Corscadden in Drumhome, Co Donegal

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John Corscadden and Martha Taylor. Drumcroil.

5/9/1786. James.


David Corscadden Lurgan and Mary Meaklum of Lignanornig. [Father William] married in Drumholm 24/8/1786.


1.     17/4/1796 Isabella.

2.     15/3/1796 Alexander.


Thomas Corscadden [John] and Isabella McCullogh [John] Kilgole. Married 6/6/1796.


1.     17/4/1799 James

2.     25/3/1809 John.

3.     11/6/1812 Eleanor.


Alexander Corscadden [Robert] of Kilbarron parish to Elizabeth Elliott [f] William Elliott both of Lurgan. Married 17/11/1801.


James Corscadden and Jane Thompson of Glasboly.


1.     11/1/1807 William.

2.     10/7/1808 Isabella.


Robert Corscadden and Mary Mehaffy. Ballinakillew.


1.     1/8/1784 Robert.

2.     2/2/1787. Jane.


William Corscadden and Isabel Huey. Murvagh

5/8/1784. James.


Arthur Corscadden and Catherine Heney. Ballintra.


1.     4/12/1784  Margaret.

2.     6/2/1790.   Arthur.

3.     21/7/1791. Andrew.

4.     29/5/1796. Arthur.


David Corscadden and Eleanor Crawford. Lurgan. Daughter of John Crawford Lisminton

Married 16/12/1784.

1.     9/10/1875. James.

Andrew Corscadden and Elizabeth Freeborm Tullygallen.

10/10/1785 Mary. 25/5/1788. Elizabeth.

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