westtown

DOHERTY, Shan, Bellehan Lowertown

DOHERTY, Shan, Drumavoghey

DOHERTY, Shan, Norrira

DOHERTY, Thomas, Ardmalin Middletown

DOHERTY, Thomas, Tullymore

DOHERTY, Timlin & partners, Ardmalin Westtown

DOHERTY, Widow, Ardmalin Westtown

DOHERTY, Widow, Keenaugh

DOHERTY, Widow, Logherbraghey

DOHERTY, William, Bellagh

DOHERTY, William, Umgal

DOUGHERTY, Andrew, Dunross

DOUGHERTY, John, Gortnason

DOUGHERTY, Neal, Keenaugh

DOUGHERTY, Ned, Ballygorman

DOUGHERTY, Owin, Ballykenny

DOUGHERTY, Phillip, Ballygorman

DOUGHERTY, Phillip, Lower Cruckna

DOUGHERTY, Redmond, Ballygorman

DOUGHERTY, Thomas, Mineydaragh

DONAGHEY, John, Drumley

DONALD, John, Dunneygard

DONALD, Patt., Dunneygard

DORAN, Michael, Dresdrin

DOYLE, Alexander, Dunneygard

DOYLE, Denish [Denis], Ballygorman

DOYLE, John, Dunneygard

DREENAN, Daniel, Ardmalin Northtown

DREENAN, James, Ballykenny

DREENAN, James, Keenaugh

DREENAN, Owin, Keenaugh

DUDDY, James, Carrowmore

DUFFY, Charles, Laraghiril

DUFFY, James, Dunross

DUFFY, Michael, Mineydaragh

DUFFY, Shan, Mineydaragh

DUFFY, William, Glack

DUNCAN, David, Keenaugh

DUNCAN, William, Keenaugh

DYKES, James & partners, Carrowmore

DYKES, James, Norrira

ELDER, John, Norrira

ELLIOTT, Stephen, Carrowmore

FALKNER, Edward, Mineydaragh

FALKNER, George, Mineydaragh

FALKNER, Shan, Mineydaragh

FALKNER, William, Mineydaragh

FARIN, Owin, Clonca

FARON, Alexander, Ballygorman

FARON, Bryan, Ardmalin

FARON, Bryan & partners, Mineydaragh

FARON, Charles, Laraghiril

FARON, Charles, Maghreyard

FARON, Donald, Laraghiril

FARON, John, Maghreyard

FARON, John, Laraghiril

FARON, Neal, Laraghiril

FARON, Neal, Laraghiril

FARON, Neal & partners, Glack

FARON, Ned, Laraghiril

FARON, Owin, Carrowmore

FARON, Owin, Glack

FARON, Owin, Laraghiril

FARON, Owin, Maghreyard

FARON, Paddy, Carrowmore

FARON, Patt, Carrowmore

FARON, Patt., Glack

FARON, Shan, Carrowmore

FARON, Thomas, Ballygorman

FARON, Thomas, Laraghiril

FARON, Widow, Carrowmore

FARON, William, Laraghiril

FARONS, Patt., Gortnason

FARRON, John, Dunross

FREEL, Arthur, Ballegan

FREEL, Shan, Ballegan

FULTON, Andrew, Ballegan

FULTON, John, Magheramanus

FULTON, Robert, Bellagh

GALLAGHER, Caher, Logherbraghey

GALLAGHER, Charles, Bree

GALLAGHER, Daniel, Logherbraghy

GALLAGHER, James, Ballygorman

GALLAGHER, James, Logherbraghey

