Marriage Notices, Culdaff Parish, Co Donegal

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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January 21 1832  

At Cheltenham, on Tuesday, the 17th inst., by the Rev. Francis Close, GEORGE YOUNG, ESQ., of

Culdaff House, county Donegal, Ireland, to MARY ANNE, eldest daughter of the late JOHN FFOLLIOTT, ESQ., of Hollybrook, county Sligo, Ireland


October 13 1832  

At Culdaff, on Monday, the 8th inst., by the Rev. James McDavitt, MR HENRY COLE, Glasgow, to

CATHERINE, second daughter of MR WILLIAM DOHERTY, Strabane, merchant


July 23 1836 

On the 18th inst., by the Rev. George Marshall, Rector of Donagh, MR ROBERT MITCHELL, of Kindraghead, Parish of Culdaff, to REBECCA, youngest daughter of MR DAVID DUNCAN, Carrickafaden, in the Parish of Donagh


September 4 1841 

August 26th, at Culdaff Church, by the Rev. George Knox, JOHN LAWRENCE, ESQ., of the Bengal Civil Service, to HARRIETTE CATHERINE, youngest daughter of the REV RICHARD HAMILTON, Rector of the parishes of Culdaff and Cloncha


January 20 1844  

In Muff Church, by the Rev. George Stewart, EDWARD JAMES HAMILTON, ESQ., eldest son of the REV RICHARD HAMILTON, Rector of the Parishes of Culdaff and Cloncha, to GEORGINA SUSAN, youngest daughter of the late GENERAL GEORGE V. HART, of Kilderry and Doe Castle, county Donegal, for many years M.P. of the same county


February 14 1851 

On Thursday, the 13th inst., at Christ Church, Marylebone, London, by the Rev. Robert Walpole, B.D., the Rector, the REV JOHN SHEAL, , Rector of Culdaff, Donegal, to ELIZABETH, fourth daughter of the late SIR LACHLAN MacLEAN, of Sudbury, Suffolk, and sister of DOCTOR MacLEAN, of Colchester, Essex


April 24 1857 

On the 16th inst., at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, the REV THOMAS NEWTE HAMILTON, M.A., formerly Chaplain on the Bengal Establishment, to ELIZABETH, widow of the REV JOHN SHEAL, formerly Rector of Culdaff, and youngest surviving daughter of the late SIR LACHLAN MacLEAN, Knt., of Sudbury


October 1 1858 

On the 23rd ult., in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. J.F.T. Crampton, brother in law, of the bride, ROBERT GEORGE, only son of GEORGE YOUNG, ESQ., D.L., J.P., Culdaff House, county Donegal, to LETITIA, youngest daughter of the late REV ROBERT STAVELY, Prebendary of St. Munchin's, Limerick


September 23 1859 

September 15, at Culdaff, by the Rev. James McLaughlin, C.C., MR CHARLES McNULTY, of Londonderry, to MARIA, eldest daughter of MR JOHN McCOLGAN, Culdaff


May 25 1860 

May 10, in Redcastle Church, by the Rev. William Major, MR BENJAMIN N. REID, of Aylwin, Canada East, to ANNE., second daughter of the late MR GEORGE BUTLER, , of Lisdurgan, near Culdaff


July 12 1861   

July 8, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Culdaff, by the Rev. J. McLaughlin, assisted by the Rev. Paul Bradley, P.P., Donagh, MR WILLIAM HENRY McCORMICK, of this City, to CATHERINE, second daughter of MR JOHN McCOLGAN, Mr. John McColgan, Culdaff


October 16 1863 

August 25, at Trinity Church, Azimgurh, by the Rev. Albert Lockwood, LIEUTENANT NEVILLE FRASER PARKER, H.M.'s Bengal Army, to ANNIE, daughter of the late JAMES W. YOUNG, Esq., Culdaff, county Donegal


August 2 1867 

July 30, in the Waterside Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Croskery, MR JAMES HEANEY, Fountain Hill, to MISS ELIZABETH ADAIR, Culdaff


January 28 1868  

January 21, at Bocan Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. Rodger Doherty, P.P., MR EDWARD WALLS, Culdaff, to MRS RACHEL HARTIN, , of Banagee


December 15 1868 

On the 8th December, at Gleneely Church, by the Rev. Thomas Olphert, MR ANDREW BAIRD,  postmaster, of Moville, to MATILDA, eldest daughter of MR CHARLES McCANDLESS, of Cara House, near Culdaff


April 20 1869  

April 15, at the Presbyterian Church, Carndonagh, by the Rev. Alexander Pinkerton, A.M., ALEXANDER HENDERSON, ESQ., Culdaff, to MISS SARAH JANE COOKE, niece of ROBERT MOORE, ESQ., Churchtown, Carndonagh


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