Death Notices, Culdaff Parish, Co Donegal

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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June 8 1839 

At Culdaff House, on the 28th ult., MRS YOUNG, SEN., relict of the late ROBERT YOUNG, ESQ  


December 7 1839 

At Moville, on Saturday the 30th ult., after a lingering illness, JAMES W. YOUNG, ESQ., third son of the late ROBERT YOUNG, ESQ., of Culdaff House, county Donegal


April 17 1841  

On Sunday, the 4th inst., in the 58th year of his age, MR JOHN REID, of Clagan, near Culdaff


December 18 1841  

Of fever, at Sandwich, Upper Canada, on the 25th October, at the residence of her brother, LIEUTENANT COLONEL BROOKE YOUNG, ANNE ELIZA YOUNG, sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who knew her, formerly of Culdaff, county Donegal


December 12 1846  

On Wednesday, the 2nd inst., in the Parish of Culdaff, county Donegal, the REV JAMES LAWRENCE McHENRY, aged 67 years. He had been for nearly 44 years, until his death, a Curate of the Established Church, in the Diocese of Derry


March 20 1847 

At Culdaff, on the 10th inst., at the residence of her husband's father, CAROLINE MARY, wife of MR ALEXANDER THOMPSON, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


August 21 1847 

August 17th, suddenly, at Redford Glebe, the REV RICHARD HAMILTON, for 24 years Rector of the parishes of Culdaff and Cloncha


January 22 1848 

Died on the 14th inst., at Carthage House, Culdaff, county Donegal, the REV JAMES KNOX, at the advanced age of ninety two years and nine months. For forty years he filled the situation of Headmaster of Derry School, having been appointed by the Lord Lieutenant in January 1794, to succeed the late Rev. George Vaughan Sampson, from which situation he retired in August 1834. Mr. Knox was of Scotch descent, and, we believe, of a collateral branch of the Northland family, who took their name from the estate of Knox, in the Barony of Renfrew, where they had been anciently located. In the early stage of the Ulster plantation, an ancestor of Mr. Knox settled in Donegal, having become the proprietor of an extensive property


April 7 1849 

At Claggin, near Culdaff, county Donegal, on the 29th ult., MRS KIRKPATRICK, aged 105


October 19 1849 

At Hastings [Sussex, England], on the 14th inst., ELIZABETH MARY, the beloved wife of the REV JOHN SHEAL, B.D., Rector of Culdaff, Donegal



At Culdaff House, RALPH YOUNG, ESQ., aged 75 years after a long and severe illness


January 17 1851   

At Culdaff, on the 11th inst., MR WILLIAM HENDERSON, postmaster, aged 75 years. He had been permanent sergeant of the Culdaff Yeomanry from its formation in 1796


September 5 1851 

August 31st, at the Lodge, Culdaff, GEORGE MOREWOOD, aged 10 years, second son of EDWARD HARVEY, ESQ


February 2 1855 

At Culdaff House, on the 27th ult., aged 76 years, MRS EVANS, relict of the late CAPTAIN ROBERT EVANS, R.N., brother of the late SIR JOHN EVANS, of Erbistock Hall, North Wales. Deceased was the youngest daughter of the late GEORGE NESBITT, ESQ., of Woodhill in the county Donegal


November 28 1856  

At Culdaff, on the 5th inst., aged 70 years, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MR PARLAND McCAUSLAND


December 5 1856 

At Kindroghead, Parish of Culdaff, on Thursday, the 27th ult., in her eighth year, MARGARET MARIA, the only daughter of MR GEORGE K. MITCHELL


May 28 1858  

On the 15th inst., at her residence, Limefield House, Moville, MISS ANNE MITCHELL, sister of the late GEORGE MITCHELL, ESQ., of Kindroghead, Culdaff, county Donegal


June 25 1858 

On the 16th inst., at the residence of E. HARVEY, ESQ., Culdaff, in the 87th year of her age, MARGARET MACNAMARA. She spent nearly 60 years in the family and service of the late REV J. MOREWOOD, a valued and attached friend, and closed her life amidst the fourth generation


August 6 1858  

On the 1st inst., at Kindroghead, near Culdaff, of effusion of the brain, GEORGE GILL, eldest son of MR ROBERT HENDERSON, aged 22 years


August 27 1858

On the 18th inst., after a protracted and painful illness, MRS KIRKPATRICK, Claggin, Culdaff


May 10 1861 

May 4, at Culdaff House, of bronchitis, ROBERT STAVELY, the infant son of ROBERT GEORGE YOUNG, ESQ


January 27 1865  

On the 28th January, at Culdaff, county Donegal, in her 68th year, MRS CATHERINE ANN CARGILL, daughter of the late CHARLES PENFOLD, ESQ., Royal Navy, of Arundel, Sussex


April 5 1867 

On the 26th March, at his residence, Culdaff, MR JOHN LONG, aged 84 years


August 29 1865 

August 18, at the residence of her sister-in-law, MRS STUART, Deerpark, Newtownstewart [Co Tyrone], MARY, relict of the late MR SAMUEL CURRY, Culdaff, aged 82 years


September 5 1865  

August 24, at her father's residence, Claggan, Culdaff, REBECCA, second daughter of MR ANDREW DAVENPORT


June 18 1867 

June 12, at Carthage House, Culdaff, MR GEORGE H. FLEMING, aged 25 years


October 29 1869 

Sept. 12, at Massimpore, Cachar, India, of fever, JOHN, aged 25 years, third son of COMMANDER EDWARD HARVEY, R.N., Culdaff


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