Boyce Births, Clondavaddog, Co Donegal


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1. These are not a complete listing

2.  In some cases there are obvious errors on the part of the priest or the clerk who wrote out the information, eg., mistaken first name of one of the spouses. Where he could reasonably figure out the mistake, the correct name was entered.  In other cases, where he could not with assurance correct a possible mistake, it was left it the way it was written
3.  "Carr" is universally used for Carr, Keer, Kerr, Kar and Karre
4. "Deeny" is universally used for Deeney, since that was the preferred spelling in the 1800's in Fanad. "Deeney" seems to be the Kilmacrenan spelling
5.  "Callaghan" is universally used for Callahan
6.  "McAteer" is universally used for McAteer, McTier, McIntire, and McTeer
7.  If anyone has a correction to make, please contact Aloysius

8.  He has kept to children born to those families who have official documentary evidence. He knows of others who may or may not be members of these families, but for the present he can find no paper proof. If anyone has paper proof (baptismal or civil registration documentation),

please contact Aloysius
8.  The date is YYYY-MM-DD format


Births to Boyce Fathers

Sorted by Father, Mother, Child


Date Child Father Mother Godfather Godmother Townland Notes
1859-05-01 Boyce John Boyce Daniel Duffy Bridget Sweeney John Sweeney Mary    
1908-05-04 Boyce Cecilia Boyce Daniel Sheils Catherine Boyce John Friel Cecilia Araheera  
1877-05-04 Boyce Catherine Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget Sweeney James Sheridan Mary Drumany  
1864-04-24 Boyce Daniel Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget Sweeney John Sweeney Anne    
1875-01-07 Boyce Edward Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget     Drumany  
1856-02-14 Boyce Mary Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget Kelly Edward Boyce Catherine    
1870-07-18 Boyce Michael Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget     Drumany  
1871-10-12 Boyce Patrick Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget     Drumany  
1858-11-25 Boyce Patrick Boyce Daniel Sweeney Mary Deeny John Sweeney Anne    
1853-06-04 Boyce Jane Boyce Denis Begley Eleanor Begley Michael Begley Cecilia    
1847-04-08 Boyce John Boyce Denis Begley Eleanor McGinley Patrick Friel Mary Ballyhurke  
1850-01-08 Boyce Margaret Boyce Denis Begley Eleanor McAteer James Carr Anne    
1856-10-12 Boyce Una Boyce Denis Begley Eleanor Sweeney Hugh Begley Mary    
1862-11-05 Boyce Michael Boyce Edward McAteer Eleanor Friel Edward Friel Mary    
1849-10-11 Boyce John Boyce Edward Sweeney Frances Clinton James Callaghan Sarah    
1858-10-03 Boyce Dermott Boyce Edward Sweeney Honora Doherty Thomas Sweeney Bridget    
1853-10-16 Boyce Daniel Boyce Edward Sweeney Mary Callaghan Michael Begley Cecilia    
1856-10-19 Boyce James Boyce Edward Sweeney Nola Carr Hugh Carr Mary    
1847-03-24 Boyce Eleanor Boyce Edward Sweeney Penelope Friel Francis Coyle Eleanor Ballyhurke  
1851-09-14 Boyce Francis Boyce Edward Sweeney Penelope Kelly Patrick Sweeney Mary Ballyhurke  
1864-12-18 Boyce Daniel Boyce Jeremiah Sweeney Mary Sweeney Patrick Kelly Mary   Father = Darby
1854-05-07 Boyce Francis Boyce Jeremiah Sweeney Mary Horrisky Michael Boyce Sally   Father = Darby
1852-03-10 Boyce John Boyce Jeremiah Sweeney Mary Duffy John Gibbons Mary   Father = Darby
1862-05-04 Boyce Sheila Boyce Jeremiah Sweeney Mary Carr John Sweeney Rose   Father = Darby
1880-06-29 Boyce Catherine Boyce John Carr Cecilia Carr Michael Sweeney Mary Drumany  
1877-04-30 Boyce Michael Boyce John Carr Cecilia Boyce James Boyce Cecilia Duntinney  
1853-09-18 Boyce Hugh Boyce John Hagerty Catherine Cannon Thomas Sweeney Anne    
1848-09-03 Boyce Anne Boyce Michael Clinton Margaret Kelly John Duffy Mary    
1855-06-17 Boyce James Boyce Michael Clinton Mary Clinton James Gallagher Sarah    
1852-03-25 Boyce John Boyce Michael Clinton Mary Clinton James Sweeney Honora    
1862-01-02 Boyce Margaret Boyce Michael Clinton Mary Clinton James Sweeney Frances    
1863-02-08 Boyce Mary Boyce Patrick Friel Eleanor Clinton Hugh Boyce Sarah    
1871-01-08 Boyce Anne Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah     Leatbeg  
1858-10-03 Boyce Edward Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah Friel Charles Clinton Catherine Leatbeg  
1865-10-22 Boyce Eleanor Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah     Leatbeg  
1868-04-30 Boyce Patrick Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah     Leatbeg  
1857-03-01 Boyce William Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah Friel Neal Bradley Bridget Leatbeg  
1874-10-20 Boyce Winifred Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah McKiviston James Carr Susan Leatbeg  
1860-07-10 Boyce Sarah Boyce William Stewart Jane Carr Anthony McGinley Cecilia    


