1834 Tithe Applotment Book - Clondavaddog Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Clondavaddog, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



ALCORN Ann Glynsk
ALCORN Arthur Glynsk
ALCORN James, Sen. Leat Hill
ALCORN John Glynsk
ALCORN John Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
ALCORN Patrick Glynsk
ALCORN Robert Ballyherin Upper
ALCORN Robert Glynsk
ALCORN James, Jun. Leat Hill
ALLISON James Aghadrinagh Forthill
ALLISON James Aghadrinagh Town
BABBINGTON Humphry Greenfort
BATTLES Charles Tullyconnell
BATTLES Denis Tullyconnell
BATTLES Michael Tullyconnell
BEGLEY James, Jun. Shannagh
BEGLEY Owen Kinnalough
BEGLEY Owen Maghrydrummon
BEGLEY Owen Shannagh
BEGLEY Pat. Shannagh
BLACK Aaron, Jun. Glynsk
BLACK John Glynsk
BLANEY Daniel Rossnakill
BLANEY George Ballina
BLANEY Hugh Ballykinnard
BLANEY James Ballina
BLANEY James Massmount
BLANEY James Rossnakill
BLANEY John Ballykinnard
BLANEY John Ross
BLANEY Neal Rossnakill
BLANEY William Cramross Gallaher
BLANEY William Rossnakill
BORLAND Andrew Cloncah
BORLAND Archy Loughlane
BORLAND Robert Morass Lower
BORLAND Robert Tamney
BORLAND Samuel Tamney
BORLAND William Morass Lower
BOYCE Daniel Murrin
BOYCE Darby Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
BOYCE Denis Ballynacruck
BOYCE Joseph Ballynacruck
BOYCE Owen Araherinabin [Arryheernabin]
BOYCE Owen Ballynacruck
BOYLE Barbara Callogan
BOYLE Daniel Toome
BOYLE Denis Toome
BOYLE Doalty Toome
BOYLE Edward Callogan
BOYLE Edward Toome
BOYLE James Kinnalough
BOYLE Neal Kinnalough
BOYLE Neal, Sen. Kinnalough
BOYLE Owen Toome
BOYLE William Ballyoor Conagly
BRADLEY John Carrin Diver
BRADLEY John Killavee
BRADLEY Pat. Carroreagh Hagan
BRADLEY Patrick Carrin Diver
BRADLEY Philip Bunnintin Bradley
BRADLEY Roger Killavee
BRADLEY Shan Killavee
BRICE William Cloghfin Upper
BRYCE David Aghadrinagh Hays
BUCHANAN Dougal Glynsk
BUCHANAN James Ballyherin Upper
BUCHANAN John Morass Lower
BUCHANAN William Ballyherin Upper
BURNS Alexander Cleggan Glenvar
BURNS Charles Cleggan Glenvar
BURNS Isaac Cleggan Glenvar
BURNS William Cleggan Glenvar
CALLAHAN Anthony Ballyvehal
CALLAHAN Bryan Gortnamonagh
CALLAHAN Charles Gortnamonagh
CALLAHAN Charles Maghrydrummon
CALLAHAN Charles Runmore
CALLAHAN Daniel Maghrydrummon
CALLAHAN Daniel Runmore
CALLAHAN Edward Cooladerry
CALLAHAN Edward Gortnamonagh
CALLAHAN Francis Carroblagh McGregor
CALLAHAN Francis Drimnacraig
CALLAHAN Hugh Gortnamonagh
CALLAHAN James Ballyhorisky Old Town
CALLAHAN James Ballyoor Conagly
CALLAHAN James Doughharrick
CALLAHAN James Maghrydrummon
CALLAHAN James Runmore
CALLAHAN John Ballyoor
CALLAHAN John Maghrydrummon
CALLAHAN John Murrin
CALLAHAN Michael Ballyoor Conagly
CALLAHAN Michael Doughharrick
CALLAHAN Michael Doughmore
CALLAHAN Neal Gortrana
CALLAHAN Owen Gortrana
CALLAHAN Pat. Carroblagh McGregor
CALLAHAN Pat. Drimnacraig
CALLAHAN Peggy Doughmore
CALLAHAN Stephen Ballyoor Conagly
CALLAHAN Thomas Maghrydrummon
CALLAHAN Thomas Runmore
CALLAHAN William Murrin
CAMPBELL Alexander Glenfanet Rosskirk
CAMPBELL George Leat Hill
CAMPBELL James Tullyconnell
CAMPBELL John Ballycallen Campbell
