Birth, Marriage & Death Notices, Clondavaddog Parish, Co Donegal, 1832 - 1869

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Births, marriages and deaths relating to residents of Clondavaddog Parish, Co. Donegal, extracted from personal notices


Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley




June 1 1844

On the 28th ult., in Shipquay Street, in this City [Londonderry], the lady of BAPTIST JOHNSTON BARTON, of Portsalon, county Donegal, of a daughter


September 12 1846

On the 3rd inst., at Coblentz, the lady of BAPTIST J. BARTON, ESQ., of Portsalon, county Donegal, of a daughter


September 3 1852

At Ahadreena, Fannet, on the 24th ult., of a son, MRS. FULLERTON, relict of the late JAMES W. FULLERTON, ESQ., M.D., who perished in the wreck of the steamer Amazon, of which vessel he was surgeon in charge


April 15 1864

On the 4th April, at Tamney, Fannet, the wife of MR. THOMAS McGARVEY, of a son


August 9 1867

July 31, at Tamney, Fannet, the wife of MR. THOMAS McGARVEY, of the seventh son


July 10 1868

July 1, at Rosnakill, county Donegal, the wife of MR. JOHN QUINN, woollendraper, of a son


February 16 1869

Feb 9, at Tamney, Fannet, the wife of MR. T. McGARVEY, of a son, the eight in succession





August 4 1832

On the 27th ult., by the Rev. J. Budd, MISS MOLLY MOSEY, of the Parish of Clondevaddock, aged 76 years, to MR. JOHN ALLISON, of the same parish, aged 87 years. After the ceremony the happy couple proceeded to their residence in Leckbwee


January 11 1845

On the 7th inst., in the Parish Church of Clondavaddock, by the Rev. Bailie, MR. R.H. NOLAN, to ELIZABETH MARY, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN FOSTER, of Drumfad, county Donegal


August 30 1845

On the 25th inst., in the Parish Church of Clondevaddock, by the Rev. Thomas Fullerton, HENRY LATHEM, Esq., of Fannett, in the county of Donegal to HARRIETT BARBARA, youngest daughter of the late MAJOR BARTON, of Derryhallagh, in the county of Monaghan


August 11 1854

August 1st, in Broughton Church, by the Rev. Granville Hamilton Forbes, the REV. ROBERT BAILIE, eldest son of the REV. DR. BAILIE, Rector of Clondavaddock, to SARAH SHELDON, only child of WILLIAM WORTERS, ESQ., Broughton, Northamptonshire


January 19 1864

On the 12th January, in Clondevaddock Church, Fannet, by the Rev. David Mooney, Rector of the Parish, and brother in law of the bride, ST. GEORGE GRAY, ESQ., A.M., 1st Royal Regiment, the eldest son of the late ST. GEORGE GRAY, ESQ., J.P., of Dorrington, Westmeath, to ANNA MARIA, the youngest daughter of the late PHILPOT BERRY GRAY, ESQ., Lieutenant R.N., of Glanmore, county Longford


November 8 1864

November 3, at St. Gregory's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. John Alcock, uncle to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Richard Aemilius Baillie, the REV. WILLIAM CRAIG, Incumbent of Free Episcopal Church, Derry, to DEBORAH MARGARET, second daughter of the late REV. DR. BAILLIE, Rector of Clondavaddock, Diocese of Raphoe


August 13 1867

August 6, at Milford, county Donegal, by the Rev. J.D. McGarvey, P.P., and V.F., assisted by the Rev. Mr. Boyle, Adm., and the Rev. F. Gallagher, C.C., of Rosnakill, MR. JOHN QUINN, Rosnakill, to JANE A., daughter of MR. HENRY DIAMOND, Crosslands, Maghera, county Derry





October 23 1830

On Tuesday morning, the 19th instant, the REV. FRANCIS MANSFIELD, of Rosnakill, Parish of Clondevadock, county of Donegal



A little girl, named SARAH COYLE, was burnt to death, at Rossnakill, a few days since. Some children had kindled a fire in a field, and approaching too close to it, her clothes took fire


October 5 1833

On Wednesday, the 25th ult., MARIA, eldest surviving daughter of the REV. HENRY MATURIN, Rector of Clondevaddock, aged 23 years


December 24 1836

On Saturday, the 17th inst., at his residence, Greenfort, county Donegal, HUMPHREY BABINGTON, ESQ., late Captain in the 26th Regiment