GALLAGHER, John, Bellagh

GALLAGHER, Michael, Ardmalin Westtown

GALLAGHER, Patrick, Ballygorman

GALLAGHER, Patt., Logherbraghey

GALLAGHER, Peter, Logherbraghey

GALLAGHER, Philip, Ardmalin Westtown

GALLAGHER, R., Malin Town

GALLAGHER, Widow, Bree

GIBSON, William & partners, Dresdrin

GILLAN, Andrew, Clonca

GILLAN, Bryan, Dresdrin

GLACKIN, Paddy, Ardmalin Northtown

GLASSON, Charles, Ballygorman

GLASSON, Michael, Ballygorman

GORMAN, Arthur, Malin Town

GORMAN, Bryan, Ballygorman

GORMAN, Bryan, Jun., Ballygorman

GORMAN, James, Ardmalin

GORMAN, John, Ballygorman

GORMAN, Michael, Ballygorman

GORMAN, Thomas, Ardmalin

HADY[?]. Shan, Tullymore

HAMILTON, Rev. Richard, Glebe

HARKEN, Bryan, Keenaugh

HARKEN, James, Keenaugh

HARKEN, Widow, Drumliff

HARKIN, Charles, Dresdrin

HARKIN, John, Dresdrin

HARKIN, Owin & partners, Mineydaragh

HARVEY, J., Esq., Drung

HARVEY, John, Esq., Ballegan

HARVEY, John, Esq., Goury

HARVEY, John, Esq., Malin Town

HARVEY, John, Esq., Norrira

HEGARTY, John, Clonca

HOUTON, Barny, Ballygorman

HOUTON, Edward, Norrira

HOUTON, James, Bree

HOUTON, James, Malin Town

HOUTON, John, Ballykenny

HOUTON, M., Ballykenny

HOUTON, Michael, Ardmalin

HOUTON, Paddy, Ardmalin

HOUTON, Patt., Urbelreagh

HOUTON, Philip, Urbelreagh

HOUTON, William, Ballykenny

HUTCHISON, George, Dresdrin

HUTCHISON, Robert, Dresdrin

HUTCHISON, William, Sen., Dresdrin

HUTCHISON, William, Jun., Dresdrin

JACKSON, James, Dunross

KANE, Anthony, Clonca

KANE, John, Maghreyard

KANE, Patt., Maghreyard

KANE, Widow, Maghreyard

KEARNEY, Donald, Dunross

KEARNEY, Patrick, Dunross

KEARNY, Donald, Glebe

KEARNY, James, Glack

KEARNY, Widow, Glebe

KEENAN, J., Malin Town

KEENAN, John, Norrira

KELLAGHIN, Denis, Ardmalin Northtown

KELLAGHIN, John, Ardmalin Northtown

KELLAGHIN, Neal, Ardmalin Northtown

KELLY, Charles, Ballegan

KELLY, Daniel, Malin Town

KELLY, James, Carrowmore

KELLY, John, Cruckna

KELLY, John, Drumcarbit

KELLY, John, Drumliff

KELLY, Mickey, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Neal, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Owin, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Patrick, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Patt., Drumliff

KELLY, Philip, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Shan, Drumcarbit