CAMPBELL Mark Ballymagowan Campbell
CAMPBELL Mark Glenfanet Rosskirk
CAMPBELL Michael Glenfanet (Killhill)
CAMPBELL Michael Glenfanet Rosskirk
CAMPBELL Pat. Glenfanet (Killhill)
CAMPBELL Pat. Glenfanet Rosskirk
CAMPBELL Richard Ballycallen Campbell
CAMPBELL Samuel Ballymagowan Campbell
CAMPBELL William Glenfanet Rosskirk
CANNON Andrew Fanavolty Big
CANNON Andrew Fanavolty Big
CANNON Andrew, Sen. Coshia
CANNON Charles, Jun. Fanavolty Big
CANNON Charles, Sen. Fanavolty Big
CANNON Charles, Sen. Fanavolty McElwee’s Park
CANNON Charles, Sen. Fanavolty Parks
CANNON James Coshia
CANNON James Shannagh
CANNON John Coshia
CANNON John, Jun. Loughlane
CANNON John, Sen. Coshia
CANNON John, Sen. Loughlane
CANNON Michael Maghrydrummon
CANNON Owen Doughcrabin
CANNON Pat. Kinnalough
CANNON Pat. Coshia
CARLIN John Crohan Upper
CARLIN John, Jun. Crohan Upper
CARLIN Owen, Sen. Crohan Upper
CARR Ann Ballynabrocky
CARR Ann Doughmore
CARR Ann Laddon
CARR Bryan Doughmore
CARR Bryan Fallanees
CARR Bryan Lurgacloghan
CARR Bryan Shesagh
CARR Charles Gortrana
CARR Charles Lurgacloghan
CARR Charles Shesagh
CARR Cornelius Tullyconnell
CARR Daniel Ballynabrocky
CARR Daniel Cooladerry
CARR Daniel Doughmore
CARR Daniel Gortrana
CARR Darby Ballyhorisky Sheils
CARR Darby Lurgacloghan
CARR Darby Tullyconnell
CARR Denis Ballynabrocky
CARR Denis Kinnalough
CARR Edward Murrin
CARR Eneas Ballyhorisky Sheils
CARR Henry Laddon
CARR Hugh Ballynacruck
CARR James Ballynacruck
CARR James Gortnachor
CARR James Pulled [Pollet?]
CARR James Shannagh Duff
CARR James Tully Upper
CARR James, Jun. Ballyhorisky Old Town
CARR John Ballyhorisky Sheils
CARR John Cloncah
CARR John Cooladerry
CARR John Doughmore
CARR John, Roe Doughmore
CARR John Shannagh
CARR John Shannagh
CARR Laurence Ballyoor
CARR Michael Aghadahley
CARR Michael Ballyherin Upper
CARR Michael Ballymagahy Lower
CARR Michael Ballymagarrahy (also called Ardglass)
CARR Michael Cleggan
CARR Michael Coshia
CARR Michael Gortnamonagh
CARR Michael Gortrana
CARR Michael Laddon
CARR Michael Shannagh
CARR Michael Tully Upper
CARR Michael, Jun. Cooladerry
CARR Miles Ballynacruck
CARR Miles Runbee
CARR Morgan Coolback & Sallymaid
CARR Morgan Laddon
CARR Morgan Shesagh
CARR Neal Maghrywarden
CARR Neil Ballynacruck
CARR Owen (2) Jun. Lurgacloghan
CARR Owen Ballyhorisky Sheils
CARR Owen Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
CARR Owen Cashelprehen
CARR Owen Doughmore
CARR Owen Fallanees
CARR Owen Shannagh Duff
CARR Owen Tullyconnell
CARR Owen, Bane Corry
CARR Owen, Jun. Lurgacloghan
CARR Owen, Sen. Lurgacloghan
CARR Pat. Ballyhorisky Old Town
CARR Pat. Ballymagahy Borland
CARR Pat. Kinnalough
CARR Pat. Lurgacloghan
CARR Pat. Rossnakill
CARR Pat. Runbee
CARR Pat., Jun. Shannagh
CARR Pat., Sen. Shannagh
CARR Shane Cooladerry
CARR Thomas Ballyhorisky Sheils
CARR Thomas Cooladerry
CLARK William Morass Lower
CLINTON Edward Maghrydrummon
CLINTON Hugh Glassagh Mill
CLINTON James Glassagh Mill
COLL Charles, Jun. Carlin Big
COLL Charles, Sen. Carlin Big
COLL Charles, Sen. Gortnatragh
COLL Daniel Doughmore
COLL Daniel Murrin
COLL Daniel Shesagh
COLL Denis Carlin Big
COLL Denis Pulled [Pollet?]
