Culdaff Churchyard Headstone Inscriptions, Culdaff, Co Donegal

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From The Journal of Irish Memorials Association 1898

Memorials of the Dead in Ireland

& the late Dr RS Young, Culdaff House





Underneath this stone lie the remains of

Samuel Ball Esq of Grousehall

Late Captain in his Majesty's 3rd Regt of Horse

He departed this life on 22 Jan 1797

In the 67th year of his age




[Device :- Hand, Chalice, and Book :-]

Here lyeth the body of the

Revd James Begly

Who departed this life

June 10 AD 1766 aged 29 years



In Memory of

Archibald Burns

Who Died Dec 28 1846 aged 16 years



Sacred to the Memory of

Elizabeth Susanna Butler

Who departed this life 2 Feb 1839 aged 89 (39?) years

This stone has been erected by her afflicted and affectionate husband

Lieutenant Thomas Butler, Royal Navy



"He is not dead but sleepeth' - Matt ix 24

Underneath are interred the remains of

George Butler of Lisdargan

Who departed this life Aug 1809 aged 57 years

Also of Rose Butler

His Wife

Who died Apr 28 1837 aged 82 years

And of John Butler

Their Son, late of Redford

Who departed this life Apr 10 1845 aged 72 years

And James

Son of the above named John Butler

Who departed this life Feb 16 1831 in the19th year of his age

And George Butler

Son of the last named George Butler Lisdargan

Who died Mar 31 1848 aged 58 years

And of Robert Butler

His Grandson

Who died Nov 17 1864 aged 5 years




This stone and burial pleace belongeth unto

Hugh Carney

Who departed this Life

Aug 10 1763 aged 57 years

Allso lyeth ye body of his wife

Elenor Carney

Who departed this life ye ? of ? 17? aged ? years

And none nomore to be buried underneath this Tomb to Eternity



Erected by William Carrothers of Gryville, USA on his visit to Ireland 1873

In Memory of his Mother

Rebecca Carrothers

And his Grandfather and Grandmother

John and Mary McMonagle

Also his Aunt and Cousin

Margaret and Catherine McCandles

And also his Cousin

James McMonagle

"In my Father's house are many mansions"

John xiv 2



Erected in memory of

George Davenport

Who died Feb 6 1849 aged 76

Also his Nephew

William Davenport

Who died Jul 14 1847 aged 20

Underneath are deposited the remains of


The beloved wife of Charles Davenport of Malin

Who died 31 Mar 1844 aged 78 years



This Monument was erected by Hugh Dogherty

For the interring of

Torlagh Dogharty

Who died 8 Jun 1659?



This monument was erected by

Hugh and Henry Doherty

for a memorial of the

Reverend Patrick Doherty

Interned, their brother

Parish Priest of Coldaf

Who deceased 29 Mar 1751 aged 44



Here lie the remains of

Jane Dixon

Who departed this life Jun 15 1828

Aged 19 years



This stone was erected by Alexander Elkin

In Memory of his Mother

Who departed this life 1837 aged 80 years

Also his son Robert Elkin

Who departed this life 1812 aged 19 years

Also Alexander Elkin

Who died Aug 23 1874 aged 84 years

And Elizabeth his wife

Who died Jan 24 1892 aged 94 years



In Memory of

Caroline Mary

Consort of Alexander Henderson

Who departed this life Mar 10 1847 aged 47 years

Also of

Charlotte Hopkins Henderson

Their infant child, who departed this life Jan 9 1847 aged 3 months



This monument was erected by

Andrew Kirkpatrick of Claggan

To the Memory of his revered Parent

James, Who departed this life 8 Nov 1839 aged 90 years

Also of his son James

Who Died 24 Feb 1834 aged 2 years

And his mother

Margaret Kirkpatrick

Who died 29 Mar 1849 aged 105

Also his wife

Fanny Kirkpatrick

Died 18 Aug 1858 aged 58 years

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Died 22 Apr 1867 aged 80 years



To the Memory of

Revd James Knox

Who died at Carthage in the parish of Culdaff

Jan 11 1848 in the 93rd year of his age

He had been formerly

Head Master of Londonderry Diocessan School

A situation which he filled for upwards of 40 years

During the long life of this venerable man

He was never known to have made an enemy

but was loved and respected by all who knew him

He died as he had lived

At peace with God and man

And trusting alone for salvation to the merits and mediation

of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

"Extinctus amabitur idem" (The same man will be loved after he's dead)



