Headstone Inscriptions, St. Anne's Parish Church, Monellan, Co Donegal

Church of Ireland, Crossroads, Killygordon


(Photograph by Bernie)

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The following are transcriptions of almost all of the readable headstones in this Church of Ireland graveyard





In Loving Memory of

Our Family

Mary 1906 1908

Margaret 1883 1942

Samuel 1879 1959

Jack 1923 1994

Elizabeth 1920 1967



In Loving Memory of

James Bates

Who departed this life

19th April 1989

In Heavenly Love Abiding



Bates, Garrison

In Loving Memory of

Samuel Bates

Died 23rd Nov 2001 aged 93 years

Peace Perfect Peace



In Loving Remembrance of

The Revd Robert Delap of Monellan

Who died July 28 1885 aged 83

Also of Isabella his wife

Daughter of the late

Sir James Galbraith, Bart of Urney

Who died May 8 1870 aged 67




In Loving Memory of

Annie Elizabeth

Died 9th January 1955

Her husband Robert

Died 8th August 1970

Peace Perfect Peace





In Loving Memory of

A Dear Father and Grandfather


Died 14th May 1966 aged 70 years

And a Dear Mother and Grandmother


Died 5th Dec 1977 aged 73 years

The Lord is my Shepherd




In Loving Memory of

Robert Gillespie

Died 23rd February 1951 aged 65 years

Catherine Gillespie

Died 15th November 1978 aged 93 years

Their son George

Died 5th April 1992 aged 77 years

And his wife Bessie

Died 30th January 2005 aged 88 years

The Lord is my Shepherd







(inscription on back of Robert Gillespie's stone)

Carl M. Haldin

Died 1963

His wife

Catherine Gillespie

Died 1971




In Loving Memory of

George Edwin Kee

Died 9th March 1945 aged 2 months

Margaret Kee

Died 24th September 1958 aged 17 months

Ivan Kee

Died 19th February 2003 aged 44 years

Annabell Kee

Died 7th August 2007 aged 84 years

George Kee

Died 16th April 2009 aged 86 years




In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Father

James Kee

Died 19th September 1961 aged 78 years

Our dear mother Margaret

Died 28th December 1975 aged 79 years

Son Robert Thomas

Died 14th February 1983 aged 54 years

Son David Henry

Died 10th November 2002 aged 71 years




In Loving Memory of

The Kennedy family

Also our dear mother

Tilly died 1960

Also our dear sister

Lily died 1981

And our dear father

Robert died 1982

Both laid to rest in

Bootle Cemetery, Liverpool

Peace Perfect Peace




Sacred to the Memory of

James, 4th Viscount Lifford

Born March 31st 1811

Died November 20th 1887

Also to the memory of

Lady Mary Hewitt, his first wife

Born June 27th 1809

Died March 13th 1850

Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord




In Loving Memory of

John (Johnny) McCreedy

Born 4th Aug 1910

Died 28th July 1992

His wife Margaret

Born 19th Oct 1917

Died 8th Nov 1996

The Lord is my Shepherd




In Loving Memory of

Moses Monds, J.P., Sligo

Who entered into rest

December 12th 1889 aged 82




In loving Memory of

Our brother Thomas

 Died 13th April 1976

And our mother Marion

Died 19th October 1976

Also our father Thomas

Died 24th December 1982



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Porter

Died 14th September 1983

His wife Dinah

Died 29th March 1984

The Lord is my Shepherd




In Loving Memory of

Frances Slevin

Died 22nd December 1963 aged 60 years

Temple Slevin

Died 20th June 1964 aged 70 years

Elizabeth Slevin

Died 6th November 1981 aged 93 years

Samuel Slevin

Died 15th January 2000 aged 62 years

Leslie Slevin

Died 18th May 2001 aged 66 years

At Peace




In Loving Memory of

Andrew (Sandy) Taylor

Ruskey, Newtowncunningham

Died 13th June 1991



In Loving Memory of

Crawford Taylor

Who departed this life

23rd December 2004 aged 70 years

Resting where no shadows fall



In Loving Memory of

Noble Watson

Died 14th Dec 1907 aged 65 yrs

Jane Watson

Died 17th Mar 1928 aged 54 yrs

Fanny Watson

Died 27th Mar 1999 aged 95 yrs

Faithful Until Death



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