COLL Edward Carlin
COLL Edward Carroreagh
COLL Hugh Carlin Big
COLL James Ballyhorisky Old Town
COLL James Carlin
COLL James Cleggan
COLL James Doughmore
COLL James, Jun. Shesagh
COLL James, Sen. Shesagh
COLL John Araherinabin [Arryheernabin]
COLL John Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
COLL John Carlin Big
COLL Michael Ballynabrocky
COLL Michael Pulled [Pollet?]
COLL Owen Shesagh
COLL Pat. Cashelprehen
COLL Stephen Doughmore
COLL Teague Pulled [Pollet?]
COLL William Gortnatragh
CONAGLY Charles Ballyoor
CONAGLY John Ballyoor Conagly
CONAGLY Pat. Ballyoor Conagly
CONAGLY Stephen Cooladerry
COYLE Brien Crucknagee
COYLE Bryan Ballyhorisky Old Town
COYLE Bryan Lurgacloghan
COYLE Cornelius Gortnachor
COYLE Cornelius, Jun. Gortnachor
COYLE Daniel Shesagh
COYLE Denis Meentaghs
COYLE Dominick Killyvrick
COYLE Edward Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
COYLE Hugh Meentaghs 
COYLE Hugh Tully Upper
COYLE James Gortnachor
COYLE John Bunnintin Heraghty
COYLE John Tully Upper
COYLE Michael Lurgacloghan
COYLE Miles Lurgacloghan
COYLE Neal Ballymastocker
COYLE Owen Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
COYLE Pat. Cramross Gallaher
COYLE William Crucknagee
CULBERT Francis Glynsk
CULBERT George Carrin Hay
CULBERT James Glynsk
CULBERT John Carrin Hay
CULLEN Bryan Doughbeg Martin
CULLEN Hugh Carroreagh Burnside
CULLEN Hugh, Roe Carroreagh Newbridge
CULLEN Hugh, Roe Gurtin
CULLEN Hugh, Roe Milltown
CULLEN Jack Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
CULLEN James Carroreagh Cullen
CULLEN John Ballynashannagh
CULLEN John Carroreagh Burnside
CULLEN John Carroreagh Cullen
CULLEN  Loughlin Ballynacraig
CULLEN Manus Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
CULLEN Michael Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
CULLEN Owen Ballynashannagh
CURRAN Richard Ballykinnard
DAVIS Robert Ragory
DEENY Charles Ballynacraig
DEENY Charles Carroreagh Newtown
DEENY Charles Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
DEENY Daniel Leat McNitt
DEENY Daniel, Sen. Araherinabin [Arryheernabin]
DEENY Denis, Sen. Bunnintin Bradley
DEENY Dennis, Sen. Ballynacraig
DEENY Eneas Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
DEENY Eneas, Jun. Bunnintin Bradley
DEENY Henry Lurganbee
DEENY Hugh, Jun. Bunnintin Bradley
DEENY Hugh, Sen. Bunnintin Bradley
DEENY James Bunnintin Heraghty
DEENY James Lurgybrack
DEENY James Pulled [Pollet?]
DEENY Michael Doughbeg Martin
DEENY Michael Kincarragh
DEENY Pat. Maghrywarden
DEENY William Bunnintin Bradley
DEENY William Pulled [Pollet?]