May 21 1842

At Fanet Glebe House, on Sunday, the 15th inst., in the 26th year of her age, ANNA MATURIN, the lady of the REV. BENJAMIN MATURIN, curate of Clondevadock, deeply lamented by all who knew her. She leaves an infant son and a sorrowing husband


January 8 1842

Died on the 3rd inst., at the Glebe House of Clondevadock, in his 71st year, REV. HENRY MATURIN, for 43 years the faithful pastor of that Parish


May 20 1843

On the 16th May, at Crohan House, Fannet, DORA, the beloved daughter of ANDREW MacMUNN, ESQ., of Craney, Donegal, and granddaughter of the late WILLIAM PATTON, ESQ


August 1 1846

On the 21st ult., at the residence of his uncle, R.H. PATTON, ESQ., Crohan House, Fannet, in the 22nd year of his age, WILLIAM BABINGTON, youngest son of the late THOMAS KEYS, ESQ., R.N.


January 20 1849

On the 14th inst., MR. ROBERT HAY, of Aughadreenagh, in the 73rd year of his age. He was, for upwards of forty years, a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Fannet, of which his son, the REV. P. HAY, is at present Minister


August 15 1851

August 3rd, at his residence, Portsalon, county Donegal, BAPTIST J. BARTON, ESQ., J.P., aged 34 years


March 5 1852

March 1, at Drumfad House, Fannet, MARY, relict of the late WILLIAM FOSTER, ESQ., of Drumfad


June 4 1852

On the 29th ult., at Greenfort, county Donegal aged 25, W.G.F. COPLAND, ESQ., eldest son of the late WILLIAM COPLAND, ESQ., of Clapham, Surrey


November 5 1852

On the 11th ult., at Aughadreenagh, Fannet, MR. MOSES HAY, in his 69th year


December 10 1852

On the 2nd inst., at Springfield, Fannet, after a short illness, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of the REV. PATRICK HAY, aged 33 years


February 1 1856

On the 24th ult., in Fannet Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Sampson Jack, Trenta, MR. SAMUEL TEASE, Maitland, Australia, to ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR. J. FOSTER, Drumfad House, Fannet


August 29 1856

May 24, at Plymouth, WILLIAM HAMILTON, ESQ., M.D., eldest son of the late REV. WILLIAM HAMILTON, D.D., Rector of Clondavaddock, county Donegal


July 15 1859

June 30, at Stormont, HARRIET BARBARA, the beloved wife of HENRY LETHEM, ESQ., of Fannet, county Donegal


September 9 1859

September 1, at Fannet Glebe, county Donegal, the REV. WILLIAM BAILLIE, LL.D., Rector of the Parish of Clondevaddock, in the Diocese of Raphoe


February 1 1861

January 22, at Portsalon, Ramelton, after a protracted illness, aged 72 years, ELEANOR, relict of DOCTOR McLAUGHLIN, R.N.


May 3 1861

April 25, aged 63 years, MRS. ISABELLA BABINGTON, of Greenfort, county Donegal, relict of the late CAPTAIN HUMPHREY BABINGTON, of the same Place


January 15 1867

On Wednesday last, a man named McGROARTY, from Carrowkeel whilst returning from Letterkenny called into a public house owned by a MR. DUFFY and had a glass of whiskey. He subsequently continued his journey home, when about a mile from the public house, found that he was unable to continue. He was taken into a nearby house where whilst being attended to by DR. THORP, he died.

An inquest jury returned the verdict that he "died from disease of the heart"


April 12 1867

April 4, in Fannet Presbyterian Church, by Rev. John McFarland, brother in law to the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. James Keating, MR. GEORGE WILLIAMS, Dunmore, to ISABELLA, fourth daughter of the late MR. MOSES HAY, Aughadrena


August 21 1868

August 10, at Greenfort, county Donegal, CAROLINE SOPHIA, fourth daughter of the late AMBROSE RIGG, ESQ., of Chichester, Colonel of the Sussex Militia, aged 96 years


March 26 1869

March 11, at Fannet Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. Keating, assisted by the Rev. S.A. Bellis, LL.D., MR. WILLIAM MORTIMER, Carlin, to MISS FANNY REID, daughter of MR. ANDREW REID, merchant, Ramelton



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