Underneath are interred the remains of

Mary Anne Knox

Who departed this life Nov 21 1845

Aged 14 years



Underneath are interred the remains of

John McCandles

Late of Randledoo

Who Departed this life Jul 2 1842 aged 64 years



Here lyeth the remains of

Eliza Maria and Henerata McCausland

The former departed this life on the 3 Mar

And the latter the 10 Nov 1818

Being both infants



The Burying Ground of Parland McCausland




[Device :- Angel with S below it :-]

This Monument was Erected by

Rory MacKeane

For his Father

Donehey MacKeane

Aged 60

Who departed this life Apr 20 1687

Also his wife

Margaret MacKeane

And for Himself also

And for his Son

Lachlin MacKeane

Anno Do 1733

[Device :- Bell, Skull, and Crossbone]



Underneath are interred the remains of

Susan McEldowney of Knock

Who departed this life Sep 10 1846 aged 65 years

Also George McEldowney her husband

Who departed this life Jun 25 1857 aged 72 years

Also of their son

William McEldowney, Redford

Who died 10 Dev 1863 aged 48 years

And of Jane his wife

Who died 11 Aug 1876 aged 48 years



Here Lie the remains of

Elizabeth McKinney

Who Departed this life Jul 29 1848

Aged 50 Years




[Device :- Bell, Chalice, Book and Angel :-]

This monument was erected by

Dorby M Miely

Priest of Couldaff

For his Granduncle

Edmond Meely

and his brother

Manus Meely

Both Priests

And for himselfe alsoe

Anno Dm 1718

[Device :- Bell, Skull, and Crossbones. Motto at left and beneath bell :- "Memento mori"]



Underneath this stone lie the remains of

George Mitchell

late of Kindrohead

He departed this life on 18 Jul 1914 in the 55th year of his age

Also of his son


Who departed this life on 17 Feb 1854 in the 61st year of his age

Revelation Chapter XVI and 18th verse

Here also are interred with those of the Father and Brother

The remains of

Anne Mitchell

Who departed this life in the sure hope of life everlasting

On 15 May 1858 aged 85 years

John XI 25, 26



Here lyeth the body of

Mary Montgomery

Daughter of

Sergeant Montgomery of the 50th Regt

Departed this life Oct 17 1817 aged 4 years and 6 months



Catharine Murphy

Born 1770, died 1857 at the age of 87

Buried Culdaff Church Yard



Catherine daughter of

George Young, born 1715, son of George Young & Elizabeth McLaughlin, and

Catharine Chambers, daughter of Brooke Chambers of Rockhill, & Letitia McNiell

She was married to Charles Murphy



Underneath are deposited the remains of

Margaret, Wife of

William Norris of Carrobeg

Who Departed this life 24 Apr 1839 Aged 8?6 years

Also of his daughter


Who Died 28 Jul 1910 aged 11 years



This monument was erected by

Nocher O'Laferty

for the intering of his father

Donagy O'Laferty

Who died in the year 1710

And for himself also

[Device :- Bell, Skull, and Crossbones, and "memento mory"]



Erected by George Young Esq

To the Memory of his late servant

George Platt aged 30 years

Who in company with his fellow-servant

Bryan Crumlisk

Was drowned while bathing at Bucker's Rock

On the 29th Aug 1828

"In the midst of life we are in death"

"So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom"



Sarah Frances Stavely

Died 6 Dec1868 at Culdaff House aged 65,

Buried Culdaff Church Yard



Sarah Frances born 9 Apr1803, bapt. At the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, to:

Rev. Henry Crofton, Chaplain at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin &

Frances Ffolliott, daughter of Francis Ffolliott and Barbara Allen

She married at the age of 24 on 4 Mar 1828 to the Rev. Robert Stavely, Prebendary of St. Muchine’s Limerick,

Son of Robert Stavely and Margaret Day



Thomas Tosh

Died 10 Oct 1837 aged 2 years



This monument of grief for

Mrs Mary Vernon

Deceased wife and the two sons

Samuel and Windsor

This 25th Mar AD 1747



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