DENEAS Hugh Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
DERMOT John Tullyconnell
DERMOTT Henry Ballyherin Slevin
DERMOTT John Laddon
DILL Martha Ballycallen Dill
DILL Moses Springfield
DILL Moses Springfield New Town
DILL Robert Ballycallen Dill
DIVER Widow Carrin Diver
DIXON Alexander Carrin Dixon
DIXON George Carrin Dixon
DOAK David Ballymagahy Doaks
DOAK John Ballymagahy Doaks
DOHERTY Bryan Carroreagh Doherty
DOHERTY Bryan Kincarragh
DOHERTY Charles Ballynacraig
DOHERTY Daniel Kincarragh
DOHERTY Daniel Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
DOHERTY Denis Kindrum
DOHERTY Dominick Lurgybrack
DOHERTY Edward Araherinabin [Arryheernabin]
DOHERTY Edward Fanavolty Big
DOHERTY Edward Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
DOHERTY Hu. Carroreagh Doherty
DOHERTY Hugh Ballyboe Tirevelin
DOHERTY Hugh Kindrum
DOHERTY Hugh Maghrylaughty?
DOHERTY Hugh Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
DOHERTY Hugh, Jun. Doughcrabin
DOHERTY Hugh, Sen. Doughcrabin
DOHERTY Jack Lurgybrack
DOHERTY James Ballycallen
DOHERTY James Carlin Big
DOHERTY James Carroreagh Marley
DOHERTY James Laddon
DOHERTY James Lurgybrack
DOHERTY James Tunnadall [Tullynadall]
DOHERTY James Umrycam Old Town
DOHERTY John Ballyboe Tirevelin
DOHERTY John Ballynacraig
DOHERTY John Munnagh [Muineagh] New Town
DOHERTY John Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
DOHERTY John Umrycam Old Town
DOHERTY Michael Bunnintin Big
DOHERTY Michael Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
DOHERTY Michael Umrycam Old Town
DOHERTY Owen Tullyconnell
DOHERTY Pat. Ballynabrocky
DOHERTY Pat. Ballynacraig
DOHERTY Pat. Carroreagh Doherty
DOHERTY Shane Carroreagh Doherty
DOHERTY Shane, Jun. Lurgybrack
DOHERTY Shane, Sen. Lurgybrack
DOHERTY William Cairngarrow
DOHERTY William Maghrylaughty?
DONAGHY John Ballymagahy Borland
DONLEVIE Anthony Meentaghs
DONLEVIE Hugh Ballymagarrahy (also called Ardglass)
DONLEVIE Hugh Cashelprehen
DONLEVIE James Ballymagarrahy (also called Ardglass)
DOOLIN John Tully Lower
DOOLIN Pat. Tully Lower
DOOLIN Ralph Leat Hill
DORRIN Daniel Cloghfin Lower
DORRIN Edward Cooladerry
DORRIN Edward Fanavolty Parks
DORRIN James Rossnakill
DORRIN John Ballymagarrahy (also called Ardglass)
DORRIN John Cleggan
DORRIN Neal Maghrydrummon
DORRIN William Toome
DUFFY Ann Ballymagahy Upper
DUFFY Ann Dergan
DUFFY Anthony Aghadahley
DUFFY Bryan Doughbeg Martin
DUFFY Edward Maghrywarden
DUFFY Hugh Doughbeg Martin
DUFFY James Ballymagahy Upper
DUFFY James Dergan
DUFFY James, Jun. Dergan
DUFFY John Ballyoor
DUFFY John, Jun. Dergan
DUFFY Mary Doughbeg Martin
DUFFY Maurice Maghrywarden
DUFFY Michael Ballymagahy Upper
DUFFY Michael Ballyoor
DUFFY Michael Dergan
DUFFY Owen Dergan
DUFFY Owen Maghrywarden
DUFFY Owen, Sen. Ballymagahy Upper
DUFFY Pat. Ballymagahy Upper
DUFFY Pat. Dergan
DUGAN Henry Gortrana
DUGAN Pat. Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
DUNNING Francis Maghrywarden
DURNIN Fanny Conlan
DURNIN Michael Conlan
FEELTY John Ballyhorisky Old Town
FEELTY Michael Ballyhorisky Sheils
