Clondavaddog Parish Roman Catholic Marriage Register Entries

24 Feb 1847 - 6 Jun 1865

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Important Notes About This Transcription:


1. I have been as careful as possible with this transcription however, the register was very hard to read in places, due to its age, condition and in some cases, the Priest's handwriting.

2. Given names have been converted from Latin to their common English form.

3. Surnames have been transcribed as they were recorded in the register. This means that if you're looking for Begley, you need to check Begley, Begly and Bigley. Kerr and Karr were used throughout the register, but the common form of the name used later is Carr. McAteer is McAteer and McTier. There are other spelling variations, so please check all possible spellings of a surname.

4. If there is any doubt as to the names I have transcribed for any particular marriage, please EMAIL me with the full entry, including date, and I will send a scan of the register entry.

5. The information contained in this transcription is all that was recorded - townland names were not included, nor the name of the fathers/parents of the bride and groom.

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Date Groom Surname Given Bride Surname Given Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Comments
28 Nov 1862 Bar Daniel McTier Bridget      
12 Feb 1850 Begley James Callaghan Anne Begley, John Callaghan, Catherine  
12 Mar 1850 Begley Michael Begley Margaret Begley, James Doherty, Mary  
12 Jan 1851 Begley Patrick Kerr Bridget McBride, James Begley, Mary  
15 Nov 1857 Begly James McGettigan Rose Bigly, John Bigly, Anne  
19 Feb 1854 Bigley John Martyn Elizabeth Kerr, John Bigley, Mary  
6 Feb 1853 Bigley Michael Friel Bridget McGettigan, Roseanna Bigley, John  
20 Feb 1855 Blaney Henry? Gibbons Honorah McConigly, John Lawn, Sarah  
20 Feb 1857 Blaney James Sweeney Catherine Blaney, Michael Sweeney, Margaret  
25 Aug 1863 Blaney John Martin  Bridget Kerr, Hugh Duffy, Bridget  
8 Jan 1855 Blaney Michael Green Sarah Sheerin, Michael ?, Elizabeth  
16 Feb 1861 Blaney Patrick Martin  Mary Martin, James Coyle, Sarah  
7 Feb 1864 Blaney William Carr   Blaney, Hugh Friel, Margaret  
20 Feb 1855 Boyce Daniel Sweeney Bridget Sweeny, John Duffy, Bridget  
4 Mar 1851 Boyce Darby Sweeney Anne McVeigh, James McCurran, Ellen  
23 Feb 1857 Boyce James Boyle Catherine Meenan, Michael McGullaway, Mary  
4 Jun 1865 Boyce Michael Kerr Hannah Coyle, John McAllister, Susan  
30 Jan 1856 Boyce Patrick Friel Sarah Kerr, Neal Friel, Ellen  
27 Mar 1855 Boyce William Gallagher Mary Boyle, John Green, Catherine  
18 Oct 1858 Boyce William McElwee Rose Sheils, James Kerr, Una  
18 Feb 1855 Boyle John Callaghan Bridget Kelly, Denis McAteer, Cecilia  
17 Feb 1863 Boyle John Kerr Sarah      
19 Feb 1853 Boyle John Sheils Mary Sweeney, John Friel, Cecilia  
20 Feb 1855 Boyle Manus Blaney Catherine Blaney, Henry Boyle, Sarah  
15 Jan 1848 Boyle William McGrenahan Bridget      
28 Feb 1854 Bradley Neal Sweeney Mary McDevitt, Charles Kelly, Mary  
25 Jun 1854 Bryan? Hugh McGee Rose Deeny, Edward Doherty, Margaret  
27 Jan 1850 Callaghan Anthony McGinley Una Friel, Daniel Friel, Mary  
15 Feb 1857 Callaghan Bernard Friel Grace Kerr, Edward Friel, Ellen  
8 Feb 1853 Callaghan Daniel McConigly Cecilia Duffy, Daniel McConigly, Una  
31 Jan 1856 Callaghan Daniel McConigly Catherine Callaghan, Michael Callaghan, Sophia  
7 Jan 1850 Callaghan Edward Kerr Rose Meenan, Bernard Boyce, John  
22 Apr 1857 Callaghan James Friel Catherine Sweeney, John Friel, Anne  
6 Oct 1862 Callaghan James Kelly Madge McTier, Francis Kelly, Hannah  
14 Feb 1860 Callaghan James Kerr Mary Callaghan, Charles McGinly, Anne  
5 Feb 1856 Callaghan James Sweeney Winifred Sweeney, Peter Sweeney, Mary  
10 Feb 1861 Callaghan John Dogherty Catherine Martin, John Friel, Sophia  