KELLY, Widow, Drung

KELLY, Widow, Moneybuoys

KERNEY, Daniel, Gortnason

KERNEY, Patrick, Mineydaragh

KERNY, Donald, Mineydaragh

KILPATRICK, James, Clonca

KNOX, Charles, Glack

LAFFERTY, Bryan, Mineydaragh

LAFFERTY, Daniel, Dunross

LAFFERTY, Edward, Dunross

LAFFERTY, Edward, Mineydaragh

LAFFERTY, John, Dunross

LAFFERTY, Mickey, Mineydaragh

LAFFERTY, Ned & partners, Templemoyle

LAFFERTY, Padey, Mineydaragh

LAFFERTY, Patrick, Dunross

LAFFERTY, Patt., Mineydaragh

LAIRD, Doctor, Malin Town

LAMB, David, Carrowmore

LAMB, George, Carrowmore

LAMB, Joseph, Carrowmore

LAMB, William, Carrowmore

LANAGAN, James, Carrowmore

LANAGAN, Widow, Carrowmore

LATA, Moses, Bellagh

LAUGHLIN, William, Ballykenny

LINDSAY, John, Carrowmore

LINDSAY, John, Malin Town

LINDSAY, Thomas, Norrira

LOGUE, Cormick, Ardmalin Westtown

LOGUE, John, Ardmalin Westtown

LOGUE, Patt., Ardmalin Westtown

LOGUE, Widow, Ardmalin Westtown

LOGUE, William, Ballygorman

LONG, Alexander, Dunross

LONG, S., Carrowmore

LONG, William, Malin Town

LYNCH, James, Dresdrin

LYNCH, Owin & partners, Dresdrin

LYNN, Robert, Umgal

MAGINESS, John, Norrira

MALOY, Daniel Bellehan Lowertown

MALOY, Widow, Keenaugh

MALOY, William, Bellehan Lowertown

MAN, William, Carrowmore

McALEA, Paddy, Carrowmore

McBAY, William, Killin

McCALEY, James, Glack

McCALEY, Shan, Glack

McCALLIN, John, Glack

McCALLIN, Nealey, Dresdrin

MCCALLIN, Peter, Drumliff

McCALLIN, Widow, Dunross

McCALLION, James, Dunross

McCALLION, Michael, Drumcarbit

McCALLION, Patrick, Laraghiril

McCALLION, Patt., Drumnaskeagh

McCANDLESS, John, Glack

McCANDLESS, William, Tullybeg

McCANDLESS, William & partners, Dresdrin

McCANLIS, James, Drumley

McCANLIS, John, Drumley

McCANLIS, Neal, Drumley

McCANLIS, Thomas, Drumley

McCARRON, Charles, Ballykenny

McCARRON, Neal, Ballykenny

McCARRON, Padey, Glebe

McCARRON, Widow, Glebe

McCLELLAND, John, Drumbally Cashel

McCLOSKY, James, Laraghiril

McCOLGAN, Edward, Clonca

McCOLGAN, George, Clonca

McCOLGAN, James, Dunross

McCOLGAN, Neal, Clonca

MCCOLGAN, Neal, Glebe

McCOLGAN, Padey, Laraghiril

McCOLGAN, Patrick, Sen., Dunross

McCOLGAN, Patrick, Jun., Dunross

McCOLGAN, Patt., Glebe

McCOLGAN, Philip, Glebe

McCOLGAN, William, Laraghiril

McCOLLEY, James, Laraghiril

McCOLLEY, Neal, Laraghiril

McCOLLEY, William, Glack

McCOLLEY, William, Laraghiril

McCONELOAG, Patt., Mineydaragh

McCONELOGE, John, Clonca

McCONELOGUE, James, Gallagh in Grillagh

McCONELOGUE, Thomas, Jun., Drumaville

McCONELOGUE, Thomas, Sen., Drumaville

McCONELOGUE, Thomas, Dresdrin

McCONWAY, James, Dunross

McCORISTON, Daniel, Drumley

McCORKELL, Andrew, Norrira

McCORKELL, William, Norrira

McDADE, Donal, Dresdrin

McDADE, James, Drumliff

McDADE, James, Glebe

McDADE, James, Norrira

McDADE, John, Drumliff

McDADE, John, Gallagh in Grillagh

McDADE, John, Tullymore

McDADE, Nogher, Templemoyle

McDADE, Owin Goury

McDADE, Patrick, Norrira

McDADE, Patt., Gallagh in Grillagh

McDADE, Patt., Logherbraghey

McDADE, Philip, Drumliff

McDADE, Widow, Drumliff

McDADE, William, Ballykenny

McDAID, Dinish [Denis], Magheryard

McDAID, John & partners, Templemoyle

McDERMOTT, Hugh, Mineydaragh

McDERMOTT, Michael, Mineydaragh

McDOWNY, William, Glack

McGAGHEGAN, Hugh, Mineydaragh

McGAUGHEGAN, John, Mineydaragh

McGINES, D., Ardmalin Northtown

McGILAWAY, Daniel, Urbelreagh

McGILAWAY, Neal, Urbelreagh

McGILAWAY, Patrick, Urbelreagh

McGILLAWAY, Neal, Urbelreagh

McGONAGLE, Darby, Ardmalin

McGONAGLE, James, Dunross

McGONIGAL, Fardoragh, Dunneygard

McGONIGAL, James, Medanmore

McGONIGAL, Mickey, Dunneygard

McGONIGLE, Bryan, Ballykenny

McGONIGLE, Daniel, Drumley

McGONIGLE, Darby, Templemoyle