Births to Boyce Mothers

Sorted by Mother, Father, Child


Date Child Father Mother Godfather Godmother Townland Notes
1909-11-28 Coyle James Coyle James Boyce Anne Friel James Boyce Una Tully  
1860-03-18 Doherty Mary Doherty John Boyce Anne Martin James Sweeney Susan    
1855-03-18 Meenan Catherine Meenan Charles Boyce Anne Blaney Henry  Griffin Honora    
1848-12-17 Meenan Mary Meenan Charles Boyce Anne Deeny John Doherty Margaret    
1861-09-27 Meenan Sarah Meenan Charles Boyce Anne Clinton Hugh Cannon Mary    
1858-02-02 Clinton James Clinton Hugh Boyce Bridget McGinley John McBride Mary   Died in Ohio 5 June 1937
1865-06-26 Clinton John Clinton Hugh Boyce Bridget McConigly James Clinton Catherine    
1862-11-25 McAteer Anne McAteer Patrick Boyce Bridget Boyce Patrick McFadden Catherine    
1852-12-27 Friel Honora Friel James Boyce Catherine        
1863-08-20 Shiel Patrick Shiel Darby Boyce Catherine Boyce Edward McCloskey Hannah    
1850-04-11 Carr Mary Carr John Boyce Cecilia Horrisky William Clinton Margaret    
1872-04-21 Deeny James Deeny Charles Boyce Grace        
1875-08-02 Deeny Margaret Deeny Charles Boyce Grace Heraghty Denis Boyce Anne    
1889-02-01 Gallagher Maryanne Gallagher Edward Boyce Margaret Friel Francis Friel Eleanor Rosnakill  
1849-10-14 Martin Margaret Martin Roger Boyce Margaret Clinton Edward Clinton Grace    
1854-12-03 Kelly John Kelly Edward Boyce Mary Boyce Darby Kelly Elizabeth    
1856-11-30 McAteer Eleanor McAteer Patrick Boyce Mary Boyce Daniel Boyce Eleanor    
1855-02-20 McAteer James McAteer Patrick Boyce Mary McFadden Patrick McAteer Catherine    
1865-05-11 McAteer Mary McAteer Patrick Boyce Mary Boyce James Boyce Anne    
1861-01-27 McAteer Thomas McAteer Patrick Boyce Mary Boyce James Boyce Eleanor    
1851-06-08 Meenan John Meenan Charles Boyce Mary Meenan James Dorrian Sheila    
1862-03-27 Sweeney Margaret Sweeney John Boyce Mary McGinley Michael Sweeney Susan    
1847-07-18 McAteer James McAteer James Boyce Nola McAteer James Sweeney Anne    
1862-10-29 Kelly James Kelly John Boyce Rose Sweeney James Friel Mary    
1863-02-08 Clinton Anne Clinton Hugh Boyce Sarah McConigly Hugh Sweeney Margaret    
1861-01-20 Kelly Charles Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah Kelly James Clinton Margaret    
1856-11-17 Kelly Daniel Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah Sweeney Edward Kelly Elizabeth    
1858-12-26 Kelly Darby Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah Boyce Daniel Carr Rose    
1870-09-22 Kelly Mary Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah        
1866-08-31 Kelly Michael Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah        
1863-10-21 Kelly Rose Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah Sweeney John Sweeney Mary    
1887-09-21 Callaghan Daniel Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan Shiels Patrick Boyce Mary Fanavolty  
1878-12-20 Callaghan Denis Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan Carr John Carr Bridget Fanavolty  
1871-06-24 Callaghan John Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan     Fanavolty  
1874-05-04 Callaghan Mary Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan Callaghan John Begley Eleanor Fanavolty  
1881-02-07 Callaghan Michael Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan     Fanavolty  
1872-09-14 Callaghan Thomas Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan     Fanavolty  
1876-07-03 Giles Callaghan Callaghan Thomas Boyce Susan Boyce Neal Callaghan Bridget Fanavolty  
1850-01-06 Kelly Cecilia Kelly John Boyce Susan Sweeney John Boyce Cecilia    

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