24 Jan 1864 Callaghan John McAteer Anne McConigly, Thomas McAteer, Bridget  
23 Apr 1863 Callaghan John McCarry Bridget Kerr, John Friel, Mary  
18 Jan 1858 Callaghan John McElwee Grace Cannon, John Cannon, Anne  
16 Jan 1850 Callaghan Manus Sweeney Susan McConiglry, Charles McConigly, Mary  
10 Apr 1858 Callaghan Michael Dorian Honorah Sweeney, James Kerr, Margaret  
2 Feb 1856 Callaghan Michael Friel Ellen McConigly, Charles Friel, Margaret  
26 Feb 1854 Callaghan Patrick Duffy Mary Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Mary  
5 Jul 1854 Cannon Charles Gallagher Bridget Lawn, Sarah Green, Catherine  
7 Feb 1864 Cannon Charles Gibbons Margaret Sweeney, Michael Friel, Ellen  
10 Feb 1852 Cannon Charles McAteer ? Callaghan, John Kelly, Mary  
16 Feb 1854 Cannon Cornelius McCafferty Cecilia Kerr, James Carland, Anne  
6 Jan 1864 Cannon Francis Sweeney Hannah      
13 Feb 1855 Cannon John Kerr Bridget Friel, John Coyle, Anne  
12 Feb 1861 Cannon John McGillaway Sarah McEntire, Patrick Lafferty, Ellen  
15 Feb 1855 Cannon John Ward Catherine Deeny, Daniel Coyle, Margaret  
8 Feb 1854 Cannon Michael Coyle Elizabeth McAteer, Patrick McAteer, Sarah  
23 Aug 1852 Cannon Michael McGroarty Mar? Gibbins, Hannah Devlin, Ellen  
8 Dec 1856 Canny John Sweeney Madge Friel, John McElwee, Mary  
26 Jan 1848 Caulfield Bernard Dunneen Madge      
1 Jul 1852 Caulfield Patrick Lougue Catherine Doherty, James Gallagher, Bridget  
2 Mar 1851 Clinton Edward Callaghan Catherine Gallagher, John Callaghan, Catherine  
17 Feb 1857 Clinton Hugh Boyce Bridget Kerr, Neal Friel, Honora  
11 Oct 1849 Clinton James Sweeney Frances McFeeters, Daniel Sweeney, Lena  
21 Jan 1851 Clinton John Sweeney Anne Sweeney, Edward Coll, Mary  
12 Feb 1850 Co? Bernard McGinley Ellen McElwee, Peter McConny, John  
8 Feb 1853 Coll Charles Griffin Una McAteer, James Green, Mary  
27 Jan 1856 Coll Daniel Cullen Catherine Shivlan, Hugh Dorian, Honora  
4 Feb 1856 Coll Daniel Deeny Margaret Gallagher, Catherine Dorian, Honora  
5 Feb 1850 Coll Daniel Duffy Mary Duffy, John Gibbins, Mary  
5 Apr 1864 Coll Daniel Friel Mary Friel, Stephen Blaney, Hugh  
9 Sep 1850 Coll Daniel McGrorty Catherine Friel, Fergus Coll, Mary  
26 Nov 1854 Coll Edward McFaddin Catherine Friel, John Ward, Mary  
13 Jun 1850 Coll Hugh McElwaine Mary Gallagher, John Gallagher, Mary  
5 Feb 1856 Coll Hugh Ward Catherine McSwine, Daniel McGlashin, Mary  
3 Nov 1847 Coll John McGinly Margaret Coll, William McAteer, Bridget  
15 Jan 1859 Coyle Charles Carolan Anne McVey, Hugh Sheil, Anne  
6 Mar 1859 Coyle Hugh Strain Catherine Strain, Hugh Sweeney, Bridget  
26 May 1864 Coyle John Love Mary Anne McBride, Charles Sweeney, Margaret  
11 Feb 1858 Coyle John McAley Sarah Coyle, Daniel Coyle, Catherine  
16 Feb 1858 Coyle John McLay Sarah Sweeney, William Sweeney, Sarah  
8 Oct 1851 Coyle Michael Cannon Mary Cannon, Michael Sweeney, Ellen  
20 Feb 1855 Coyle Neal Sheils Margaret Sheils, Edward Sheils, Susan  
11 Feb 1850 Coyle Shane Sheil Catherine Friel, John McGrenahan, Patrick  
8 Feb 1853 Coyle Stephen Coyle Mary Coyle, William Doherty, Bridget  
30 Jan 1855 Coyle William Cannon Ellen Kerr, Michael Sheil. Mary  
1 Jan 1864 Cullen Charles Ward Mary Price, William Dunion, Anne  
22 Feb 1859 Cullen Daniel Whoriskey Hannah Kely, James McCarron, Sarah  
16 Feb 1854 Cullen Edward McFaddin Mary McClosky, John McClosky, Sarah  
30 Oct 1854 Cullen Patrick Gillespey Sarah Kerr, Daniel Green, Catherine  
3 Apr 1854 Cullian Daniel Durnion Mary Sheerin, Charles Lawn, Sarah  
26 Jun 1864 Deeny Charles McGinley Sarah Sweeney, Hugh Hay, Isabella  
5 Feb 1856 Deeny Hugh McAteer Mary McElwane, John Coll, Anne  
18 Jan 1857 Deeny Hugh McBride Anne McAteer, Daniel Ferry, Mary  
4 Dec 1849 Deeny James McGarvey Susan Boyce, Daniel McBride, Catherine  
15 Feb 1848 Deeny James Sweeney Grace      