McGONIGLE, Dinish [Denis], Ballykenny

McGONIGLE, Dudley, Ballykenny

McGONIGLE, John, Ardmalin Westtown

McGONIGLE, John, Ballykenny

McGONIGLE, John, Mineydaragh

McGONIGLE, Mickey & partners, Mineydaragh

McGONIGLE, Patrick, Mineydaragh

McGONIGLE, Patrick, Urbelreagh

McGONIGLE, Widow, Mineydaragh

McGONIGLE, William, Drumley

McGONIGLE, William & partners, Templemoyle

McGONIGLE, William, Gallagh in Grillagh

McGOWAN, Phillip, Ballykenny

McGOWAN, Shane, Ballykenny

McGRANAGHAN, Bryan, Glack

McGRANAGHAN, Daniel, Dunross

McGRANAGHAN, Michael, Dunross

McGRANAGHAN, Patrick, Glack

McGRANAGHIN, Michael, Laraghiril

McGRANAGHIN, Owin, Laraghiril

McGRANAGHIN, Widow, Laraghiril

McGRINAGHAN, Daniel, Clonca

McGRINAGHAN, Thomas, Clonca

McGRINAGHIN, George, Clonca

McGRINAGHIN, James, Clonca

McGRINAGHIN, Phillip, Clonca

McGRORY, M., Malin Town

McILHINEY, Robert, Killin

McINTIRE, Andrew, Glebe

McINTIRE, Archibald, Norrira

McINTIRE, George, Glack

McINTIRE, James, Glack

McINTIRE, Robert, Dunross

McINTIRE, Robert, Glack

McINTIRE, Thomas, Ballegan

McKANE, Phillip, Urbelreagh

McKINNA, Daniel, Ballylenan

McKINNA, Daniel, Mineydaragh

McKINNA, Darby, Ballylenan

McKINNA, Donald, Mineydaragh

McKINNA, Owin, Ballylenan

McLAGHLIN, Charles, Malin Town

McLAGHLIN, Daniel, Drumavoghey

McLAGHLIN, James, Drumavoghey

McLAGHLIN, John, Drumavoghey

McLAGHLIN, Michael, Drumavoghey

McLAGHLIN, Ned, Mineydaragh

McLAGHLIN, Patt., Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Bryan, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Charles, Carrowmore

McLAUGHLIN, Charles, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Charles, Gortnacool

McLAUGHLIN, Charles, Gortnason

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel, Dunross

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel, Urbelreagh

McLAUGHLIN, Denis, Ardmalin

McLAUGHLIN, Denis, Kull

McLAUGHLIN, Dinish [Denis], Magheryard

McLAUGHLIN, Edward, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Eneas, Drumnaskeagh

McLAUGHLIN, Evory, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Ferdaragh, Gortnason

McLAUGHLIN, George, Clonca

McLAUGHLIN, Hugh, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Hugh, Dunross

McLAUGHLIN, James, Drumnaskeagh

McLAUGHLIN, James, Keenaugh

McLAUGHLIN, James, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, James, Urbelreagh

MCLAUGHLIN, John, Gortnacool

McLAUGHLIN, John, Laraghiril

McLAUGHLIN, John, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, John, Upper Grillagh

McLAUGHLIN, Laughlin, Magheryard

McLAUGHLIN, Manus, Glack

McLAUGHLIN, Mark, Gortnacool

McLAUGHLIN, Michael, Gortnacool

McLAUGHLIN, Michael, Upper Fahan

McLAUGHLIN, Neal, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Nogher, Drumaville

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Ardmalin

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Bree

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Drumnaskeagh

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Sludden

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Upper Fahan

McLAUGHLIN, Owin, Urbelreagh

McLAUGHLIN, Paddy Roe, Magheryard

McLAUGHLIN, Padey, Urbelreagh

McLAUGHLIN, Patt., Magheryard

McLAUGHLIN, Patt., Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Patt., Upper Fahan

McLAUGHLIN, Patt., Upper Grillagh

McLAUGHLIN, Patt., Urbelreagh

McLAUGHLIN, Phillip, Gortnason

McLAUGHLIN, Philip, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Phillip, Upper Fahan

McLAUGHLIN, Shan, Sludden

McLAUGHLIN, Shan, Upper Grillagh

McLAUGHLIN, Shan, Urbelreagh

McLAUGHLIN, Stephen, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, Thomas, Bree