FEELTY Pat. Ballyvehal
FEELTY Pat. Shesagh
FEELTY Peter Ballyhorisky Sheils
FEELTY Thomas Ballyhorisky Old Town
FERRY John Shesagh
FERRY Owen Drumfad
FLETCHER David Gortnatragh
FLOYD Robert Ballycallen Floyd
FLOYD Robert Ballycallen Wakefield
FOSTER George Drumfad
FOSTER Joshua Drumfad
FREEL Arthur Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
FREEL Bartley Carlin
FREEL Biddy Doughbeg Martin
FREEL Brien Ballymagahy Upper
FREEL Bryan Ballyhurk
FREEL Charles Cashelprehen
FREEL Charles Runbee
FREEL Daniel & partners Leat McNitt
FREEL Daniel Ballynabrocky
FREEL Daniel Dergan
FREEL Edward Aghadahley
FREEL Edward Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
FREEL Edward Ballymagowan Scott
FREEL Edward Gortrana
FREEL Edward, Sen. Callander
FREEL Fergus Ballyhorisky Old Town
FREEL Fergus Gortrana
FREEL Fergus Killyvrick
FREEL Francis Gortrana
FREEL Francis Rossnakill
FREEL Francis Runbee
FREEL George Ballyvehal
FREEL Hugh Aghadrinagh Hays
FREEL Hugh Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
FREEL Hugh Oughers
FREEL Hugh, Sen. Doughmore
FREEL Humphry Fallanees
FREEL Humphry Rossnakill
FREEL Humphry Runbee
FREEL James Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
FREEL James Conlan
FREEL James Doughmore
FREEL James Gortrana
FREEL James Kinnalough
FREEL James Runbee
FREEL James Tunnadall [Tullynadall]
FREEL James, Jun. Ballyoor
FREEL James, Jun. Shannagh Duff
FREEL James, Sen. Ballyoor
FREEL James, Sen. Pulled [Pollet?]
FREEL James, Sen. Shannagh Duff
FREEL John Gortrana
FREEL John Tullyconnell
FREEL Manus Cooladerry
FREEL Michael Ballyhurk
FREEL Michael Ballyvehal
FREEL Michael Bunnintin Bradley
FREEL Michael Cairngarrow
FREEL Michael Carroblagh McGregor
FREEL Michael Cooladerry
FREEL Michael Crohan Upper
FREEL Michael Doughmore
FREEL Michael Gortrana
FREEL Neal Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
FREEL Nicholas Runbee
FREEL Owen Ballyherin Slevin
FREEL Owen Bunnintin Bradley
FREEL Owen Cashelprehen
FREEL Owen Runbee
FREEL Owen Shesagh
FREEL Owen, Jun. Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
FREEL Owen, Jun. Callander
FREEL Owen, Sen. Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
FREEL Owen, Sen. Callander
FREEL Pat. Drumfad
FREEL Pat. Ballynacruck
FREEL Pat. Ballyvehal
FREEL Pat. Bunnintin Bradley
FREEL Pat. Fallanees
FREEL Patrick Ballyherin Slevin
FREEL Patrick Carroblagh McGregor
FRIEL Daniel Aghadrinagh Forthill
FRIEL James Crohan Upper
GALLAGHER John Aghadrinagh Forthill
GALLAHER Alexander Gortnatragh
GALLAHER Ann Glenfanet (Ballybolagan)
GALLAHER Anthony Rossnakill
GALLAHER Anthony, Jun. Cramross McClure
GALLAHER Anthony, Sen. Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER Cecily Meentaghs
GALLAHER Edward Carroreagh Newtown
GALLAHER Edward Rossnakill
GALLAHER Fergol Ross
GALLAHER George Gortnatragh
GALLAHER Hugh Doughbeg Martin
GALLAHER Hugh Glenfanet (Killhill)
GALLAHER Hugh Loughlane
GALLAHER Hugh Meentaghs
GALLAHER James Bunnintin Big
GALLAHER James Doughbeg Martin
GALLAHER James Glenfanet (Ballybolagan)
GALLAHER James Pulled [Pollet?]