15 Feb 1855 Deeny John Coll Catherine Coll, James Coll, Susan  
12 Sep 1858 Deeny John Diver Mary Deenees?, Daniel Kerr, Mary Ellen  
7 Feb 1850 Deeny Peter Griffin Bridget Griffin, Hugh Griffin, Anne  
10 Dec 1858 Denees Daniel Coyle Bridget Martin, Michael Dorian, Sheila  
2 Feb 1854 Doherty Charles Coll Catherine Deeny, James Doherty, Mary  
8 Jul 1853 Doherty Charles McMacken Catherine Gibbon, John Gibbons, Honorah  
29 Jan 1849 Doherty Daniel Callahan Catherine McGinly, Edward Doherty, Charles  
17 Feb 1863 Doherty Daniel Sheil Catherine      
5 Feb 1856 Doherty Denis Griffin Mary Griffin, John Doherty, Honora  
15 Feb 1857 Doherty Edward Sweeney Mary Kelly, Denis Doherty, Ellen  
16 Dec 1847 Doherty Hugh Friel Grace      
10 Feb 1863 Doherty Hugh McBride Margaret      
4 Jul 1848 Doherty Hugh Sweeney Bridget McDermott, John McDermott, Mary  
10 Feb 1852 Doherty James Sheerin Roseanne Deeny, Edward Gibbons, Hannah  
10 Feb 1857 Doherty John Coll Cecilia Kerr, John Coll, Cecilia  
23 Jun 1856 Doherty John Sweeney Ellen Benett, Daniel Benett, Margaret  
10 Feb 1859 Doherty Miles Friel Anne Sweeney, James Friel, Ellen  
4 Mar 1851 Doherty Patrick Kerr Mary O'Connor, Charles Logue, Mary  
24 Nov 1864 Doherty Thomas Friel Ellen Kerr, Francis McGarvey, Madge  
18 Aug 1851 Doherty William Callaghan Bridget McCarron, Daniel McCarron, Anne  
8 Feb 1853 Doherty William McAteer Mary Gallagher, Catherine Gallagher, Bridget  
1 Oct 1849 Donnelly Patrick Karr Maryanne Sweeney, Ellen Callaghan, Mary  
16 Oct 1861 Dorian Daniel McLaughlin Susan Boyle, Neal McCafferty  
31 Aug 1856 Dorian Hugh Gallagher Catherine Cannon, John Kerr, Catherine  
3 Mar 1851 Dorian Hugh Sweeney Anne Deeny, Peter Deeny, Mary  
23 Feb 1857 Dougherty Michael McAveigh Mary Dougherty, John Friel, Ellen  
26 Feb 1865 Duffy Bernard Sweeney Catherine      
8 Feb 1853 Duffy Charles Duffy Bridget Duffy, Daniel Duffy, Catherine  
5 Feb 1856 Duffy Charles Hart? Margaret Kerr, Daniel Cullen, Anne  
16 Aug 1857 Duffy Daniel Alcorn Mary Friel, James Quigly, Bridget  
11 Feb 1861 Duffy Daniel Martin  Bridget McAteer, John Martin, Sarah  
15 Feb 1863 Duffy James Gamble Joanna      
21 Jan 1850 Duffy John Cannon Margaret Sweeney, John Kerr, Michael  
7 Mar 1848 Duffy John Gibbins Mary      
15 Feb 1857 Duffy John McConigly Catherine Doherty, Philip McConnell, Mary  
5 Feb 1856 Duffy John McGroarty Anne Duffy, John Duffy, Honora  
26 Apr 1852 Duffy Michael McGee Mary McAteer, John Gallagher, Mary  
11 Dec 1859 Duffy Richard Doherty Mary      
28 Feb 1859 Duffy William Sweeney Mary Duffy, John Gallagher, Anne  
10 Jan 1863 Dugan Anthony McGranaghan Grace McGranahan, Michael Dorian, Bridget  
7 Feb 1861 Duggan Hugh McGinly Honoria Gallagher, John Friel, Anne  
2 Feb 1853 Dunleavy Daniel Kerr Catherine McAteer, Hugh Kerr, Mary  
4 Aug 1863 Dunlevy Anthony Sheerin Bridget Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine  
18 Oct 1849 Dunlevy James O'Brien Catherine Sweeney, Miles McBride, Catherine  
27 Oct 1859 Dunnion Anthony Duffy Mary Duffy, Bernard Duffy, Anne  
27 Feb 1855 Feilty John Callaghan Bridget Fielty, Patrick McConigly, Catherine  
30 Jan 1853 Feilty Neal Sweeney Madge Sweeney, Charles McConigly, Bridget  
14 Nov 1861 Ferry Hugh McAteer Mary McPaul, James McAteer, Catherine  
10 Feb 1861 Fielty John Friel Una Sheil, Humphrey Sheil, Mary  
5 Feb 1853 Fielty Michael Friel Margaret Sheils, Daniel Coyle, Bridget  
28 Feb 1865 Fielty Stephen Callaghan Catherine      
16 Feb 1858 Fielty Thomas Kerr Mary Kerr, Denis Kerr, Anne  
11 Feb 1858 Friel Aeneas Kerr Margaret Kerr, Peter McBride, Margaret  
20 Nov 1853 Friel Anthony Friel Grace Ward, Cornelius McAteer, Sarah  
26 Sep 1852 Friel Anthony Sweeney Sarah McAteer, John Friel, Bridget  
28 Nov 1853 Friel Bernard McElwee Ellen Doherty, John Diver, Mary  
7 Feb 1858 Friel Charles Clinton Catherine Friel, James Friel, Margaret  