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Carrowmore

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Drumley

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Drumnaskeagh

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Keenaugh

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Upper Grillagh

McLAUGHLIN, William, Ballykenny

McLAUGHLIN, William, Dunross

McLAUGHLIN, William, Glack

MCLAUGHLIN, William, Gortnason

McLAUGHLIN, William, Kull

McLAUGHLIN, William, Malin Town

McLAUGHLIN, William, Mineydaragh

McLAUGHLIN, William, Sludden

McMONIGAL, James, Goury

McMONIGLE, John, Drumley

McMONIGLE, Michael, Ballykenny

McNAUGHT, George, Carrowmore

McNAUGHT, J., Malin Town

McSHEFFREY, Daniel, Esq., Drumaville

McSHEFRY, Charles, Clonca

MARGY, Hugh, Mineydaragh

MERCHANT, Thomas, Clonca

MERIT, William, Drumcarbit

MERRIT, William, Urbelreagh

MONAGLE, Bryan, Tullymore

MONAGLE, Michael, Ballykenny

MONIGLE, D., Ballykenny

MONIGLE, James Mickey, Ballykenny

MONIGLE, Patt., Magheryard

MONIGLE, William, Ballykenny

MOONY, Daniel, Cruckna

MOONY, Hugh, Clonca

MOONEY, Hugh, Gort

MOONY, James, Cruckna

MOONY, Mary, Cruckna

MOONY, Michael, Urbelreagh

MOORE, Alexander, Drumcarbit

MOORE, Alexander, Keenaugh

MOORE, John, Carrowmore

MORE, Paddy Owin & partners, Ardmalin Northtown

MOREN, Alexander, Dunross

MULLAN, James, Keenaugh

MULLAN, Thomas, Keenaugh

MULLOY, Charles, Carrowmore

MULLOY, Daniel, Bree

MULLOY, Edward, Bree

MULLOY, James, Bellagh

MULLOY, James, Carrowmore

MULLOY, James, Drumcarbit

MULLOY, John, Drumcarbit

MULLOY, Mickey, Drumcarbit

MULLOY, Owin, Drumcarbit

MULLOY, Padey, Drumcarbit

MULLOY, Patt., Upper Grillagh

MULLOY, Roger, Carrowmore

NELSON, Thomas, Carrowmore

NOON, Donald, Laraghiril

NOON, Patrick, Laraghiril

NOON, Phillip, Laraghiril

O’CONNOR, Rev., Dunross

O’DONNELL, James, Upper Fahan

O’SHIELS, Pat., Upper Fahan

ORR, James, Laraghiril

ORR, Patt., Mineydaragh

PLATT, William, Bree

PLATT [...?], Knockglass

PLATT, John, Bellagh

QUIG, Patrick, Ballygorman

QUIGLEY, Barny, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, Hugh, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, James, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, John, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, Michael, Malin Town

QUIGLEY, Owin, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, Patt, Bellehan Lowertown

QUIGLEY, Widow, Carrowmore

QUIGLEY, William, Carrowmore

REED, John, Clonca

ROBISON, Robert, Malin Town

RODDY, Bryan, Laraghiril

RODDY, Darby, Laraghiril

RODDY, James, Malin Town

RODDY, Paddy, Laraghiril

RODEN Patt., Tullymore

RODEN, Robert, Tullymore

RUSSEL, T., Malin Town

RUSSEL, Thomas, Norrira

SCOTT, Henry, Ballycramsy

SCOTT, Robert, Ballycramsy

SCOTT, Widow, Knockglass

SHEREDAN, James, Upper Cruckna

SHEIL, Owin, Malin Town

SHEIL, Widow, Malin Town

SHIEL, Widow, Templemoyle

SHIELS, Neill, Malin Town

SHIELDS, James, Gortnacool

SHIELDS, James, Templemoyle

SHIELDS, Michael, Ballycramsy

SHIELDS, Michael, Drung

SIMISON, Francis, Umgal

SIMISON, John, Umgal

SMYTH, James, Dunross

SMYTH, Robert, Glack

STARIT, Robert, Killin

STARIT, Robert & partners, Carrowmore

STERIT, William, Ballegan

SOUTHERLAND, Michael, Glebe

THOMPSON, James, Drumcarbit

THOMPSON, Samuel, Mineydaragh

TODD, Hamilton, Malin Town

TODD, Hamilton, Norrira

TOLAN, Hugh, Ardmalin Northtown

TOLIN, Hugh, Keenaugh

TURNER, Samuel, Knockanameny

WALLACE, John, Glack

WALLACE, Robert, Dresdrin

WALLACE, Rose, Dresdrin

WARNOCK, Widow, Tullybeg

WEIR, William, Malin Town

WILKEY, James. Dunross

WILSON, J., Drumcarbit

YOUNG, Captain, Knockglass

YOUNG, George, Dunross

YOUNG, George, Lagg

YOUNG, William, Ballegan

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