GALLAHER James Tully Lower
GALLAHER James, Jun. Cramross McClure
GALLAHER James, Sen. Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER John Carroreagh Newtown
GALLAHER John Doughbeg Martin
GALLAHER Mathew Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER Mathew, Jun. Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER Michael Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER Michael Glenfanet (Killhill)
GALLAHER Pat. Cramross Gallaher
GALLAHER Pat. Glenfanet (Drimvohy)
GALLAHER Pat. Glenfanet (Killhill)
GALLAHER Pat. Lurgybrack
GALLAHER Pat. Morass Lower
GALLAHER Pat. Tullyconnell
GALLAHER Peter Meentaghs
GALLAHER Sheelagh Meentaghs
GALLAHER William Doughbeg Martin
GALLAHER William Gortnatragh
GIBBONS Daniel Ballymagahy Upper
GIBBONS Daniel Ballymagahy Upper
GIBBONS Edward Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
GIBBONS James Aghadrinagh Town
GIBBONS John Ballymagowan Scott
GIBBONS John Rooghan
GIBBONS Michael Ballymagahy Upper
GIBBONS Michael Springfield New Town
GIBBONS Morgan Grenan Parks
GIBBONS Morgan Kindrum
GIBBONS Pat. Drumfad
GIBBONS Pat. Ballymagahy Upper
GIBBONS Pat. Grenan Parks
GIBBONS Pat. Kindrum
GIBBONS Pat. Springfield New Town
GIBBONS Widow Ballymagahy Upper
GIBBONS William Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
GIVEN Shane Pulled [Pollet?]
GREEN Bryan Carroreagh Cullen
GREEN Denis Aghadrinagh Town
GREEN Denis Ballymagowan Wallace (George Foster)
GREEN Denis Carrin Green 
GREEN Edward Aghadrinagh Forthill
GREEN James Drumfad
GREEN James Meentaghs
GREEN Michael Ballymagowan Wallace (George Foster)
GREEN Owen Ballyboe Tirevelin
GREEN Owen Ballynacraig
GREEN Pat. Carrin Green 
GREEN Pat. Drumfad
GREEN Pat. Meentaghs
GREEN William Carlin
GRIFFIN Daniel Carlin Big
GRIFFIN Daniel Umrycam Old Town
GRIFFIN Hu. Carlin Big
GRIFFIN Michael Leat McNitt
GRIFFIN Michael Umrycam Old Town
GRIFFIN Owen Umrycam Old Town
GRIFFIN Pat. Carlin Big
GRIFFIN Pat. Kincarragh
GRIFFIN Pat. Munnagh [Muineagh] New Town
GRIFFIN Shane Carlin Big
GRIFFIN William Loughlane
HAGAN Bryan Bunnintin Big
HAGAN Bryan Carroreagh
HAGAN Edward Carroreagh
HAGAN Hugh Carroreagh Hagan
HAGAN James Carroreagh
HAGAN John Lurgybrack
HAGAN Philip Bunnintin Big
HALLIDAY Michael Sedagh
HALLIDAY Pat. Sedagh
HAMILTON Samuel Gortnatragh
HARKAN Hugh Grenan Parks
HARKAN Pat. Kindrum
HARKIN Pat. Ballymagowan Scott
HART Owen Ballymagahy Borland
HAY James Umrycam New Town
HAY John Umrycam New Town
HAY Moses Aghadrinagh Hays
HAY Moses Ballymagahy Lower
HAY Robert Aghadrinagh Hays
HAY Robert Ballymagahy Lower
HAY Robert Carrin Hay
HERAGHTY Hugh Bunnintin Big
HERAGHTY Hugh Bunnintin Heraghty
HERAGHTY John Bunnintin Heraghty
HERAGHTY John Clooney
HERAGHTY Michael Ballyhurk
HORISKEY Leam Cashelcrabin
HORISKEY William (Wee) Cashelcrabin
HORISKEY William, Sen. Cashelcrabin
HORISKY Edward Conlan
HORISKY John Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
HORISKY John Lurganbee
HORISKY Leam Lurganbee
HORISKY Mary Conlan
HORISKY Pat. Araherinabin [Arryheernabin]
HORISKY Patrick Araherinabin [Arryheernabin] Freel
HORISKY Shane Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
HORISKY William (Wee) Lurganbee
HORISKY William, Sen. Lurganbee
JACKSON John Drumminy
JACKSON William Drumminy
JOHNSTON John Kindrum
KELLY Andrew Ballyherin Upper
KELLY Charles Carroblagh Kelly
KELLY Charles Doughbeg Kelly
KELLY Daniel Carroblagh Kelly
KELLY Edward Ballyoor Conagly
KELLY Edward Carroblagh McGregor
KELLY Edward Doughbeg Martin
KELLY Hugh Carroblagh McGregor
KELLY James Cashelcrabin
KELLY John Ballynabrocky
KELLY John Carroblagh Kelly
KELLY John Lurganbee
KELLY Manus Carroblagh Kelly
KELLY Michael Murrin
KELLY Neal Murrin
KELLY Owen Doughbeg Kelly
KELLY Owen Doughbeg Martin
KELLY Owen Murrin
KELLY Pat. Pulled [Pollet?]