9 Feb 1864 Friel Charles Coll Bridget Martin, Charles Friel, Margaret  
21 Feb 1854 Friel Charles Kerr Mary Friel, John Kerr, Grace  
28 Feb 1865 Friel Charles McGettigan Catherine Martin, James Deeny, Mary  
9 Feb 1864 Friel Daniel Friel Mary McGinly, John McGinly, Grace  
8 Feb 1854 Friel Daniel McBride Catherine McConigley, Thomas Meenan, Ellen  
12 Feb 1850 Friel Daniel Sheil Anne Coll, Hugh Coll, Mary  
12 Feb 1861 Friel Darby Sheil Susan      
9 Feb 1864 Friel Edward Callaghan Rose Carolin, John Sweeney, Anne  
14 Jan 1860 Friel Edward Friel Grace Boyle, Neal ?, Bridget  
23 Jan 1851 Friel Edward Kerr Ellen Bartles, Michael Freil, George  
5 Feb 1856 Friel Edward McGinly Anne Friel, Edward Martyn, Bridget  
11 Feb 1850 Friel Fergus? Friel Mary Shevlin, Hugh Gallagher, Mary  
3 Feb 1850 Friel Francis Karr Hannah Karr, Jeremiah Karr, Bridget  
2 Mar 1862 Friel Francis Sweeney Susan Begly, James Sweeney, Ellen  
16 Feb 1858 Friel George Friel Mary Friel, John Friel, Margaret  
31 Jan 1856 Friel Hugh Gallagher Margaret Doherty, Edward Kerr, Catherine  
6 Feb 1853 Friel Hugh Gibbins Susan Friel, John Martyn, Ellen  
22 Feb 1857 Friel Hugh Griffin Catherine Griffin, Patrick Dohert, Ellen  
11 Jan 1854 Friel Hugh McAteer Anne Friel, Patrick Friel, John  
3 Feb 1852 Friel James Boyce Catherine Friel, John Coyle, Bridget  
5 Sep 1850 Friel James Callaghan Mary Gallagher, John Gallagher, Mary  
21 Feb 1854 Friel James Doherty Mary Griffin, Hugh Doherty, Mary  
10 Feb 1858 Friel James Friel Sarah Blaney, Hugh Boyle, Honoria  
16 Feb 1858 Friel James Friel Winifred Blaney, Hugh Gillespy, Ellen  
10 May 1865 Friel James Friel Mary? McAteer, John Sweeney, James  
10 Feb 1850 Friel Jeremiah McTier Margaret McTier, Daniel McTier, Margaret  
8 Jun 1857 Friel John Callaghan Cecilia Dorian, Thomas Connaghan, Catherine  
5 Feb 1861 Friel John Friel Catherine Meenan, Hugh Martin, Mary  
6 Oct 1861 Friel John Friel Una McG?, John Friel, Una  
9 Feb 1864 Friel John Friel Bridget Begley, John McTier, Ellen  
28 Feb 1854 Friel John McElwane Bridget Friel, George Gallagher, Catherine  
16 Feb 1858 Friel John McGinly Cecilia Meenan, Hugh Friel, Bridget  
29 Aug 1847 Friel John McGrenahan Ellen McGrenahan, William Sweeney, Madge  
4 Mar 1862 Friel Maurice McAteer Catherine McConigly, Hugh McConigly, Una  
24 Feb 1857 Friel Michael Friel Mary Kelly, John Kelly, Madge  
26 May 1850 Friel Michael Gibbons Margaret Gallagher, John Gallagher, Mary  
24 Feb 1852 Friel Michael McAteer Anne Sweeney, James Sweeney, Margaret  
12 Feb 1861 Friel Michael Sweeney Anne Dogherty, John Arkwright, Mary  
13 Feb 1850 Friel Owen Friel Sarah Friel, Fargal Doherty, Mary  
24 Jun 1848 Friel Patrick Campbell Catherine Friel, Dorothy Sweeney, Bridget  
11 Jan 1857 Friel Patrick Friel Honorah Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine  
4 Jan 1853 Friel Patrick Gallagher Mary McAteer, John McAteer, Mary  
6 Feb 1848 Friel Patrick Kerr Grace      
11 Feb 1850 Friel Patrick Kerr Mary Coll, Daniel Coll, Mary  
11 Feb 1858 Friel Patrick Kerr Honorah Bigly, Patrick Boyle, Honoria  
16 Feb 1858 Friel Patrick Kerr Sarah Kerr, John Friel, Anne  
22 Jan 1857 Friel Stephen Sweeney Madge Friel, Roger McGinly, Mary  
17 Feb 1863 Friel   Coyle (Sheil) Norah      
5 Jul 1853 Gallagher Charles Kerr Honorah Doherty, Charles Kerr, Bridget  
20 Feb 1849 Gallagher Francis McAteer Bridget McGlashan, James McGlashan, Mary  
21 Jan 1861 Gallagher Francis McAteer Sheila Blaney, Hugh Dunlevy, Anne  
13 Feb 1859 Gallagher Francis Sheil Isabella O'Donnell, William Kerr, Mary  
25 Feb 1851 Gallagher Hugh Kerr Catherine Kerr, John Martin, Elizabeth  
16 Jun 1856 Gallagher James Boyle Anne Boyle, Mary Boyle, John  
15 Jan 1859 Gallagher John McTier Sarah McTier, D? McTier, Anne  
16 Feb 1858 Gallagher Michael McGinly Anne McGroarty, Edward Sweeney, Bridget  
