Deaths Registered in the Superintendent Registrar's District of Dunfanaghy

Jan - Mar 1865

Registrar's District of Crossroads


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Date Of Death Place Of Death Surname First Sex Status Age Occupation Cause Of Death Informant
5 Mar Bunbeg Allen Margaret Elizabeth F S 18m Mail Car Driver's child Phthisis, 3 m Thomas Allan, father, Bunbeg
4 Jan Keeldrum Boyle Sarah F M 33y Wife of Patrick Boyle, Farmer Pleuritis, 3 d William Doherty, Gortahork
26 Jan Magheraroarty Coll Dominick M S 1y Child of Shane Coll, farmer Dysentery, 2 w Shane Coll, Magheraroarty
20 Jan Knockfola Coyle Charles M S 56y Farmer Dyspepsia, 3 m Owen Coyle, Knockfola
18 Mar Kildrum Doogan Ann F M 26y Farmer's wife Hectic fever, 10 d James Doogan, Kildrum
7 Feb Tory Island Doogan Bridget F S 5d Child of Hugh Doogan, Farmer Not Known Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
11 Jan Tory Island Doogan Mary F M 50y Wife of John Doogan, Farmer Dyspepsia, 9 m Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
24 Jan Tory Island Doohan Sarah F M 66y Wife of John Doohan, Farmer Not Known Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
5 Feb Tory Island Doohan Sarah F S 18m Child of Daniel Doohan Bronchitis, 1 m Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
4 Mar Falcarragh Ferry Biddy F S 18y Labourer's child Ovarian disease, 3 m Nancy Ferry, Falcarragh
16 Feb Ardsbeg Ferry Catherine F S 4d Child of Michael Ferry Not Known Michael Ferry, Ardsbeg
17 Jan Ardsbeg Ferry Daniel M S 3y Son of Neal Ferry, Publican Dysentery, 3 w Neal Ferry, Ardsbeg
20 Jan Brinlack Ferry Daniel M S 5y Son of Hugh Ferry, Farmer Diptheria, 1 d Hugh Ferry, Brinlack
10 Jan Carrowcanon Ferry Grace F S 82y Pauper Debility, 2 w Alexander McClafferty, Carrowcanon
18 Jan Carrick Ferry Hugh M M 43y Farmer Debility, 4 d Barney McCoal, Carrick
26 Feb Brinlack Ferry Manus M S 2y Farmer's child Not Known Mary McGeady?, Brinlack
16 Jan Brinlack Ferry Neal M S 1y Son of Hugh Ferry, Farmer Diptheria, 1 d Hugh Ferry, Brinlack
31 Jan Stranacorcragh Gallagher Catherine F M 50y Wife of Patrick Gallagher, Farmer Fever, 3 d Thomas Mulligan, Stranabrooey
1 Feb Dunmore Gallagher Infant M S 12h Son of Denis Gallagher, Labourer Disability after birth, 4 h Denis Gallagher, Dunmore
10 Jan Meenlaragh Gallagher Mary F M 55y Wife of Denis Gallagher, Farmer Fever, 3 w Mary McFadden, Magheraroarty
18 Feb Stranacorcragh Gallagher Patrick M M 60y Farmer Fever, 10 d Thomas Mulligan, Stranabrooey
18 Jan Fawnaboy Harkan Biddy F M 38y Wife of Miles Harkan, Farmer Cyncope after delivery, 1 hr Miles Harkan, Fawnaboy
1 Feb Tullaghobegly Heraghty Denis M S 33y Labourer Phthisis, 3 m Biddy Heraghty, Tullaghobegly
11 Mar In the sea, Gola Island McBride Daniel M S 4y Farmer's child Drowning, instantaneous Coroner
10 Jan Meenderry McCafferty Hugh M S 3y Son of Michael McCafferty, Farmer Sturma, 2 w Michael McCafferty, Meenderry
20 Jan Tullaghobegly McCafferty John M S 6m Son of Hugh McCafferty, Farmer Bronchitis, 10 days Hugh McCafferty, Tullaghobegly
2 Feb Tory Island McClafferty Sarah F F 18m Child of Bryan McClafferty, Farmer Bronchitis, 1 m Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
16 Feb Brinlack McCue Paddy M S 18m Farmer's child Phthisis, 1 m Patrick McCue, Brinlack
2 Feb Brinlack McCue Sally F S 1y Farmer's child Diptheria, 3 d Maurice McCue, Brinlack
10 Dec 1864 Kildrum Lower McElward? William M M 70y Farmer Disease of heart Info from Coroner
22 Mar Ray McFadden ? F S 4y Farmer's child Phthisis, 2 m Charles McFadden, Ray
14 Mar Glashagh More McFadden Edward M S 3 m Farmer's son Diptheria, 2 d Mick O'Donnell, Glashagh More
7 Mar Ballyboe McGee John M S 12y Farmer's child Pneumonia Maurice McGee, Ballyboe
9 Jan Ballyboe McGee Michael M M 50y Farmer Cramp, 2 d Michael McGee, Ballyboe
20 Jan Tullaghobegly McGee Peter M S 16y Son of Owen McGee, Farmer Phthisis, 3 w  Owen McGee, Tullaghobegly
10 Feb Magheraroarty McGinley Catherine F W 40y Widow of James McGinley, Labourer Hepatitus, 6 w Manus McGinley, Magheraroarty
12 Feb Ardsbeg McGinley Rose F S 9d Child of Michael McGinley Debility, 9 d Michael McGinley, Ardsbeg
5 Jan Brinlack McHugh Mary F S 4y Dau of Charles McHugh, Farmer Bronchitis, 20 d Charles McHugh, Brinlack
2 Jan Brinlack McHugh Rose F S 2y Dau of John McHugh, Farmer Diptheria, 2 w Charles McHugh, Brinlack
14 Mar Dunlewy O'Donnell Charles M M 30y Farmer Acidentally killed Coroner
8 Jan Meenagoppoge Roarty Hugh M S 2y Son of Hugh Roarty, Farmer Ileus', 1 d Hugh Roarty, Meenagoppoge
25 Mar Gatatown? Roarty Maggy F W 60y Farmer's widow General Debility John Ferry, Gatatown?
10 Feb Tory Island Rodgers Bridget F M 35y Wife of Charlie Rodgers, Farmer Phthisis, 18 m Patrick Rodgers, Tory Island
25 Jan Meenabull Sweeney Ann F S 6h Farmer's child Not Known Daniel Sweeney, Meenabull
1 Mar Cashenagor Sweeney Hugh M S 2y Farmer's child Diptheria, 4 d Edward Sweeney, Cashelnagor


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