LOCKART Oliver Tamney
LOGUE Daniel Tully Upper
LOGUE Hugh Tully Lower
LOGUE Neal Leat
LOGUE Pat. Lurgybrack
LOGUE Pat. Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
LOVE George Rossoran
LOVE Thomas Ballina
LOVE Thomas Cloghfin Lower
LOVE Thomas Rossoran
LYNCH Daniel Ballymagowan Wallace (George Foster)
LYNCH James Ballymagowan Wallace (George Foster)
LYNCH John Ballymagowan Wallace (George Foster)
MAGEE Bryan Umrycam Old Town
MARLEY Darby Carroreagh Marley
MARLEY Pat. Carroreagh Hagan
MARLEY Pat. Carroreagh Marley
MARLEY Pat. Lurgybrack
MARLEY Pat. Milltown
MARLEY Shane Carroreagh Hagan
MARTIN Daniel Doughbeg Martin
MARTIN Daniel Gurtin
MARTIN Darby Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN Darby Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN Denis Fanavolty Big
MARTIN Hugh Callogan
MARTIN Hugh Fanavolty McElwee’s Park
MARTIN James Carroreagh Newbridge
MARTIN James, Jun. Doughbeg Martin
MARTIN James, Sen. Doughbeg Martin
MARTIN John Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN John, Jun. Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN Michael Cashelcrabin
MARTIN Michael Doughbeg Martin
MARTIN Michael Pulled [Pollet?]
MARTIN Neal Callogan
MARTIN Owen Fanavolty Big
MARTIN Owen Pulled [Pollet?]
MARTIN Owen, Jun. Doughbeg Martin
MARTIN Pat. Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN Roger Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
MARTIN Stephen Ballynalostea [Ballynaslost?]