8 Feb 1862 Gallagher Patrick Kerr Ellen Kerr, Daniel Meenan, Catherine  
18 May 1849 Gallagher Patrick Sheil Mary Gallagher, John Gibbons, Catherine  
16 Feb 1851 Gallagher Peter McGinley Bridget McCarron, Patrick Gallagher, Mary  
5 Oct 1864 Gallagher Thomas McHugh Mary Doherty, Edward Deeny, Mary  
10 Feb 1858 Gallagher William McGinly Anne McGroarty, John McGinly, Mary  
18 Feb 1855 Gavahan John Sweeney Margaret Coll, James McGinly, Anne  
8 Feb 1853 Gavahan William Friel Anne Martyn, John Friel, Mary  
8 Feb 1850 Gibbins Michael McCarron Margaret Sweeney, Michael Gibbins, Charles  
20 Feb 1855 Gibbons Charles O'Donnell Susan Kerr, James McGarvey, Mary  
12 Feb 1850 Gibbons James McTier Sarah McTier, John McTier, Margaret  
9 May 1850 Gibbons Patrick Friel Catherine Shivlan, Hugh Gibbons, Unity  
8 Feb 1854 Gibbons William Kerr Elizabeth Gibbons, John Duffy, Daniel  
23 Feb 1857 Givin James Coyle Anne Ward, Peter Ward, Anne  
9 Jan 1849 Gowland John Sweeney Jenetta      
22 Jan 1854 Green Daniel Coll Mary McAteer, Daniel McAteer, Anne  
30 Jul 1863 Grier James Friel Una McBride, William McFadden, Catherine  
21 Jun 1864 Griffin Edward McGroarty Una Cannon, Patrick Duffy, John  
3 Jan 1859 Griffin Hugh McClafferty Mary McGinly, John Doherty, Anne  
1 Aug 1854 Griffin Michael Deeny Mary Griffin, Hugh Deeny, Catherine  
11 Feb 1858 Griffin Michael McAteer Sarah McAteer, Patrick McAteer, Ellen  
24 Jan 1865 Griffin Patrick Callaghan Mary Kerr, James Martin, Mary  
19 Apr 1847 Griffin Patrick Sherrin? Bridget McGarvey, Maurice Sweeney, Bridget  
22 Feb 1857 Griffin Patrick Sweeney Mary Kerr, John Diver, Anne  
16 Feb 1858 Hagon Michael Sweeney Sarah Sweeney, John Sweeney, Catherine  
5 Feb 1861 Harkin James Friel Catherine      
18 Oct 1864 Harkin Manus McTier Catherine McAteer, Patrick Meenan, Ellen  
9 Feb 1851 Harkin Patrick Kelly Grace Sweeney, Edward Kelly, Catherine  
26 Nov 1857 Hart John Gallagher Honorah Sweeney, Charles McGarvey, Mary  
30 Apr 1849 Heraghty Hugh McElwee Bridget McElwee, Peter    
10 Jun 1858 Jackson James Duffy Anne Duffy, John McElwee, Sarah  
4 Mar 1851 Karr Daniel Karr Catherine Karr, Peter Sweeney, Ellen  
22 Jan 1861 Karr Hugh Kelly Grace Kelly, John Kelly, Catherine  
7 Feb 1850 Karr James Karr Mary Karr, Patrick Karr, Bridget  
10 Feb 1850 Karr James Sweeney Mary Dunnion, Anthony Friel, Catherine  
10 Feb 1850 Karr Michael Coll Catherine Karr, Michael Sweeney, Una  
7 Feb 1850 Karr Michael Sweeney Ellen Sweeney, Patrick Sweeney, Mary  
12 Feb 1850 Karr Patrick Karr Anne Karr, Michael Karr, Bridget  
2 Dec 1855 Keilan Thomas Cullion Madge Blaney, Hugh Mcgarvey, Anne  
24 Feb 1852 Kelly Charles Deeny Anne Duffy, Edward Sweeny, Unity  
20 Feb 1849 Kelly Daniel Cannon Anne McCarron, Timothy Kelly, Mary  
22 Oct 1854 Kelly Daniel Kerr Mary Gibbons, William Coyle, Bridget  
28 Nov 1857 Kelly Dominick McElwee Mary Sherrin, James Sherrin, Anne  
23 Feb 1854 Kelly Edward Boyce Sarah Marshal, John Marshal, Mary Anne  
22 Feb 1853 Kelly Edward Coll Catherine Battles, Michael Duffy, John  
9 Jan 1855 Kelly Edward Coll Grace Friel, John Clinton, Anne  
23 Feb 1857 Kelly Edward Kelly Elizabeth Boyle, Edward McGinly, Cecilia  
3 Dec 1863 Kelly Edward McGinley Bridget Kerr, Bernard Duffy, Bridget  
24 Jun 1859 Kelly Edward Sweeney Catherine McConigly, Francis Martin, Catherine  
10 Jan 1864 Kelly Emmanuel McGinley Sheila Kerr, Miles Coll, Anne  
10 Feb 1850 Kelly Jeremiah Gibbons Mary Dogherty, John Heraghty, Mary  
23 May 1859 Kelly John Kelly Ellen Martin, Michael Martin, Mary  
24 Jun 1859 Kelly John Kelly Catherine Gallagher, John Martin, Sarah  
20 Feb 1855 Kelly John Rogers? Anne Jackson, John Dorian, Catherine  
8 Mar 1859 Kelly Michael Kelly Margaret Kelly, John Kelly, Catherine  
3 Jun 1849 Kelly William McClafferty Bridget Gallagher, John Gallagher, Mary  
11 Feb 1858 Kennedy James Friel Sarah Kenedy, John McGinly, Mary  
