1665 Hearth Tax - Culdaff Householders

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Denice has traced one branch of her family back to Ballycharry, Culdaff Parish, County Donegal. Her great-great grandparents were Cornelius and Grace (O'Donnell) McDaid -- Grace died in May 1881 at

the age of 40 and Cornelius in September 1908 at the age of 90 (though their gravestone disputes those ages). Their eldest daughter, Mary, was her great grandmother. Mary emigrated to the US with three of

her 9 siblings  William, Catherine (Carberry) and John. William and John lived in New York or northern New Jersey and Mary, who married Matthew Heary, and Catherine moved to Philadelphia. Those who

remained were Grace (Carey), Annie (Doherty), James, Maggie and Edward (Margaret Gill). Denise is in contact with Edward's descendants in Ballyharry and looking for her Carey cousins who lived

in New York. The other names she is looking for  Foley (NFLD), Reddy (NFLD), Connors, Flynn, Heston, Wiley, Roche (NFLD), Fahey (NFLD), Madden, Casey and Trainor.

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Surname First Townland
Bunbury  John Ourt  
Butler  George Culdaff
Fleming  Robert Ballycarron
Intyre  John Cregcorr
Knighton  John Cashel 
Mac Colgan  Donncha Ballycarron
Mac Colla  Aodh Glengad
Mac Colla  Cormac Glengad
Mac Colla  Donncha Glengad
Mac Colla  Eamann Ballycarron
Mac Conchuir  Eoghan Ourt  
Mac Congail  Sean Glengad
Mac Cormaic  Feidhlimidh Drumaville
Mac Daibheid  Eoghan Balleighan
Mac Daibheid  Toirealach Balleighan
Mac Diolla Chomhain  Maghnus Dristernan
Mac Eoin  Sean Ballyharry
Mac Ficheallaigh  Eamonn Ballycarron
Mac Ficheallaigh  Feidhlimidh Ballyharry
Mac Ficheallaigh  Toirealach Ballyharry
Mac Lochalainn  Eamann Balleighan
Mac Lochalainn  Eoghan Leitrim
Mac Lochlainn  Brian Munedaragh
Mac Lochlainn  Donall Munedaragh
Mac Lochlainn  Eoghan Ballmagaraghy
Mac Lochlainn  Eoghan Og Ballmagaraghy
Mac Lochlainn  Feidlimidh Balleighan
Mac Lochlainn  Niall Aghatubber
Mac Lochlainn  Sean Munedaragh
Mac Lochlainn  Sean Glengad
Mac Reannachain  Feidhlimidh Balleighan
Mac Seafraidh  Brian Munedaragh
Mac Seafraidh  Brian Dristernan
MacCailin  Donall Carrowmore
MacCailin  Eoghan Baskill 
MacCailin  Eoghan Aghatubber
MacCailin  Muireartach Baskill 
MacCairbre  Feidhlimidh Baskill 
MacCallin  Dualtach Cashel
MacCallin  Niall Baskill 
MacCongail  Donncha Glengad
MacCongail  Sean Carrowmore
MacConnmhaigh  Donncha Leitrim
MacDonnaill  Brian Og Aghaglasson
MacEarcain  Toirealach Cashel
MacLochlainn  Diarmaid Baskill 
MacLochlainn  Donall Cashel
MacLochlainn  Eamann Cashel
MacLochlainn  Sean Cashel
MacRodaigh  Padraig Cashel
McCailin  Eoghan Dristernan
Miller  James Cregcorr
O Brolchain  Conchur Glengad
O Brolchain  Eoghan Baskill 
O Cagair  Toirealach Balleighan
O Caithain  Toirealach Ballyharry
O Cathain  Aodh Ballyharry
O Ceallachain  Aodh Carrowmore
O Ceallachain  Maghnus Carrowmore
O Ceallachain  Maghnus Carrowmore
O Cearnaigh  Donncha Tirmacroragh
O Cearnaigh  Eaman Tirmacroragh
O Cearnaigh  Eoghan Baskill 
O Ciaragain  Maeleachlainn Balleighan
O Clathain  Eoghan Leitrim
O Cnaimhsi  Diarmaid Balleighan
O Cnaimhsi  Eamman Aghatubber
O Cnaimhsi  Maghnus Aghatubber
O Cnaimhsi  Niall Balleighan
O Coig  Aodh Ourt  
O Coighligh  Aibhne Ceann Droichid
O Coigligh  Donnall Ceann Droichid
O Coileain  Niall Aghaglasson
O Coileanin  Conchur Dun An Ghrianain
O Dochartaigh  Brian Aghaglasson
O Dochartaigh  Cathal Cregcorr
O Dochartaigh  Donall Glengad
O Dochartaigh  Eoghan Ballyharry
O Dochartaigh  Eoghan Ceann Droichid
O Dochartaigh  Feidhlimidh Ballycarron
O Dochartaigh  Ruairi Ballycarron
O Dochartaigh  Sean Dun An Ghrianain
O Dochertaigh  Aodh Ballyharry
O Dubhthaigh  Feidhlimidh Tirmacroragh
O Fearain  Cathal Aghaglasson
O Fearain  Eoghan Ballmagaraghy
O Fearain  Feidhlimidh Ballycarron
O Fearain  Seamas Glengad
O Fearaub  Toirealach Ballycarron
O Galloglaigh  Conchur Drumley
O Giollain  Niall Aghaglasson
O hEarcain  Aodh Dristernan
O hEarcain  Sean Dristernan
O Laoghog  Brian Ballyharry
O Lonagain  Donall Aghaglasson
O Longain  Sean Drumley
O Rodain  Aodh Munedaragh
O Tomhniar  Ruairi Ballmagaraghy
O'Ceallachain  William Carrowmore
O'Siail  Brian Aghaglasson


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