McADOO John Glenfanet (Killhill)
McADOO William Glenfanet (Killhill)
McALLISTER James Ballynacruck
McALLISTER James Glynsk
McALLISTER Michael Ballynacruck
McATEER Edward Ballymagahy Borland
McBAY Bryan Kincarragh
McBAY Charles Kincarragh
McBAY Owen, Jun. Carlin
McBAY Pat. Carlin
McBAY Pat. Conlan
McBAY William Carlin
McBRIDE Charles Cloghfin Lower
McBRIDE James Doughmore
McBRIDE James Leat
McBRIDE John, Jun. Doughmore
McBRIDE John, Sen. Doughmore
McBRIDE Neal Doughmore
McBRIDE Patrick Ballyhorisky Sheils
McBRIDE Stephen Doughmore
McCARRON Bryan Coolback & Sallymaid
McCARRON Charles Carroblagh McGregor
McCARRON Charles Coolback & Sallymaid
McCARRON Charles Doughcrabin
McCARRON Charles Murrin
McCARRON Daniel Murrin
McCARRON Edward Doughcrabin
McCARRON Hugh Murrin
McCARRON Isabella Coolback & Sallymaid
McCARRON John Coolback & Sallymaid
McCARRON Mary Corry
McCARRON Owen Murrin
McCARRON Pat. Drimnacraig
McCARRON Philip Gurtin
McCARRON Stephen Coolback & Sallymaid
McCARRY Daniel Kinnalough
McCARRY Edward Kinnalough
McCARRY Pat. Kinnalough
McELWEE Charles Crohan Upper 
McCLEFFERTY Edward Toome
McCLEFFERTY James, Jun. Umrycam Old Town
McCLEFFERTY James, Sen. Umrycam Old Town
McCLEFFERTY Michael Umrycam Old Town
McCLEFFERTY Owen Umrycam Old Town
McCLEFFERTY Owen, Sen. Umrycam Old Town
McCLEFFERTY William Umrycam Old Town
McCLOSKY Anthony Meentaghs
McCLOSKY Denis Meentaghs
McCLOSKY Edward Meentaghs
McCLOSKY Hugh Meentaghs
McCLOSKY James Meentaghs
McCLOSKY John Meentaghs
McCLURE David Ballynashannagh
McCLURE David Cramross Gallaher
McCLURE Joseph Ballynashannagh
McCLURE Thomas Cramross McClure
McCLURE William Cramross McClure
McCLURE William Leat
McCOACH David Gortnatragh
McCOACH George Loughlane
McCOACH James Aghadrinagh Forthill
McCOACH Robert Cramross Gallaher
McCOACH Robert Glenfanet (Drimvohy)
McCOACH Robert Glynsk
McCOACH William Carlin
McCOLLUM James Umrycam New Town
McCOLLUM Robert Umrycam New Town
McCONAGHY Michael Maghrydrummon
McCONAGHY Morgan Ballynabrocky
McCONAGLY Bryan Faltibane
McCONAGLY Bryan, Jun. Corry
McCONAGLY Bryan, Sen. Corry
McCONAGLY Charles Ballyoor Conagly
McCONAGLY Charles Corry
McCONAGLY Daniel, Jun. Corry
McCONAGLY Daniel, Sen. Corry
McCONAGLY Henry Faltibane
McCONAGLY James Cleggan
McCONAGLY Michael Cashelprehen
McCONAGLY Pat. Doughmore
McCONAGLY Peter Aghadahley
McCONAGLY Shandy Cooladerry
McCONAGLY Shane Aghadahley
McCONAGLY Shane Cleggan
McCONAGLY Stephen Shesagh
McCONAGLY Thomas Cooladerry
McCONAGLY Thomas Runmore
McCONNELL Daniel Herkin
McCONOMY Daniel Ballyhurk
McDAID John, Jun. Aghadrinagh Forthill
McDAID John, Sen. Aghadrinagh Forthill
McELHINNY Charles Ballina
McELHINNY Charles Leatmore
McELHINNY John Ballymagowan Campbell
McELHINNY John Leatmore
McELHINNY Robert Sedagh
McELHINNY William Leat
McELHINNY William Sedagh
McELWAINE Alexander Kinnalough
McELWAINE Cornelius Maghrydrummon
McELWAINE James Kinnalough
McELWAINE John Maghrydrummon
McELWAINE Neal Runbee
McELWAINE Neal, Jun. Maghrydrummon
McELWAINE Shane Maghrydrummon
McELWEE Charles Ballyhurk
McELWEE Cornelius Munnagh [Muineagh] New Town
McELWEE Daniel Aghadrinagh Town 
McELWEE Daniel Ballymagahy Upper
McELWEE Daniel Lagbee
McELWEE James Carroreagh Newbridge
McELWEE James Lagbee
McELWEE Jane Munnagh [Muineagh] Old Town
McELWEE John Ballyhurk
McELWEE Michael Ballyhorisky Old Town
McELWEE Michael Lagbee
McELWEE Neal Ballyhurk
McELWEE Owen Munnagh [Muineagh] New Town
McELWEE Pat. Ballymagahy Upper
McELWEE Pat. Lagbee
McELWEE Shan Munnagh [Muineagh] New Town 
McELWEE William Ballyhurk
McFADDON Charles Terladdon [Tirlaydan]
McFADDON Daniel Oughers