16 Feb 1858 Kennedy James Friel Cecilia McGinly, Hugh McGinly, Catherine  
16 Feb 1858 Kennedy Patrick Gallagher Sophia Coyle, John Coyle, Sophia  
3 Mar 1851 Kerr Aeneas Fielty Mary Kerr, Daniel Fielty, Catherine  
3 Feb 1852 Kerr Anthony Carland Bridget Kerr, Edward Loughrey, John  
30 Nov 1861 Kerr Bernard Cullan Rose Cullen, James    
24 Feb 1852 Kerr Bernard Kerr Elizabeth Sweeney, Hugh Sweeney, Catherine  
16 Feb 1858 Kerr Bernard Sweeney Catherine Kerr, James Kerr, Mary  
11 Feb 1857 Kerr Daniel Cullen Sarah Dorian, Thomas Grannaghan?, Catherine  
26 Nov 1863 Kerr Daniel Friel Catherine Sweeney, Charles McElwane, Mary  
2 Mar 1851 Kerr Darby Coll Mary Kerr, Michael Kerr, Catherine  
12 Feb 1865 Kerr Darby Friel Bridget Sheil, John Friel, Mary  
16 Feb 1858 Kerr Denis Coyle Margaret Coyle, ? Coyle, Mary  
29 Mar 1857 Kerr Denis Sweeney Mary Gibbons, James McIntyre, Catherine  
2 Jun 1861 Kerr Edward Friel Isabella McAteer, John Quigly, Ellen  
20 Feb 1855 Kerr Edward Martyn Anne Kerr, Thonas Dorian, Mary  
25 Nov 1854 Kerr Edward McCarron Catherine Coll, John Green, Catherine  
13 Apr 1847 Kerr Edward McFaddin Marjory Friel, Anthony McGinly, Mary  
31 Jan 1864 Kerr Edward McGranaghan Ellen Friel, Hugh Kerr, mary  
11 Dec 1852 Kerr Edward Meenan Anne Duffy, Edward Meenan, Catherine  
7 Feb 1864 Kerr Edward Sheil Joanna      
17 Feb 1857 Kerr Edward Sweeney Catherine Sweeny, John Sweeney, Ellen  
8 Feb 1853 Kerr Henry? Sheils Grace McAteer, John Gallagher, Catherine  
7 Feb 1858 Kerr Hugh Kelly Mary Kerr, Hugh Kelly, Ellen  
7 Apr 1850 Kerr Hugh Kerr Mary Blaney, George Blaney, Mary  
10 Feb 1858 Kerr Hugh McAteer Cecilia Kerr, Hugh Sweeney, Anne  
17 Feb 1863 Kerr Hugh McGowan Ellen      
8 Sep 1861 Kerr Hugh Meenan Mary Kerr, James Kerr, Anne  
20 Feb 1862 Kerr James ? Madge Boyce, Daniel McGinly, Catherine  
30 Jan 1853 Kerr James Clinton Anne Kerr, Denis McElwane, Madge moved into the North of Ireland
10 Jan 1864 Kerr James Coll Mary Boyce, Daniel Sweeney, Mary  
22 Feb 1852 Kerr James Gibbons Rose Kerr, Denis Kerr, Cecilia  
2 Nov 1857 Kerr James Kerr Ellen Blaney, Hugh Bigly, Anne  
16 Feb 1858 Kerr James Kerr Catherine Blaney, Neal Sweeney, Honora  
14 Feb 1858 Kerr James Martyn Mary Kerr, Edward Martyn, Catherine  
9 Oct 1853 Kerr James McAteer Bridget Friel, Patrick Gallagher, Mary  
18 Feb 1855 Kerr James McBride Honorah McGranahan, Patrick Sweeney, Cecilia  
17 Feb 1855 Kerr James McConigly Bridget McConigly, Thomas Callaghan, Anne  
9 Mar 1851 Kerr James McGarvey? Bridget McGarvey, Michael Meenan, Mary  
8 Feb 1850 Kerr Jeremiah Sheil Mary Friel, James Friel, Patrick  
20 Feb 1859 Kerr Joh McAteer Margaret Doherty, Charles Kerr, Bridget  
12 Feb 1861 Kerr John Begley Catherine Sweeney, John Mc?, Mary]  
27 Feb 1849 Kerr John Boyce Cecilia Coll, James Coll, Catherine  
8 Feb 1853 Kerr John Coll Cecilia Callaghan, Patrick Sweeney, Una  
9 Jul 1850 Kerr John Coyle Mary Gallagher, John Martin, Anne  
28 Feb 1854 Kerr John Duffy Catherine Kerr, Edward Kerr, Mary  
24 Mar 1861 Kerr John Fielty Cecilia Kerr, Denis Kerr, Anne  
12 Jan 1848 Kerr John Gallagher Isabella      
22 Feb 1852 Kerr John Kerr Roseanne Friel, Patrick Cannon, Margaret  
20 Feb 1855 Kerr John Kerr Anne Kerr, Michael Coll, Margaret  
18 Feb 1857 Kerr John Kerr Ellen Kerr, Denis Kerr, Ellen  
24 Feb 1852 Kerr John McGinley Mary ?, John Martyn, Elizabeth  
12 Jun 1852 Kerr John McGroarty Susan Dorian, Hugh McAteer, Mary  
13 Mar 1849 Kerr John Meenan Susan McGarvey, John McGra?, Mary  
24 Feb 1852 Kerr Manus Gallagher Sarah Kerr, James Kerr, Bridget  
4 Nov 1850 Kerr Manus McElwaine Isabella Gallagher, John Sheil, Bridget  
8 Feb 1853 Kerr Michael Callaghan Catherine Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine  
24 Feb 1857 Kerr Michael Coyle Anne Kerr, Denis Sweeney, Bridget  
14 Dec 1850 Kerr Michael Friel Madge Sweeney, Hugh Sweeney, Susan  
3 Mar 1851 Kerr Michael McBride Bridget Sheils, John Sheils, Catherine  
8 Apr 1849 Kerr Michael McGinly Cecilia Boyce, Denis Begley, Grace  
20 Jan 1859 Kerr Michael Sheil Anne Sheil, Darby Sheil, Susan  
3 Dec 1861 Kerr Miles Sweeney Mary Duffy, John Meenan, Catherine  
6 Jun 1865 Kerr Owen Doherty Sarah Kerr, Catherine Logue, Mary  
14 Oct 1849 Kerr Patrick Friel Bridget Friel, Hugh Kerr, John  
12 Feb 1854 Kerr Patrick Kerr Mary Kerr, John McGarvey, Ellen  
4 Mar 1862 Kerr Thomas McGroarty Susan      
11 Mar 1850 Kerr Thomas Sheil Catherine Sheil, James Kerr, Eneas  
20 Oct 1855 Logan Michael Bigley Rebecca McGettigan, Manus Bigly, Mary  
18 Feb 1852 Logue Hugh Kerr Bridget Kerr, ?Joseph Bigley, Anne  
5 Aug 1849 Logue Patrick Doherty Mary McVeigh, Daniel Gibbons, Mary  
2 May 1847 Logue Patrick Kerr Margaret Logue, Sara Coyle, Anne  
19 Feb 1857 Louge Anthony McGettigan Winifred Deeny, Patrick Deeny, Mary  
1 Feb 1864 Loughead Charles Boyle Sarah Sweeney, John Doherty, Margaret  
11 Apr 1852 Loughry Owen Kerr Jane Gibbins, Mary Gibbins, Hannah  
18 Dec 1859 Lynagh James Sweeney Mary Ward, Hugh McElwee, Margaret  
8 Apr 1856 Madden Michael Dorian Catherine Kennedy, James Benett, Anne  
8 Dec 1857 Marley Peter Dorian Cecilia Gallagher, James Sweeney, Catherine  
10 Feb 1861 Martin Daniel Begley Una Begly, James Martin, Mary  
7 Mar 1848 Martin Edward Sweeney Susan      
24 Jan 1865 Martin James Deeny Mary Friel, Charles McGettigan, Catherine  
18 Jun 1859 Martin Jeremiah McConigly Bridget McAteer, James Martin, Sarah Family moved to Scotland c1870
15 Feb 1852 Martin John Friel Mary Coyle, Hugh Martin, Ellen  
20 Jan 1863 Martin John Friel Hannah Martin, Hugh McElwane, Anne  
2 Mar 1862 Martin John Whoriskey Elizabeth O'Donnell, Anthony O'Donnell, Mary  
2 Mar 1854 Martyn Charles Duffy Margaret Martyn, James Martyn, Cecilia  
26 Feb 1854 Martyn Charles McGinley Una McLoughlin, Edward Friel, Margaret  
9 Jan 1856 Martyn Hugh Blaney Catherine Blaney, Hugh Doherty, Catherine  
9 May 1858 Martyn James Deeny Catherine Kerr, Hugh Doherty, Mary  
10 Oct 1858 Martyn James Green Sophia Kerr, John Kerr, Mary  
26 Feb 1854 Martyn Neal McGowan Grace Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine  
16 Feb 1858 McAlister Daniel McAteer Bridget Friel, Daniel Callaghan, Mary  
13 Feb 1855 McAteer Charles Friel Mary McAteer, John Sweeney, Catherine  
5 Feb 1856 McAteer Daniel Green Madge Deeny, James McAteer, Anne  
4 Jul 1858 McAteer Daniel Kerr Catherine Friel, Manus Begly, Ellen  
5 Jul 1855 McAteer Daniel McAteer Mary McAteer, Edward Friel, Catherine  
6 Feb 1853 McAteer Denis Griffin Margaret McAvoy, Daniel Green, Grace  
11 Mar 1855 McAteer Edward Begley Bridget Kerr, Thonas Kerr, Bridget  
26 Jun 1853 McAteer Edward McAteer Honorah McAteer, Daniel McAteer, Mary  
5 Feb 1856 McAteer Francis Sweeney Margaret Kerr, James Kelly, Anne  
13 Jul 1848 McAteer George Sweeney Ellen Clinton, Emanuel Kerr, Hugh  
26 Feb 1854 McAteer Hugh Martyn Martha McAteer, Daniel Martyn,Nabla  
13 Jan 1851 McAteer James Friel Mary Gallagher, John Friel, Edward  
26 Feb 1852 McAteer James Griffin Anne Griffin, Michael Gallagher, Mary  
24 Feb 1852 McAteer James McDonnell Mary Sweeney, Hugh Sweeney, Catherine  
30 Jan 1848 McAteer James McGlackin Mary      
24 Nov 1850 McAteer Jeremiah Clinton Ellen Gallagher, John Clinton, Grace  
12 Feb 1854 McAteer John Kerr Mary McAteer, Hugh Friel, Sarah  
2 Feb 1856 McAteer John McAteer Sarah Kelly, John Gallagher, Catherine  
18 Jun 1859 McAteer John McAteer Sarah McAteer, Edward Martin, Sarah  
18 Nov 1850 McAteer John Sweeney Winifred McAteer, Edward McAteer, Hannah  
25 Jan 1861 McAteer Manus Friel Sarah Doherty, James Bigly, Mary  
18 Feb 1855 McAteer Manus Sweeney Catherine McDermott, James Doherty, Anne  
18 Jan 1849 McAteer Patrick Coll Anne      
1 Apr 1861 McAteer Patrick Coll Ellen Friel, Charles Friel, Ellen  
2 Mar 1862 McAteer Patrick McAteer Anne Sweeney, James McAteer, Mary  
22 Feb 1857 McAteer Patrick McGinly Winifred Kelly, Manus Carland, Anne  
26 Nov 1849 McAteer Thomas Friel Bridget Bradley, John Sweeney, Mages?  
10 Jan 1858 McAteer Thomas Kerr Honorah Dorian, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine  
19 Nov 1854 McAteer Thomas McAvoy Catherine McAvoy, Hugh McAvoy, Mary  
15 Feb 1863 McAteer Thomas McConigly Sarah Friel, Edward O'Donnell, Ellen  
21 Oct 1861 McAteer Thomas McGettigan Bridget Dorian, Edward Dorian, Bridget  
28 Feb 1854 McAvoy Daniel Friel Margaret Doherty, Hugh Friel, Anne  
29 Apr 1852 McAvoy James McBride Catherine Kerr, Cecilia Gibbins, Hannah  
8 Mar 1859 McBride Francis Friel Catherine McBride, Neal Mc?, Catherine  
22 Feb 1857 McBride James Friel Ellen McBride, Neal McBride, Grace  
24 Jan 1865 McBride James Kerr Susan McBride, Charles Sheerin, Sarah  
3 Mar 1851 McBride James McGlashan Catherine McBride, Daniel McBride, Mary  
15 Feb 1857 McBride John Callaghan Sophia McBride, Neal Callaghan, Mary  
20 Feb 1859 McBride John Friel Mary Sheil, James McBride, Mary  
24 Apr 1857 McBride John Kerr Bridget Kerr, Daniel Sweeny, Ellen  
20 Feb 1855 McBride Neal Harkin? Anne McBride, Michael McBride, Anne  
18 Jun 1853 McCafferty Charles Kerr Mary McElwane, Neal Kerr, Bridget  
18 Jan 1857 McCafferty Daniel Kerr Bridget McGinly, Charles McAteer, Ellen  
15 Feb 1863 McCafferty Edward Friel        
8 Jan 1854 McCany Edward Boyle Mary Kerr, Denis Boyle, Ellen  
14 Jun 1857 McCany John McElwane Margaret Clinton, James McGlin, Susan  
12 Feb 1861 McCarron Charles McAteer Bridget Boyle, Edward McAteer, Ellen  
28 Feb 1859 McCarron Charles McCarron Sheila Sweeney, Peter Friel, Margaret  
20 Feb 1849 McCarron Daniel Sweeney Anne Callaghan, Daniel Coyle, Mary  
24 Jun 1859 McCarron Edward McCoy Anne McAteer, John Carr, Catherine  
20 Feb 1859 McCarron James Sweeney Sarah McGinley, Hugh McGinley, Catherine  
24 Feb 1851 McCarron John Kerr Catherine McGranahan, Patrick McCongly, Catherine  
26 Feb 1865 McCarron Patrick Kelly Elizabeth      
24 Jan 1856 McCarron Stephen McGinly Anne McGinly, Charles McCarron, Bridget  
18 Jun 1859 McCarron Thomas Friel Margaret Sweeney, James Gallagher, Sarah  
10 Feb 1861 McCarron William McCarron Honoria Mc?, Patrick McCarron, Bridget  
4 Mar 1862 McCawhill? Bernard Sweeney Margaret Logue, William Campbell, Susan  
14 Aug 1856 McCay John Friel Anne Kennedy, John Kerr, Mary  
16 Feb 1858 McClafferty Edward Coyle Bridget McClafferty, James McClafferty, Anne  
10 Feb 1850 McClafferty James Sweeney Susan McClafferty, James Doherty, Mary  
19 Feb 1851 McCloskey Hugh Friel Hannah McCarron, Edward Callaghan, Anne  
23 Apr 1865 McConagly Daniel McHugh Ellen Callaghan, Daniel Logue, Mary  
28 Feb 1865 McConagly John Sweeney Roseanne Sweeney, John McConagly, Michael  
8 Feb 1854 McConigley Bernard McConigley Una? Sweeney, John Sweeney, Mary  
12 Jan 1854 McConigly Charles Callaghan Rose McConigley, Thomas Callaghan, Mary  
19 Feb 1863 McConigly Daniel Sweeney Catherine      
15 Feb 1852 McConigly Francis Clinton Catherine McCongly, John McConigly, Mary  
2 Dec 1850 McConigly John Callaghan Bridget Duffy, John McConigly, Catherin  
11 Feb 1855 McConigly John Doherty Winifred Friel, John Dunlevy, Catherine  
19 Feb 1852 McConigly John McConigly Catherine McAteer, John McAteer, Anne  
2 Nov 1856 McConigly John McConigly Cecilia McAteer, Patrick Sweeney, Cecilia  
18 Jan 1857 McConigly Michael Kennedy? Ellen Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Mary  
18 Feb 1849 McConnellogue William Dorrian Mary Coyle, James McBride, Mary  
5 Feb 1849 McConnigly John Friel Anne Doherty, Susan Martin, John  
7 Apr 1864 McDavid Neal McAteer Grace McAteer, Patrick McDavid, Hugh  
6 Jan 1864 McDonnell Charles Dorian Sheila